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Know if Your Best Friend Is Falling for You

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How to choose the right firmware for young s5360?

How can I know which firmware is the correct one for my model; young s5360

Actually, no matter what build or version of stock firmware you choose as long as it is for Samsung Galaxy Y S5360, it will work fine on your phone. So if you are confused on what to choose, please download this one. http://d-h.st/FhE

How to download correct firmware for my GT-S5360, I have download ODIN v3.07?

How to download correct firmware for my GT-S5360, I have download ODIN v3.07

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I think my phone was water damaged, is this beyond fixing?

I have dried the phone out but it still isn't working

Yes, you can still get your phone to work even if you accidentally dropped your phone in the pool or the sink and get it all wet. The most important thing in fixing wet phones is that you have beat the time. You have to work on saving it fast and doing the right measures in order to prevent damage and save your phone. Here are some tips to fix a wet phone:

  • Take out the battery fast. You can't just stare in disbelief while your phone gets drenched in all that water. You have to act in the nick of the time and immediately get your phone out of the water and remove the battery to prevent further damage. Wipe your battery and leave it to dry.
  • Never turn your phone on while wet. It is a no-no to turn your phone on to check if it's still working while it's wet because it might cause irreversible damage into the circuitry.
  • Dry your phone. Do not use an hairdryer because this is too hot for your phone. You can use an air compressor instead.
  • Remove remaining moisture on your phone. You can eliminate the excess moisture or wetness by wrapping your phone on silicants or uncooked rice.
  • Remove the SIM card immediately. It is important to remove the SIM card together with the battery to prevent incurring more damage on your phone. Wipe your SIM card and leave it to dry.
  • Remove all accessories or attachments of your phone. You should remove the protective case and memory card. Open all the crevices and expose the phone for air drying.
  • Freeze your phone. Be sure to wrap your phone with 3 layers of paper towels and then carefully place it on the freezer for around 20 minutes. Be sure to remove the battery before sticking it on the freezer. Check if the phone is working by turning the power on. If this does not work, you can put it back into the freezer for another 10 minutes and check again. That should do the trick.

Whenever I press the three buttons as instructed my phone just powers off?

First I want to remove the data of my phone before I do a Hard Reset, do you know how to do that?

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Know if Your Best Friend Is Falling for You
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How to remove old software and install new one?

How to remove old software and install new one

Normally, there will be an option to just upgrade the current software and you need not uninstall it anymore. However, if there's none, you would have to reinstall the old software first. You can do this by going to your control panel and then selecting the software you'd like to uninstall. If you follow the complete removal process, there should not be any remaining folders or files on your computer referring to this. Once it's completely cleaned up, just follow the process for the installation of the new software.

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