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Know if a guy has a girlfriend

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Questions you ask a guy to find out if he has a girlfriend?

While it is always better to ask a guy directly if he has a girlfriend, as compared to finding out from the grapevine or listening to gossips, there remains a certain level of propriety that must be followed. There are questions which might end up being perceived as being too pushy for information or too invasive of privacy. Of course, you would not want to create such a negative impression in the beginning.

Here are some polite and appropriate questions that you can ask a guy to find out if he has a girlfriend:

  • What do you think about having a girlfriend?
  • What's your perception of relationships?
  • Is there someone special who you usually spend time with?
  • Who do you usually spend your free time with?
  • How do you spend a typical weekend?
  • Can you describe a girl that you were ever attracted to? What usually attracts you?

The best question to ask a guy to find out if he has a girlfriend will be the simple question of "are you involved with anyone in a relationship" this is the same as asking them if they have a girlfriend but is a bit more broad ranging from them having a girlfriend or a person whom they are talking to in a form of a relationship.

Whats a slick way to find out through a text if the guy has a girlfriend without asking?

Here is a slick way to find out through a text if the guy has a girlfriend without asking, if both of you are talking or texting about a certain topic, for example: both of you are talking about horror movies and you just said that "That scene is super scary. Do you find that scene funny? You know that scene is scary, you can observe your girlfriend to see her reaction about that scene" and the boy replied "Yeah her reaction is really scared and she keeps on hiding her face. ahahaha!". And with that reply it is confirmed that he got a girlfriend. Example:

  • "OMG, you are annoying, I think your girlfriend is always annoyed because of your doings."
  • "Hi,, here is another riddle, help me please! I don't know how to solve this, you may also ask your girlfriend and friends about this."
  • "Yeah, so many girls shops there every weekend. Maybe your girlfriend is always shops there also."

So if both of you are texting about a certain topic, then use it and insert those words that can help you find out if that guy has a girlfriend.

A slick way that you can bring up the option of if he has a girlfriend will be to ask the simple question of "how long was your last relationship". By asking him this question you will get the answer of how long his last relationship is or how long his current relationship is at this time.

Why do guys flirt when they have a girlfriend?

"the right one"

Some men just naturally engage in flirty behavior, whether they have a girlfriend or not. If they are that type, then their girlfriends should be alert, because they will likely flirt with other women. Those men who flirt with others may not be satisfied with their current relationship. Perhaps either their girlfriends do the same too, or they are not satisfied with their girlfriends sexually and emotionally. Another reason may be that they are not serious in their current relationship, and they are still searching for who they believe is .

In this generation, love often grows fonder with passion. Many men crave a strong sexual desire and passionate care from their girlfriends. If their girlfriends give them what they want, then there is no good reason to flirt with other women.

Guys flirt with other girls because it is in some guys nature to flirt with females. It gives a guy a good feeling to know that they still have the opportunity to hook up with another girl if they need to if their relationship ends. Also just because a guy flirts with a girl does not mean that they will engage in any type of relations with the girl they are flirting with at the time.

What's the best secretive way to ask a guy if he has a girlfriend?

You can engage in a foolish conversation with the guy and connect it with his current relationship. He will likely not recognize that you have asked a question, because it is in the form of jokes, such as funny stories that relate to a relationship. You can integrate his life into your conversation, and use a humorous comment with a pretentious laugh, like, "Maybe your girlfriend has pulled a prank too!" This example can be a pitfall for him to respond to your statement, although he had not told you yet about his love life. If he falls for your trick, then you will be able to find out if he has a girlfriend or not.

The best way to ask a guy if he has a girlfriend is to simply just ask them about if they have a girlfriend or not. Honestly there are many ways to get around or hint at the subject but it will not force him to say if he does have a girlfriend or not. The straight up way of just asking him the question can allow you to get a straight answer without having to use many tactics to possibly get the information out of him.

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Know if a guy has a girlfriend
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How to ask a guy if he has a girlfriend?

Asking a guy this question might lead him to believe that you are curious because you have feelings for him. Therefore, when asking a question like this, it is best to do it most tactfully. This will help to avoid any misconceptions. Also, when you decide to do this, ask him directly and not through common friends. Furthermore, this is best-done face-to-face rather than through text messages or chat.

Asking a guy if he has a girlfriend may sometimes make you feel awkward or shy especially if you like the guy. Below are some tips that may help you ask a guy if he has a girlfriend:

1. Personally asking the guy:

- If you prefer the fastest and right to the point answer, simply ask the guy if he has a girlfriend. Some girls that prefer it this way. If you are one of them, you need to strengthen your resolve and personally ask the guy.

2. Secretly asking the guy without him noticing it:

- There are also girls that are not very open to their feelings, and they sometimes find it difficult to ask a guy if the guy has a girlfriend. If you are one of them, I suggest to secretly ask the guy if he has a girlfriend using subtle jokes. You need to find a way to make your conversation with the guy more humorous and secretly add your question like for example; what would his girlfriend think if she caught him talking to you. Since the conversation is not too serious, most guys will respond to your secret question without them realizing that you asking them a personal question.

I like this boy in the gym class and he messes with me a lot, what do I need to do, he has a girlfriend and I want to ask him out?

OK today I had to go and take something to another teacher and we have the same classes and I really like him because he messes with me all the time but the bad thing about it is that he has a girl!. I have tried: Asking who's your girlfriend. Trying to tell him. I think it was caused by: He never paid me any attention when I tried to tell him

The only right thing to do would be to wait and see if he breaks up with his girlfriend and then ask him out. You do not want to date a guy that easily walks away from his girlfriend to date another person because you will never fully be able to trust that he would not do that to you.

Although you think he is flirting with you, he may just be acting friendly and polite and because you like him you are interpreting his behavior as flirting. If he did not respond when you asked him about his girlfriend, talk to one of his friends and see if they know what is really going on and if he is dating someone else.

How can I ask him discreetly if he has a girlfriend?

Well, I met a new friend and he told me that he is not married although he has a son who's turning one year old on Friday. I think I like him but I am afraid he has a girlfriend. What should I do?

You can first try by asking what plans he has for the child's birthday. He may say "My girlfriend and I are...". Discreetly drive the conversation towards his relationship by asking how he finds co parenting. There are many ways listed above in this article as well.

What do I do to get this guy to stay and have a thing/potentially a relationship with me?

I'm hooking up with this guy who has a girlfriend, they're always on and off from what I know I really like him, but its not OK for him to be hooking up while he's got a girl. What should I do? I want him, but they've been together for so long. Why would he cheat on her with me? how do I make him only mine?. I have tried: I haven't tried anything. I'm so nervous I'm going to lose him as a friend.. I think it was caused by: His ego

Be warned that once a cheater always a cheater is not just a phrase we use. Most people who cheat have as you said ego issues as well as he seems to have some commitment issues with his girlfriend. Because he hooked up with you while he was seeing his girlfriend, he has a level of lower respect for you even if he denies it. You want to maintain your friendship so ask him to no longer approach you for sexual matters and that you want to keep the relationship platonic while he works out his girlfriend issues.

I want to ask a guy to the movies?

I need a date for the movies tonight since two people bailed. I want to text one of my friends and ask, but I don't know if he has a girlfriend. That would be awkward

Well just ask if he wants to go to the movies. If he has a girlfriend, he will most likely decline and tell you then that he has a girlfriend or he may ask if she can come along.

How do you ask out a boy who already is dating and you don't think would like you?

There is this boy his really cute and I like him so much the problem is one of my friends just asked him out and he said yes I get pains each night just thinking about him some nights I cry myself to sleep I don't know if he would like me. I have tried: Nothing mainly trying to look cool and cute around him. I think it was caused by: He is so cute but I don't want to get seen flirting with him or tell my mum and dad

Well the problem is now that he is dating your friends. If for some reason they stop dating, you need to ask your friend if she would mind if you ask him out. Depending on how long their relationship was she may be okay with you asking her ex out but be prepared for the possibility of her ending your friendship together.

What type of questions to ask my plumber to see if he is in a relationship?

And if he is single, how can I casually let him know I want to see him when he isn't working and that I am interested in him without awkwardness. I have tried: Just casual talk, nothing flirty

Try to bring up if he has any children or a family in a conversation. You can ask if he has a girlfriend/wife because you want to ask him out on a date. Just be upfront. Because he is a plumber he probably is not wearing any jewelery but one sign to look for is a tan line where he would be wearing a wedding ring. If you do not want to ask him out right away you could ask what sort of things he likes to do in his spare time and see if you have any similar interests and then ask him out from that subject.

How do I ask a boy out when he's in a different school?

The boy I have feelings for is in secondary school and I don't know if he has a girlfriend how do I ask him

Follow the steps in this article. It can't hurt to ask him out!

I recently just took my pet to the vet and the Dr. seemed very nice. He wasn't wearing a ring and he kept smiling at me. How would I go about asking him out or asking him if he has a spouse?

I can't find him on Facebook and the only way to contact him would be to call him at his office. He is a very sweet guy and I would like to get to know him and also thank him for saving my cat's life.

People in the medical field often do not wear jewelry. If you liked how this vet took care of your cat, then make appointments for health checks and shots. Send him a thank you note and gift basket if you want to show your appreciation for how the clinic cared for your cat. If you do want to ask him out for coffee be prepared for him to say no. Then you would either have to look for a new vet or feel awkward every time you had to take your cat to see him. If you want to find out if he is seeing someone then ask the receptionist. Maybe phrase it so that it is not obvious that you are interested in him.

WHY won't he take my name off the house?

I bought a house with a boyfriend. we broke up. He makes more money pays all the bills. I offered to give it to him too. He won't sell or take my name off why? or is it spiteful ? I moved out a year ago. thanks

He may not qualify for a mortgage on his own. Also, legally, there needs to be some sort of formal request made to the mortgage company to remove your name such as a separation agreement. When you signed the dotted line on those mortgage papers you assumed responsibility for the loan whether you stayed together or not. Consult with a lawyer about your options. Even your ex would need some sort of legal paperwork to remove you from the obligation. Some lenders will not remove a name unless there is a death even if both parties agree to have it removed. Their only options are to either sell to repay the amount owed or one person buys out the other person and pays off the mortgage.

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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