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Prevent and Reduce Oily Skin on Face

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About oily skin. after bathing it become again oily just in 10 to 15 minutes?

My skin is oily. after bathing it become again oily just in 10 to 15 minutes.. so I want solution that how I control it. because of oily skin the dust and dirt will stick on my face. can you me what I can do to prevent it... I have tried: I am not using anything only I can use face wash to clear.. I think it was caused by: I don't know.

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What procedure can I ask a dermatologist to get rid of my oily face? Hope it would be affordable. Is there side effect if it is possible for me to get rid of oily face permanently,?

Hi! I am 23 years old woman with oily skin, and last year I had a breakout that stressed me so much that I decided to go to a dermatologist, in a way tropical ointment and an oral treatment do some improvement, and gets my pimple go away though not all, then leaves marks as expected. I was not able to take oral treatment that the doctor prescribed to take for six months, I took it for 5 months, will this have a side effect? Its almost a year now since I went to the dermatologist, its been six months. now since I last visited my dermatologist, but I continue the tropical treatment I used till now, and now I'm starting to gets frustrated again as I'm having acne again, one or two acne is tolerable but now I think they are coming back again, and I think the real culprit is my oily face, this is also based on my observation when I still take the oral treatment which removes most of my oilyness. I've been to a dermatologist and got treatment and now it seems my acne are coming back, and I believe that main reason my is oily skin. It is beneficial and helpful to others as many are not aware that there are procedure that gets rid off of oily face permanently, which they can ask their dermatologist, which is safe and maybe cheaper but guarantied effect. This is kind of plan B, specially to someone losing hope to really get rid of them. Please help me get rid of my acne. Thank you in advance! I have tried: I went to a dermatologist last year. She prescribe me tropical ointment, such as benzac,erythromycin,anti seburrhick (but after few months she changed it to Glycolic toner and up till now I'm using it as maintenance, BB cream, Klenzit, acne lotion (which I used more or less 2 months) and sunscreen, also anti-bacterial soap and lastly the oral Isotretinoin (wherein I was able to take for 5 months but it should be for 6 months -1 tablet each day only. I think it was caused by: Oily face and hormonal imbalance though I am not pregnant or what so ever. I also observe that year 2015 I've seen many who also experienced breakout, from my school, a friend, classmates and some of them are more worse compared to me.

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I don't know whats with that time, more polluted environment? I don't know.

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I have an oily skin, which type of loofah or sponge should I use?

I have an oily skin which type of sponge should I use. I have tried: I have used several bar soaps like Dettol, Dudu osun, Pears, Mekako, Andcaroline. I think it was caused by: Exposure to sunlight, consuming too much of oil, rice

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Using a loofah or sponge can actually increase the oil production on your skin. Use the face scrub methods posted in VisiHow articles in the QnA section of this page instead of a loofah. You want to gently exfoliate your skin and not scrub vigorously. Use a facewash with tea tree oil or at least one that foams and not a bar soap.

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Natural remedy for oily skin? also give proper diet for it?

I have an oily skin when being out in the sun, and even it turns out red, what to do?

Natural treatments?

For diet foods high in glycemic carbs like white bread can produce oil so look for low glycemic foods as a substitute. A low carb diet may help reduce oil production if you eat more in a Vegan/Paleo manner. Swap your dairy products like milk for Almond Milk which can help reduce oil production. Eat more Omega 3 rich foods in the place of your standard meat diet. Walnuts and many fish are great sources of Omega 3.

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As for oil production in the sun. You need to use a proper sunscreen because you are burning your face which will increase oil production as your skin tries to heal itself. The sunburn dries out your skin and your sebaceous glands go into hyper mode to repair and moisturize.

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Prevent and Reduce Oily Skin on Face
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How can I get rid of oily face, blackheads and pimples and prevent them from coming back?

My face is oily and I do have a blackhead and pimples. I already tried several products just to get rid of it but it seems that it is not working at all.

Get Rid of Blackheads is a VisiHow article with information you can use. Also, read the answers on this page as there are other ways mentioned to treat your blackheads. You may be using the wrong moisturizer and if you are not using a facial toner after you wash your face then start now because that will also help. A toner of green tea and lime should be considered to see if this helps. Only use a few drops of lime and test a patch on your face to make sure that it does not cause a reaction. If it does then just use the green tea.

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How to keep my skin dry without any face-wash etc?

My face always remains oily and there is also pimples. What do I do?. I have tried: I tried pears and Johnson baby soap.. I think it was caused by: Don't know

You will need a facewash. Without washing your face bacteria will increase causing acne and other issues. If you are not using a moisturizer after you wash your face then this could be the problem. Clean and Clear makes a great oil free face wash and moisturizer and it is available over the counter in drugstores and not super expensive like Proactive can tend to be. Use a toner, even one made at home with green tea or apple cider vinegar after you wash your face and before you apply moisturizer.

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My scalp is very oily, I don't know what to do?

I wash my hair every day. After one hour my scalp is so oily. I tried different shampoo but nothing is working. I am losing lots of hair. What can I do?

It is hard to believe but if you have oily scalp issues washing your hair everyday can make it worse. Skip washing your hair to every other day or every two days. In between use a dry shampoo or make one with cornstarch and either cinnamon of you have dark hair or paprika if you have shades of red or auburn. Dust at your roots using a makeup brush or blot using a tissue that you dip into in the powder. Brush your hair after applying and use sparingly. This will help with the oil. It will take a few weeks for your hair to stop producing oils when you stop washing everyday but your scalp will adjust and you will have less oil production.

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