How to choose a wireless speaker

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Deciding On A Wireless Speaker

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There are a number of things to consider when deciding between the different types of wireless speakers. Some people will choose by brand, others will choose by wireless connection type. Today, many of the major speaker manufacturers make a version of wireless speaker, but the two most famous consumer wireless brands are Sonos and Bose. How to set up Sonos wireless speakers

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I do not recommend installing wireless speakers in a dedicated home theater since you want powerful movie sound free from possible connection interference. I mean think about it, if you're going to build a home theater from scratch, you'll want wired high wattage speakers that are designed for movie sound tracks. Wireless speakers are usually smaller, and are great for existing living areas or for outdoor excursions where you want to play your music on something other than your iPhone speaker. Here a number of things you should consider when choosing a wireless speaker.

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    How Does It Connect
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    Connectivity refers to the way the wireless speaker connects to your smartphone, tablet or computer. There are many different technologies used for connectivity, each with their own pros and cons. Some wireless speakers will only connect in one way and others will connect in various ways, so you should be aware of what connection types are available on your audio sources. The main technologies are Bluetooth, WiFi and Airplay. Compare Wireless Speaker Connections
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    How Portable Is It
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    Can you travel with the speaker easily? Portability does not only refer to the size of the wireless speaker, but also dictates what you will use for a power source. Since your travels may not afford you the convenience of a power outlet, some manufacturers integrate rechargeable batteries in their speakers. Be warned that the audio quality may suffer without a good charge, so look for a battery life of at least 6 hours before the need to recharge. As for weight, try to find a wireless speaker that weighs 2 pounds or less so it can fit easily in a handbag or large purse.
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    How's The Audio Quality
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    The general rule of thumb here is that the smaller the speaker, the the lower the audio quality. So if you want better audio, you'll want to go with a larger speaker, which in turn will be less portable. So you'll really want to weigh your options here. Audio quality is also dependent on what connection technology you use, for example, if your home WiFi is spotty or drops erratically, so will your music.
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    Is It Durable
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    Since you will probably be taking your wireless speaker with you to the beach or by the pool, you will want to determine how durable it is. Choose a speaker that will handle the elements and can sustain a drop because it's bound to happen.
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    What Does It Cost
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    The price range of wireless speakers depends on the factors listed above coupled with the manufacturer's brand name. So take some time to go through your wants and needs to figure out where your price point will fall.
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