Know what musclepharm bodybuilding products to use to build and cut muscle

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Hi my name is Donna and I am the owner of Nutrition House here in the Devonshire Mall. I have James here with me he is a rep here for Musclepharm one of the product lines of body building supplements we carry here in the store.


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    So James what can you tell us about your product line Musclepharm. If I was a guy and I wanted to bulk up an get bigger, which one of your products should I choose?
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    Well Donna if you are looking for a product to help you gain some muscle mass while training one of the best products we have is from the Arnold series, called "Iron Mass". It is a unique product because it uses real ingredients. Unlike a lot of other products that use dextrose which are simple sugars, this product uses carbohydrates like sweet potatoes and barley starches so you are really getting a whole meal in there.
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    Our protein power is coming from hydrolyzed beef protein so its really like you are eating like the old school in Arnold's day... Sweet potatoes and steaks.
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    Does it give you gas? Well with the weight gainer if you have never used any before start slow. Our weight gainer is designed to be used with two scoops at a serving so you can start off with half a scoop to a scoop. As the days pass, you can start to add in more of those and that way you can make sure you are feeling good in your stomach and you are digesting all those nutrients and ingredients. So you can slowly building yourself up, slowly incorporate it into your diet and that is going to make sure that you body is able to assimilate and utilize all those nutrients you are taking in. As opposed to taking two scoops right away when your body is not used to it. Drinking calories is so much easier to do than eating them so it gets into your system a little bit quicker and that is what can cause some stomach discomfort and issues that way.
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    How much do you think you could typically gain if you take this product? I have got boys who play hockey and they all want to be big by tomorrow. Well especially for people who are active and playing a lot of sports they burn a lot of calories at all times so a weight gaining product is perfect for them. It will help replace the calories they use in sports and its really going to help them gain and maintain muscle mass they are working so hard to achieve in the gym. In terms of a weight number everyone is going to be different but if you try to aim to gain about a pound of lean muscle every week you are going to be doing very very well. So you can hope to gain a pound or two every week and with consistent diet training and sleeping you can get some great gains and results with your program.
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    What if I have got my mass and and I am where I want to be but now I want to get the cut sculpted look then what should I take? Well another great product is the Iron Cut product. This product is great for helping you to shed some of that excess body weight you put on over all those months of bulking and it is going to help you hold on to your lean muscle mass. One of the great things about the Iron Cuts product is that is that it helps you increase your natural testosterone levels and decrease your natural estrogen levels so that way you can hold on to that muscle mass while your leaning up and getting rid of the excess body fat.
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    What if I want something during my workout. Can I take Iron Cut and the same time as I workout or should I wait? Yes you can take the iron cuts before your workout to help give you that extra energy in the gym and really make sure you have a great workout overall. For something during your workout you can use our "Amino 1" product which is a branch chain... an essential amino acid product so its going to help stop muscle breakdown while your training and make sure you are building muscle and recovering quicker. It also has coconut water extract in there which is a great way to replenish those electrolytes that you are losing while training to make sure you can keep those muscle contractions going and not have any cramping so you can train to your full ability.
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    What about Z-Core PM? What do we need this for? Z-Core is a great product for anyone looking to naturally increase their testosterone levels. Most athletes and people that train very heavily are deficient in zinc. Zinc is one of the main ingredients in the Z-Core product. When you are sweating and training very hard you are losing a lot of zinc. So a lot of athletes that take a product like ZMA they are actually going to notice they can increase their testosterone levels naturally... and the great thing about the Z-Core PM is that it is a product designed to be taken right before bed because that is when you see most of your recovery growth. It has melatonin which helps you have a nice restful deep sleep. It also has magnesium which is going to help calm you and zinc as an antioxidant. Overall it is beneficial for men and even includes other vitamins.
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    With all the Musclepharm products, we really stand behind the quality and safety of our products. So anyone who is competing in sports doesn't have to worry about any banned substances in our products because we do the third party testing with them to make sure they are the cleanest products on the market.
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    So if I want to bulk up I can take your Iron Mass. Intra-workouts I could take your BCAA product, the Amino-1. If I want to get cut I can take your Iron Cut product at night.
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    What about creatine? Creatine is one of the most studied substances on the market. It has been around for years. Creatine is going to help you have more energy while you are working out so that you can do more work in a shorter amount of time which leads to greater strength increases and better overall muscle endurance. That in turn is going to lead to more muscle mass, more strength and better training overall. I heard you can only take this for a short period of time. Is that correct or not? Well with creatine you definitely do want to cycle it. You want to do a bottle and then take anywhere from four to six weeks off just because your body is going to acclimatize to it and you are not going to see the results that you did at the beginning.
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    So what is the difference between the combat protein powder and the Iron Whey? The combat protein powder is a time release protein. There are multiple types of protein in it that your body will digest/absorb at different rates. So the combat protein will last a little longer in your system whereas the Iron Whey is more of a quick release protein powder. So it depends on what you are trying to do and when you are using your protein powder. If you are using your protein in the morning and after a workout the Iron Whey would be a better choice for you. If want to use protein powder throughout the day and at bed time, the Combat Protein is a better choice.
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    So its not that hard. If you come in to Nutrition House they have experts here that can answer all your questions and make sure you get the perfect product to fit your needs.Thanks a lot James. Thanks Donna
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