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Prevent and Reduce Oily Skin on Face

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I am a young teenager and got a really oily skin on my face?

I've recently discovered how oily my face gets, I wash my face two times a day, I also get quite a lot of black heads on my nose and cheeks and also a lot of spots on my forehead, cheeks, and chin, I've been very stressed lately and was wondering if that may be the cause?

Stress can absolutely cause the changes you are describing. This VisiHow article Make an All Natural Cleanser Similar to Lush 'Dark Angels' Cleanser has a recipe to make a facial scrub using activated charcoal and cinnamon. Both of those ingredients will help to reduce your blackheads. You should also avoid touching your face frequently and make sure that the soap you are using twice a day is not drying out your face which will make oil production go into overdrive.

How to make skin impressive and pimple free?

I have lots of small pimples and oil on my face

Add cinnamon to your daily cleaning ritual. Tea tree oil will also help to give you better skin if you keep a routine application going.

How to stop the redness of pimples?

My face has a pimple mark and I don't know how to cure it.

Aloe Vera applied topically can reduce the redness caused from a pimple. It also will heal the skin faster than if you did nothing.

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Prevent and Reduce Oily Skin on Face

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