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Get Rid of Smoke Odor with Essential Home Remedies

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How to eliminate natural gas odor from your house?

Had a natural gas fire in hot water tank and now the house smells like gas what do I need to do to get the smell out of the house, it has been aired out for days but there is still a lingering smell. I have tried: Airing out the house. I think it was caused by: Fire in hot water tank

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This situation actually qualifies as an emergency. First of all, call your fire department as they have equipment that can help detect the levels of natural gas in your home and whether or not you are in danger of being poisoned. Secondly, call the gas company and report that you still have the odor despite the fact that you have aired out the house so that they can assess your gas lines and levels of poisonous gas that may be in your realm.

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There is no way after airing your house for days after an incident with natural gas that you should smell anything, as the gas odor usually easily dissipates within a couple of hours. Somewhere there is a gas leak and the gas is "pooling" in that area and the stink is there to warn you that you have a potentially lethal problem on your hands.

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How do I get the smell of a natural gas leak out of my apartment?

I left my stove on without a pilot light while I was out of town. My apartment manager came in and turned it off after a couple of days. My house smells terrible and I can't get rid of the smell. How can I get rid of the smell in the house after everything has been saturated by the gas smell? The gas was left on for several days and I can't get rid of the smell even after I have aired out the apartment.

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Get Rid of Smoke Odor with Essential Home Remedies

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