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Perform a factory reset on Android Device

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How to Hard Reset epad 7 without volume keys and home keys?

Eurostar epad 7 et754d-p13 Tablet

If the volume buttons on your Tablet is not available for some reason. You can try to re-install the firmware of the Tablet, which means that you are re-installing the original firmware of your e-pad that is equivalent to Hard Reset. See the steps below on how you can unlock your e-pad:

1. Download first the VIA80505 WMT2.0_105 package by going to this link: http://www.gamefront.com/files/17447157/VIA8505-WMT2.0_105.zip/

2. Go to the folder where you download the software package for your E-pad and unzip it, then copy the folder by the name Script and paste it in your desktop screen.

3. After you have downloaded the package that requires for the re-installation. Turn off the Tablet then remove the SD card from your Tablet.

4. If your computer or Laptop has an SD card slot, simply insert it on your computer or if it does not have. Get a card reader and insert the SD card there and connect it to your computer.

5. After you have connected the SD card to your computer, you need to reformat the SD card first to the default as FAT32. Just go to the Start then Computer and look for the Removable or the name of the SD card then right click and hit format. Make sure it is on FAT32, then checked the quick format and start.

6. After you reformat the SD card, copy the folder earlier that you pasted in the desktop screen and cut or drag it to the SD card to transfer and wait till it's done.

7. Once the file has been transferred to your SD card, remove it from your computer, then insert it back to your Tablet. Press and hold the power to turn it on and you should be able to see the following messages on screen:

Android upgrade will start and counting from 10 seconds to 0 Series of upgrade should appear on screen and upgrade should be successful, on the bottom right side of the screen you should see there the WMT2.0_105

This may take 2 to 3 minutes until it will completely install the original firmware.

8. Once you see a message of erase data partition, that means it is almost done deleting the partition and creating new. Another message will appear on screen saying that it is erase user space that means it is done r successful and it will ask you to remove the SD card which you need to while the Tablet it turned on.

9. The Tablet will turn off by itself, then turn it back on. As usual, you need to wait for the boot up process as it may take 2 to 3 minutes again. Just wait for the annoying Android icon dancing on the screen and the Tablet will now be accessible.


If you do not want to delete all data in the SD card, it is best that you copy those and save it on your computer to a dedicated folder, then put them back into the SD card after the re-installation completes. Chances that those applications and other documents may no longer readable by the Tablet but only a slight chance.

The re-installation is an equivalent of a Hard Reset. Meaning, all of your applications, photos and other files on the Tablet will be deleted and you have to start from scratch to have them back.

On this particular Tablet, there's no recovery option using the button press combination. Instead, you will need to connect it to your computer and use a flashing software called livesuite and install an updated or existing firmware in order to perform a Hard Reset.

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How to download this program VIA8505 WMT2.0_105.zip?

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Perform a factory reset on Android Device

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