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Identify a Genuine/Original Versus a Fake/Cloned Samsung Galaxy Phone

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What is the difference between Samsung j7 original and fake?

After use phone is to hit, like play game, listening song

If you enjoy playing app games and listening to music, then you will not want a clone. The cloned phones are good for texting, placing calls, and minimal internet use. They are slower than the super operating system of a Galaxy brand Samsung phone.

A fake phone:

  • has a wider USB
  • is chunkier and heavier;
  • the Camera application takes poor-quality shots;
  • has any specification that deviates from the official one;
  • May have a spelling mistake on the brand logotype itself, which can be anywhere on the phone, including the battery, and the space under the battery;
  • will not react to the following USSD codes: *#1234# , *#0*# , *#12580369# , *#197328640# , *#0228# , *#32489# , *#232337# , *#232331# .
  • will show a Chinese menu after you hard-reset it from the powered down state. Warning: everything will be erased from the phone.

Tap on "Settings", "More", "About phone", and "Status" to check for the IMEI code. Compare it to the one under the battery, which should match it. You can use the code to call Samsung office and confirm that the number is for an active Samsung phone. The IMEI number should start with "3".

1. Purchased a Samsung Galaxy J7 on 28 Oct 2016. Until today did not receive any warranty confirmation from Samsung. Why?

2. Bought a new Samsung Galaxy J7 and how could the charger be faulty. I wanted to charge the phone for the first time but couldn't work. Whereas when I used the S3 model charger it works.. . 3. Premised on the above two scenarios, have I bought a fake Samsung Galaxy J7 phone ?. I have tried: As for the faulty charger I had tried plugging into 2 other switches but still couldn't work. I think it was caused by: I suspect the charger or USB cable is not original

Chargers fail all the time. It is the manufacturer's highest upsell when they sell a device. As for the charger from the S3 model working, I have a Moto X Play yet use my husband's Samsung Tab A charger all the time since it is in a convenient location within the house. It works just as good as my Moto charger does. The chargers are one of the cheapest made products in the new box with the phone. Cables fail, the housing unit heats up and fails. There are numerous reasons for a faulty charger. We purchased a Samsung tablet for my daughter for Christmas. It is genuine, yet her charger never worked from the minute we took it out of the box. Samsung's response was something must have occurred during shipment and storage. Either way, we bought a new charger for her that has worked just fine.

Is there a unique code to determine the authenticity of a Samsung j7 phone?

I want to buy a Samsung j7 phone here in Lagos, but the fakes have made the purchase so discomforting. Can you please help me with a unique code to check the genuineness of the J7 brand, thanks?

The main article lists some of the codes you can use to authenticate. It is disturbing that the cloned devices can look so close to the original until you purchase the phone and realize that it is just a watered down fake version.

I'm going to purchase a Samsung Tab S2 9.7" tablet. How can I tell is a genuine Samsung tablet?

What checks can I do when I pick it up at the store?

If you are purchasing from a reputable retailer, then you can be assured that the tablet is real. Retailers to worry about are ones that always sell refurbished items. Cloned items are regularly seized at the border so a legitimate retailer would get caught with the high volume they sell.

More questions and answers on this topic can be found here: I bought a Galaxy S5, looks pretty much convincing, but I installed group play and its limited and missing out other functions like group camcorder and video share. I installed the latest version of group play

The above questions are from the following wiki...
Identify a Genuine/Original Versus a Fake/Cloned Samsung Galaxy Phone
More questions and answers

Is my j7 original, just curious cause I just bought a new one?

Want to know how to spot clone one. I have tried: When I make a call it suddenly switches off

The Samsung J7 is plagued with proximity sensor issues. You can go into Call Settings and turn off the screen going to black when on a call which is your proximity sensor. You also can pull the battery for a soft reset if turning off the proximity sensor did not help. If you have a screen cover or case for the phone, it could be interfering with the proximity sensor.

  1. 1
    Press the home button.
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  2. 2
    Tap on "Apps".
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  3. 3
    Tap on "Settings".
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  4. 4
    Tap on "More".
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  5. 5
    Tap on "About phone".
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  6. 6
    Tap on "Status"
    Write down or remember the IMEI code.
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  7. 7
    Turn off the phone.
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  8. 8
    Remove the back cover and battery
    Compare the IMEI code under the battery with the written down the code.
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  9. 9
    If the codes do not match, then someone has meddled with the device.
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  10. 10
    Use the code at https://imeidata.net/warranty/samsung to and http://www.imei.info/ to see if the number causes any problems
    The sites do not belong to Samsung, so they do not guarantee an accurate result. See the next step for the most accurate results.
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  11. 11
    Call the Samsung office and ask them if the IMEI, which should start with 3, is for an original device.
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  12. 12
    Enter the recovery menu on the phone
    It should not have Chinese letters. You can use our tutorial on how to hard-reset many Samsung models to see how to enter this menu.
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  13. 13
    Compare the specifications shown by using CPU-Z on your phone
    Compare the specifications with the data on these web pages: page 1 and page 2.
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  14. 14
    If you have another J7 nearby, compare the USB connectors, weight, and photographs (camera quality).
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  15. 15
    A fake device may not react to some USSD codes at all
    Try entering the following codes in the dialing menu:
    • *#1234#
    • *#0*#
    • *#12580369#
    • *#197328640#
    • *#0228#
    • *#32489#
    • *#232337#
    • *#232331#
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My boss just got lucky and won a Samsung j5. He wants to sell it. How should I know if its original since it is still in the box?

My boss just got lucky and drew Samsung j5 in a lottery. He wants to sell it. How should I know if its original since it is still in the box?. I have tried: Nothing. I think it was caused by: Nothing

The original packaging will have the IMEI number on the box that you can check against. You also can go to the Samsung website and try to create an account with them using the phone. If it is a clone, then they will not recognize the IMEI number.

I am going to buy J7 from eBay how to know if it is real or fake?

I am going to buy J7 from eBay how to know if it is real or fake

Ebay does a pretty good job of policing cloned phone sellers. If the phone is a clone, they are supposed to state it in the posting of sale clearly. Now, unfortunately, many sellers get banned and then just open another account. The best way to figure out if you are going to get a cloned phone is to check the reviews of the seller. Then Google their eBay profile name. See if there are postings about receiving a fake phone. Because you are buying online, there is no way to inspect the device before purchase physically. You could send the seller a message requesting the option to return the device if it is a fake and see how they respond.

Is my Galaxy J7 genuine? How can I tell that this is a brand new?

Just bought Galaxy j7 online and when I checked it at home, there's already call log on the phone a landline number the call last for 6mins. I have tried: I tried to check all the details and found out that there is a call log, the call was made and lasted for 6mins and 18sec. How could this possibly happen when it is a brand new as per what the online shop claims it to be. I think it was caused by: I think the phone is not genuine or it is not a brand new.

It is a usual practice in some areas to ensure that the shipped goods are in perfect order. This helps the proxy companies (points of sale) to avoid being blamed for damaging the device before shipping it. The device is taken out of the box, turned on, tested for some time, and put back in the box. Also, there are shops that sell brand-new goods from interactive touchpoints (the equipment put onto the open space so that everyone can test it). It is quite possible that someone has forgotten to factory-reset the phone before shipping it. Therefore, the definition of "brand new" can differ in some places (it can be unsealed and tested or sealed and untested).

Now, to test your phone, just use its USB cord and plug it into a computer. If needed, install the Samsung USB drivers. Then, install Smart Switch or Kies 3. If Kies 3 or Smart Switch recognizes the device, then it is genuine.

I received a call offering a brand new J7 at 3580 INR?

I want to know if that is possible?

I suppose it is possible, but if you have doubts then pass on the offer. Always trust your intuition about things like this. For instance, even if the phone is genuine, deals like this also come with conditions like a subscription for service that the seller provides.

We took a photo of 2 Samsung phones in a standby mode. The other one reflects a blue ray of light on the screen and the other one black and white. Will it matter?

What is the difference in screen colors?

That could be from the location of where you stood when you took the image. One phone caught a glimpse of glare from the flash of the camera. It also could be that there is a residue of oil from the screen with the blue tint. Facial oil will tint the screen when a flash is focused on it. There are better ways to authenticate a device with more of a concrete yes or no answer. Use those instead of images while in Standby mode.

Hi my phone suddenly turned off with an error message "custom binary blocked....blah blah blah" and I can't turn this on. Please help?

I searched on the internet and got the instructions on fixing this problem, installed Kies, Kies3 and tried to restore it but the error message came up and said unsupported device. Is my phone fake? How can I check it when it's turned off? Thank you!

Did you enable USB debugging? Because without making that change in the phone's Security Settings, it will not connect to Kies using the USB connection. I used XDA Developer's Custom Binary FRP Lock Solution when this happened on my daughter's device. It worked when other solutions did not. Also, if your phone is locked with the lock screen then you will need to unlock the device before Kies will work.

I have a Samsung J7 PRO and it doesn't support a JIO4G SIM card, tell me it is an original or fake?

I have Samsung j7pro I doubt it is not original and it does not support a jio 4g SIM card. please tell me it is original or fake. It shows me 64GB RAM but only a few applications are installed on the device and it is full. It has only 456 MB free and it doesn't have a fingerprint sensor. now write me it is original or not original and its rear camera are not doing focus. I have a Samsung J7 PRO it not support JIO4G SIM card and its rear camera are not good. I doubt it has 5-megapixel camera and it does not focus. I have doubts that it is authentic. I paid 15500 rupees for it. It shows me 64GB internal storage but it only has a total 456MB free. I need help to figure out if this device is real or fake.

Based on your description, it sounds like you could have a fake device. Not having a fingerprint scanner is a big red flag as the J7 Pro comes with one. Also, fake versions of popular devices typically have a much poorer camera than the original.

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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