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Know if a guy has a girlfriend

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Why a guy you like tells you he broke up with his girlfriend?

There are lots of things to consider as to why a guy would spill the beans and tell you something really private like breaking up with his girlfriend. For one, you two could be very close friends or he might consider you someone that he can trust enough to confide sensitive matters regarding his relationships. Also, there could be a possibility that he likes you and he wants to appear helpless and in need of someone to comfort him in desperate times such as breakups.

Somehow the line which quips "misery loves company" holds true most of the time. It also depends as to whether he is sober or had too much to drink as he could really talk to anyone (even a random stranger at a bar) about things that are bothering him. Basically, if he tells you when he is pretty normal (not intoxicated or anything), then he should really consider you special or someone he can depend on for advice or just to give him undivided attention and a listening ear. Whatever comes after that or if things go your way (just like in the movies) should be one of life's bundled up surprises for you both. Some people do need to leave a gap in your life so that someone can fill it way better than you could imagine.

This can simply be his way of venting about the situation, I can see how from your point of view it may seem like he has told you this in hopes of gaining your interest. If he has told you that he has broken up with his girlfriend then take it for what it is worth and make a move if you feel the need to do so with him.

How to tell if he has a girlfriend through text?

It could be a little hard telling whether a guy has a girlfriend or not just through texting, but sometimes guys mistakenly send SMS to the wrong person. Should you receive a message that sounds like something meant for a girlfriend, then that should give you an idea.

You can find out by simply sending him a text asking him if he has a girlfriend. This will be the best way in order to find out if he has a girlfriend or not for any other means of beating around the bush will not cause him to have to answer your question directly about having a girlfriend or not.

How to know if he has another girlfriend?

Women are said to have a so-called "woman's instinct" which is almost always true. That gut feeling seeps in when you sense that something is off or out of place. Men are brought up and used to that machismo attitude that having lots of women falling in their traps makes them more manly or capable, which is in fact the opposite. Of course, sometimes it seems that society can be somewhat tolerable of men having many intimate affairs in contrast to when women do it.

There are lots of ways to spot a glitch in your man. Here are some of them:

  • Trust your instinct. This is an unbiased and biological way for your system to tell you something reeks like fish - a cheating boyfriend.
  • If he suddenly has lots of excuses, that's a familiar telltale sign. He could appear unusually preoccupied or forgetful of important dates and events, leading to tons of excuses. Also, if his excuses are exaggerated then you will know someone is busy fabricating reasons in your face.
  • He becomes jumpy and restless on your dates or during other social events. This shows that he could be avoiding being caught or seen by other girlfriends. In addition, if he constantly changes date venues or opts not to go out as often as you routinely do, then someone is avoiding the mouse trap.
  • He keeps mobile phones and other communication devices out of your reach. This is one of the most common and obvious sign that he has another girlfriend. He does not want to be caught red-handed. You will also notice that he constantly deletes conversations and sent items. If he changes passwords or suddenly has security passwords for his communication gadgets, then he could be really hiding something.
  • He suddenly becomes extremely private with phone conversations. He may whisper or walk away when on the phone.
  • If he suddenly calls you "babe" or "Amanda" when in fact he should call you "honey" and your name is actually "Madison", then that should be a classic and clear sign that he is fooling around with some other girl. This also applies to sending the wrong text messages. He could really get confused when juggling two or more women at the same time.
  • Keep his friends close. If you get his friends' sympathy, they could actually give you a hint or tell you a thing or two about the illicit affairs.
  • Social media networks reveal a lot about his roundabouts. Find a way to access his Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, or get into what he shares online (an image of a girl or both of them, a tweet perhaps, or an unusual check-in at some fancy restaurant).
  • Get a hold of his phone. Check out the usual numbers he calls at peculiar hours. Don't feel totally secure when you find male names; he could have intentionally renamed them to "Brad" or "Dave" so you won't suspect anything. You can ring these numbers and check on the voice to know for sure.
  • Notice if he makes an awful lot of purchases from women's product lines. If he shops or makes online checkouts for jewelry, bags, or lingerie which are not for his mom, sisters, or you, then it could be a big revelation that he spends lavishly on some other girl.

If all else fails, you can always confront him. You should do this only when you have some solid proof of his other relationships. A chronic liar and player could deny it outright and assure you that you are there is no one else - but you should know better. Believe your worth and know that you do not need to be shortchanged. You deserve much better than this.

You could always hire a private detective to find out. Also you could just try to ask him, if you feel like something is wrong, just get it out there and talk about it with him. If you know him well enough , you might be able to tell by his reaction when you bring it up.

How can I tell if he has a girlfriend via Facebook?

It could be a time-consuming job, stalking a guy via his Facebook account, but you may be able to dig some dirt out of it. First, you can go over his albums or photos. Look at the comments and the captions, and see if there is a girl who is present in most of his photos. Reading the comments may give you some ideas. Unless he tends to make his photos (with his girlfriend) private, you may be able to find out if you go and investigate.

Some guys are fond of updating their Facebook shout-outs, so you can also check what his status says. Does he talk about his feelings towards his girlfriend? Does it say something about the good time they had last night or any of the other usual sweet-nothings?

Add him on Facebook and check his activity. You can also check his "about" page. A guy in a relationship will always have that relationship status on his wall unless he does not want anyone to know. Check his photos and see if he's getting cozy with anyone. Better yet, talk to the guy and get to know him better personally.

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