How to Set, Monitor and Manage Data Usage on your Samsung Galaxy Note II

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If you wish to monitor your data usage and manage your data limits on your Samsung Galaxy series phone (including the S II, S III, S4, Note II, and Note3), simply follow these easy instructions:

Steps To View Data Usage And Adjust Your Data Usage Limits

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    Swipe down from the top of your screen to slide out the notifications panel.
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    Tap the gear icon to enter Settings.
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    Tap "Data Usage".
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    Now tap on the orange or red lines to set your data warnings and limit thresholds. The hard limit is displayed in red and the warning limit is displayed in orange.
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    There are two sliders with tabs you can drag at the bottom of the graph. You can use these sliders to see your data usage for any particular date range.
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Data Usage By Application on Samsung Galaxy

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    Scrolling down below the graph will show the list of applications on your phone, sorted by data usage - from top to bottom.
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    In our video example phone, Netflix has used up 609 MB of data, followed by Tethering and portable hotspot for our Laptop, at 234 MB.
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What Happens When You Hit Your Data Warning On The Samsung Galaxy

You will get a notification popup, saying that you are nearing your data limit.

What Happens When You Hit Your Data Limit On The Samsung Galaxy

  • Your internet services will not work. If you try to use your browser, you will get the message "Internet Disconnected".
  • You will get a message, "Mobile Data Disabled" with text that says "You have reached the specified data usage limit. If you re-enable data you may be charged by the operator." You are then given two options:
  • Re-enable Data
  • OK (Do not enable data)
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Video Tutorial

For your convenience we have recorded these instructions in a video. You can watch this video to help clarify the instructions in this Wiki. Please keep in mind that the Wiki is always being updated, so the Wiki instructions may be more up to date than the video, you can view HERE.

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  • Be very careful when you're using data, because data usage can quickly go past your warning to your limit, leaving you without internet.
  • Usage reports from your cell phone provider differ somewhat, and are delayed. Do not trust their reports, as often they take a day or two before it shows up on your account. It may show you are close to being over, when in fact you are already over your limit and the data is just lagging.
  • Warning: YouTube burns through a lot of data quickly, and you should also be extremely careful when using Netflix or downloading movies. Most movies are about 60 0MB to 1 GB in size.
  • Careful! Some movie rental formats are ridiculously obtuse. Some movie rentals take almost 3 GB!! You may think it is cheaper to rent, but if you go over your limit, I assure you the charges incurred will more than make up the savings! Be careful and check your overage fees associated with your phone's data plan.

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