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Determine if Your Motherboard Is Dead

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How to fix phone motherboard if it is dead?

Hi! When I want to transfer files from my phone to the PC, the phone suddenly black out. I am not able to turn on the phone or charge it anymore. I was told that my phone motherboard was dead. I have many important files on my phone, is there any way to take them out? And also how can I fix it? Please help. I have tried: I have tried charging the phone for at least 7 hours, and it still won't work, the battery level was initially at about 30 % when I was trying to transfer the files, the battery was built in, so I am not able to take it out... I think it was caused by: I am not sure whether it is a motherboard issue or battery issue, I just hope that my files stored on the phone can to taken out as priority

You can take the microSD card out, but recovering data located on the smartphone itself might be problematic. The problem is that the memory chip is soldered well onto the motherboard, and removing it and soldering it to an exactly similar device might not be possible in home conditions at all. It is suggested to either contact your smartphone manufacturer for the possibility replace the battery (if it is faulty) or replace the motherboard but keep the memory chip at the service center. The last resort is addressing an advanced recovery service, for example, at SalvageData. You will need to submit your case and ship your device for data recovery.

Lenovo A6000 plus phone motherboard damage issue. Are there any possibilities to steal the data?

I am using a Lenovo a6000 plus Android phone operates on Android Lollipop. Three days back I just dropped it on the floor accidentally. There is no physical damage happened and the phone restarted, but after few hours, when I was about to use the phone it just seems in switched off condition, and I can't switch it on by pressing the power button. After an hour of power charging also the phone not responding, I replaced the battery also, but no response. I took the phone to the service center, they checked the phone and told me that the motherboard of the phone got damage internally and nothing to do. Now I am in need of recovering my data. One more doubt I am having that is it possible for the service center people to copy my phone's internal memory data without my knowledge when I gave the device to them? It is possible for them to steal the data from the phone even if the phone is in this condition? I kept the phone with them for 20 minutes. Accessing data from an Android phone even after motherboard damaged.

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Can my Nexus 6P motherboard be repaired after 7.1.1 boot-loop issue?

My Nexus 6P suddenly got stuck in boot-loop (Google logo). Service center suggested purchasing a new motherboard. I want to know if any repair is possible on the motherboard. Any help is appreciated. New phone manufacturing defect or h/w-s/w correlation related problem. I have tried: Restart, flashing side OTA updates, 1 hr into boot-loop, full discharge then charge again then restart. I think it was caused by 7.1.1 update, Mfg defect, s/w bug, hardware - software correlation issue. Many other Nexus users faced the same problem in the last 3 months

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Can I fix my own broken motherboard smartphone at home?

Last year I brought my Sony Xperia C3 to the Sony Centre to check what could probably go wrong with my phone. It's because I just bought it in less than a year. Apparently, they said the motherboard is broken, and it has overheated caused by overcharging it or due to extensive usage. And also they mentioned, broken/bad power supply from duplicate or incompatible chargers to the battery can damage the motherboard. I want to to get it fixed properly so I really wanted Sony's specialized and authorized workers to get it done for me but it is way too costly. So I went to a normally unauthorized repair shop to get it done but still, it is way over my budget. I really need to fix this phone A.S.A.P because I have lots of important stuff in it. So my last choice would be repairing it on my own. Could it possibly be done at home with the right tools and some guidance from experts? (excuse my English, not a native speaker). I need some guidance on how to repair a Sony Xperia C3 broken motherboard specifically. I have tried: Opening the back case, and I can see the battery is bloating. I think it was caused by: I admit that I've overcharged it and I let it charge overnight every single day

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Determine if Your Motherboard Is Dead
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Samsung Note 5 board and display dead unable to open?

Hi, my Note 5 device suddenly blacked out, mobile was getting charged and power on and off working. Initially, service center guy said display damaged, then after few days, he said board also damaged. Point to note is my phone did not fall or anything suddenly blacked out. Still my phone charges and when connecting to PC it gives a beep and the option of opening files, but I am unable to open anything. Please confirm if any ways to at least recover files. My phone is getting charged, and it is giving beep and detecting once I connect to the computer. I have tried: I had given to servicing, I had not tried anything apart. I think it was caused by: Not sure, the service guy told water damage, but it never happened. Shocking and surprising.

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Hi. I am trying to fix the smartphone model HTC Desire 320?

Hi. I am trying to fix the smartphone model HTC Desire 320 which continuously reboots when turned on and I can not access boot menu to perform a "Factory reset". I have also connected the phone to PC via USB without battery... and it connects and disconnects each second. The phone can't stay connected. Something interrupts connection each second. Do you think it could be repaired at all?

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Lumia 925 is completely unresponsive but has photos on it I need for court?

I have a dead Lumia 925 Windows Phone that worked fine then suddenly shut off on me. It won't power up, and my computer can't find it when it's connected to it. I really don't care about the phone working ever again once I get from it what I need. I just need to know How can I find a way to link it to my computer and get in there without having to power the phone up to get what I need or How can I bypass the problem with the phone to make it work for me to get what I need. I think the processor fried in the phone, but I'm not certain. I know I plug it in and I get a blinking Windows start key at the bottom of it, and after so long, the key just goes dark, and the phone does nothing whatsoever. What kinds of tips and tricks are there to help me get from this stupid phone what I need from it? This device is a Lumia 925 that doesn't take an SD card. It is a T-Mobile GSM Lumia phone with 16 GB of internal storage with no removable storage on it. I have tried: I've tried to use the Windows Phone Recovery Tool, I've tried charging it, I've tried disconnecting the battery and looking to see if there's something preventing it from making contact, I've changed the charge port, I've examined the board for any signs of burning or overheating but I found nothing.... I think it was caused by: I think the processor had somehow overheated and when the phone went to "sleep" the last time, it croaked....

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My phone Moto X Play motherboard got damaged, how can I remove the data from my phones internal memory?

I dropped my mobile in the office and it stopped working like completely dead, it had no physical damage but the phone started overheating as if it is going to get explode. A mobile repair man said my mobile motherboard has got damaged or burnt and it will be very expensive repairing the motherboard from the Mobile Service center. Is there any way I can get all the data from my phones internal memory? I don't want to go to the service center and spend money on it but want to retrieve my important data.

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