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Insert and Remove the Memory Card of Samsung Galaxy S3

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How to Hard Reset an i-Life WTAB 704B?

Resetting your i-Life WTAB 704B tablet is not difficult at all. Android tablet manufacturers put Factory Reset options into place in case you need to restore your tablet back to its original factory settings. However, if you have simply forgotten your tablet's lock-screen password, you can try to unlock your tablet without performing a Factory Reset by entering your Google account information. Enter the wrong password up to 20 times on your tablet. Your tablet should then ask for your Google account information. Enter it; your tablet will unlock, allowing you to remove or change the lock-screen password to something you can remember. If you don't remember your Google account information, go here to try to recover it. If you are unable to retrieve your information, your phone doesn't ask for your Google account information, or if you never signed into an account to begin with, you will need to perform a Factory Reset on your i-Life WTAB 704B tablet. This will wipe all of your tablet's data. To learn how to perform a proper Factory Reset on your Android tablet, read through and follow the steps in this great VisiHow article. Once the reset is complete, be sure to write down your lock-screen password on a piece of paper so you can refer to it in the future. In addition, be sure to log your tablet into a Google account to which you know the password so you can use that method if you forget your password in the future, as well.

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Insert and Remove the Memory Card of Samsung Galaxy S3

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