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Find out if you have a warrant for your arrest

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How to find out if someone has a warrant for their arrest? Is it okay for the police to just show up at their house without a warrant?


There are many ways that you can find out if someone has a warrant for his or her arrest. First, you can try searching for a warrant online. There are some websites that offer free warrant searches. There are also paid ones, as well. You should rely on free websites, as most of these are safe to use. The only problem is that they may not give you enough information about the person you search for.

Finding the proper warrant search websites can be a hassle, because you have to search a specific website based on the county, state and federal. It could take a lot of time to investigate a person online if he or she has a warrant. Nonetheless, you can choose a public warrant search website to look someone up. Often, a public warrant search website has the names of people from all over the place who have warrants. The websites given earlier in this article can be used to find out if someone has a warrant for his or her arrest. Second, you can also visit the nearest local police station to check if someone has a warrant. Every police station has an official list of people who have warrants. This way is much more reliable and certain than searching online.

Regarding the question about police showing up at someone's house without a warrant, they can do that if someone complains about something you do; for example, if you are making noise which disturbs your neighbors. If they call the police, then they may show up at your house without a warrant. You should always open the door for them and be cooperative.

As a matter of fact, the police can show up and break someone's door even without a warrant, they believe that , , or someone has committed a crimeBELIEVE that someone has committed a crime or someone is in danger, they can break your door down. The court will accept this reason, because it is legal for the police to do this.

A good way for you to find out if a Warrant is out for your arrest will be to contact the police in the state that you are suspecting having a warrant and ask them for information about you in regards to having a warrant out for your arrest. The police will be able to either tell you if you need to turn yourself in or if you do not have a warrant out for your arrest.

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How do I know I have an arrest warrant, I got a letter from court to inform me the arraignment hearing date, but I also found out they have also filed an affidavit of arrest warrant? can you tell me why? I am home and work everyday, take care of three boys?

I was attacked by my husband who was on manic phase of bipolar, I almost got killed and tried my best to run out the house for help. I called 911, three male officers got to my house and talked to my husband, then they did not check my body inquiry and arrested me. I tried to get protect order to protect myself and my three boys before things happened. right now, court has filed charges against me without a clear hearing. I just found out they filed affidavit of arrest warrant on July 27, how can I find out if judge has signed the arrest warrant on me.

The Affidavit is the arresting officer's account of why you were arrested for the DA to determine formal charges. You can call the local Sheriff's Office and ask if there is a warrant but also, if you are being charged you need legal representation. Your case sounds very complex and it would be best to do all you can to retain an attorney and not use a public defender. When you were brought into the holding cell area, did they take pictures of any physical injuries? They should have. Also, inquire about KASA court advocates for your three children during this process. Last word of caution, you as a parent are seen in the eyes of the court as a protector for your children in the way of physical or emotional violence. It would be best to remove yourself and the children from the home until your husband gets medical assistance for his bipolar disorder.

Where is there a honest list where I can see if I have an arrest warrant out for me in the state of Texas?

Well, you can say that the list on the internet are all honest nor updated as it should be, cause there aer actually times that even if you don't have any warrant there are silly people that are just using your name for their own to blackmail the person and to get some money.

You can try using these sites to see for yourself if you are in a list or not:

Do I have a warrant for my arrest?

No problem just I got a call saying I didn't pay a ticket way back and I have a warrant out

Then you probably do have a warrant for unpaid traffic fines. Usually, these can be cleared up immediately by paying off the fines. It would be a good idea to do that.

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Find out if you have a warrant for your arrest
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What happens to you when you have someone at your address who has a warrant out for their arrest?

Nothing will happen to you unless you have also committed a violation. What will happen is that the police will keep coming back to your house to ask about the wanted person you might be helping out. If they verify that the person is in your house or keeps going in and out of your house, then they can issue a search warrant, so that they will be able to get into your house to look for him or her. In some cases, you can be prosecuted, if you are helping a person who committed a felony.

Normally, a warrant of arrest is issued for the arrest of a person who was charged with an offense or charged for breaking the law. The officer in charge may only implement the warrant of arrest to the arrest of the defendant or to the arrest of the person whose name appears in the warrant of arrest. In regards to your query, nothing will going to happen to you if someone at your present address has a warrant of arrest not unless you interfere with the arrest of the person who has a warrant of arrest and the arresting police officer may also arrest you on the spot even without a warrant of arrest and this is often called warrantless arrest. There is also warrantless arrest that can be implemented without a valid warrant of arrest issued by the judge. These are some factors that can get you arrested without a warrant of arrest:

1. When you are caught together with the person who has a warrant of arrest doing a crime.

2. When you interfere with the arrest of the person who has a warrant of arrest.

In general, nothing will going to happen to you if you obediently follow the law and comply to the arresting police officer's instructions.

I had an arrest warrant 20 years ago. Is it still active?

I do not know if I still have a warrant. I have been in jail recently and the warrant in question did not pop up. I would like to know if there is still a hold, it was 20 years ago. It happened in a cook co. ILL. When I was charged, I posted bail and left the state. I would like to return to the state to be gainfully employed. I have looked on cook co. website and cannot find the said warrant. Can you help?

Crimes have a statute of limitation. If the warrant was for murder, it never goes away but other crimes eventually are no longer able to be prosecuted. My guess is that your warrant was for something minor and that is why it is not longer in the system. Your most recent arrest, though, could be an issue no matter where in the US that you apply for a job. Most employers now do background checks which check for warrants and convictions nationwide.

Can officers go out of their duty to find me. Or you only get your name ran for warrants if you are breaking the law?

Can they go looking for you on a warrant. Or they only come through when your name is ran. I have tried: I did all procedures. Contacted lawyer and clerks. I think it was caused by: I had a court in another county. At the same time

Active warrants (Names, Last known location) are regularly mentioned during the daily Officer Roster. This means that it is not going out of their way when they search for the latest warrants or outstanding warrants to update officers before patrol. While the warrants to appear if an officer searches your name, the information is already readily available to law enforcement and the public. If someone knows your name and date of birth, they can easily search for warrants.

What is going to happen if you have received a letter, from the warrant unit, to come to the police station?

What is going to happen if you have received a letter, from the warrant unit, to come to the police station.

This depends on why the warrant was issued. Many times for nonfelony crimes, they want to speak with you and clear up the charges either with paying a fine or answering their questions. With a felony, though, you will be booked and held until your initial arraignment before the judge. So, do you want your front door busted down in the middle of the night? Or would you rather voluntarily appear which helps show good faith in restitution?

How do I know if a police case or warrant is lodged against me in Tampa Florida or thereabouts?

How do I know if a police case or warrant is lodged against me in Tampa Florida or thereabouts?

The Hillsborough County Sherriff's Office has a Warrant Inquiry Tool. Name, race, sex, and date of birth are required to use the tool.

Hello dear, thank you for helping. I did not pay some financial debts, how can I find out if I am under warrant?

How can I find out if I am under warrant

This depends on where you reside. In most 1st World Countries, you can not be arrested for owing a debt unless it is something like Tax Evasion. Contact your local law enforcement provider and inquire if there are any active warrants for your arrest. They can't arrest you over the phone so do not be afraid to call and find out.

Warrant's in TN?

I'm checking to see if there's warrant out for my brother down in TN. He missed his hearing on July 10th. Plus he is on probation in TN and now he's living in another state

You can search for a warrant here or call the Sherriff's office of where the warrant would be issued. If he is on probation and assigned a parole officer, they also could provide you with warrant information. It is highly likely that a bench warrant was issued since your brother was already on probation.

Legality on owning police handcuffs?

I have a pair of hiaat speed cuffs (rigid) can I get arrested for owning these if the serial numbers have been scratched off. I have tried: Nothing. I think it was caused by: ?

This depends on where you live and what the laws are regarding owning restraint equipment for personal use. Now, if you restrain and hold someone without their consent with these handcuffs, you would be charged no matter where you live unless this person was an immediate physical threat to you.

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