How to choose the right application for your device

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Devices can be very sensitive, and different kinds of devices work with different kinds of applications. If one application is compatible with one device, it may not be compatible with others. As time passes, new devices are made and introduced to the market, so it can get more and more difficult to figure out which device you need. Choose the right device and install the right application.

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    Before buying a device, make sure that it is really what you want and that it can run many applications.
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    Look at the specifications of the device
    If you want to buy Android devices, you may choose the latest version of Jellybean. It will definitely gives you a wide variety of applications that you can install to your device.If you want an iOS operating system, then get the device that has the biggest memory capacity so memory space will not be an issue in installing an application..
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    When you want to install applications, install only applications that are compatible to your device.If you are using Android, go to Android store or Google play
    If you are using iOS, go to Apple Store.If your application is Symbian, go to OVI store.
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    Browse the internet and search for applications that match to your device unit.
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    Before downloading applications, make sure the screen sizes match your device's screen
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    Check on your screen resolution before downloading an application. The screen size of the application can usually found in the product description.
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    Look to see if the application system is compatible with your device system.
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    Download and install the application to your device smoothly
    If you will use internet connection be sure that you have a strong and steady signal. If you will download it first to your computer, use a compatible USB device to connect your device to the computer. USB cable usually included to your device package.
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Tips, Tricks & Warnings

  • Installing applications to your device will take up space in your device's memory.
  • Make sure to save your applications to external memory or a memory card.
  • If your device has many application that are being stored and saved, it can slow down your device's response time.
  • Make sure to delete unnecessary applications.
  • Make sure that your device has enough memory to save and run applications.
  • Make sure that the application you are going to download is safe and will not harm your device.
  • Use your device carefully.
  • Install applications carefully.

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