How to Lose Weight With Resistant Starch Foods

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Those with Type 2 diabetes and others that are trying to lose weight can benefit from transforming carbohydrate foods into Resistant Starch. You can avoid the morning scale check of horror after you consume a little pasta for dinner by learning how to create resistant starch foods.

A study revealed that eating just 5% of your daily food intake in Resistant Starch can increase your fat burning capability by 30% after a meal. You also feel more satiated and have less dietary issues with Resistant Starch because it essentially shuts down the hormones that create hunger. Carbohydrate caloric levels are cut in half once transformed into Resistant Starch.

What is Resistant Starch

Resistant Starch is a form of starch that our bodies do not process into glucose. When we consume foods like bread, pasta, and rice the starch is stored in our bodies through glucose and transformed into fat. Transforming the foods into Resistant Starch cuts the calories and allows our gut flora to process most of the starch from these normally high starch food items. There are four types of Resistant Starch found in foods:

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    Seeds, legumes, and grains are considered Resistant Starch because they contain fibrous cell walls
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    Generally found in raw food such as potatoes, green bananas, and plantains
    Along with other foods that contain a high amylose content. Unfortunately, once you cook these items the starch loses it's resistance power.
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    Starch that has had retrogradation
    This occurs when foods that contain amylose and amylopectin chains are cooked, then cooled and cooked again. During this process, they enter a crystalline structure which makes them a resistant starch.
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    Chemically altered, or Industrial Resistant starch manufactured to create the Resistant Starch effect
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How to Plan Resistant Starch Meals in Your Daily Diet

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    Yes, be prepared to do cartwheels because you can eat pasta and not have it show up on your hips the next morning. The trick is to cook the pasta and then cool it. A recent study showed that cooling it gives you a Resistant Starch boost but when you reheat the pasta you will get an even bigger boost by up to 50% in reduced blood glucose levels. Pasta lovers rejoice because suddenly your carbohydrate laden pasta has become healthy again. Move over Zoodles! Other ways to include Resistant Starch Pasta:
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    • Pasta Salads. use fresh vegetables and experiment with oils like Avocado or Coconut when creating a dressing. There are many different varieties of flavored balsamic vinegar and Extra Virgin Olive Oil that are appearing in the grocery aisles so take a leap and try a few. These make a great alternative when bringing lunches to work. Store the dressing in a separate container then toss right before you eat.
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    • Breakfast. Who knew eating pasta for breakfast could be healthy. Combine it with eggs and vegetables can give you a filling protein/fiber rich start to your day allowing you to feel satiated longer. Spaghetti Alla Carbonara by Simply Recipes is a favorite in my house and you can cook the pasta the night before or used leftover pasta and still create this dish. Although the pasta cooks the eggs, simply reheat and carry on with the recipe. Egg Pasta Frittata by Rachael Ray uses Fettucini but you can make this with any type of long pasta. Change up the recipe to make it a vegetable frittata or use your favorite breakfast meats.
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    • Freezer Meals. Make your favorite pasta casseroles and freeze them. The freezer will create that Resistant Starch and when you reheat the meal you casserole will be about half the calories it was before! Baked Penne with Chicken and Sundried Tomatoes is a fabulous freezer meal that the whole family will love. You can also do baked zitis and lasagna ahead and freeze it. Thaw and heat for an easy weeknight meal. Most pasta can be frozen for up to three months.
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    Raw potatoes contain Resistant Starch but who wants to eat a raw potato! Yuck! You can, however, transform it back into a resistant starch by cooling it after you cook the potato. Ways add Resistant Starch Potatoes are:
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    • Potato Salads. This is an obvious one but instead of mayonnaise try other options like Detoxinista's Creamy Avocado Potato Salad. Avocados promote fat burning so Hi, reduce that belly with this yummy potato salad. You will love it and not miss the mayonnaise loaded potato salads of the past. Italians often dress our potato salads in a vinegar/olive oil dressing and Italian Style Potato Salad by Italian Food Forever is a lovely traditional recipe to try.
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    • "Fried" Potatoes. Ina Garten's Hashed Browns are made using boiled potatoes. Cook and cool them in the refrigerator before frying them. Try using avocado or coconut oil for additional fat burning benefits. Roasted Potato and Cheese Tater Tots are made using cooked and cooled potatoes. Trust me, once you make these you will never buy those store bought tater tots again.
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    • Casseroles. Used cooked then cooled potatoes to add to casseroles. You can either use make ahead freezer recipes like Twice Baked Potatoes Four Ways by Southern Living. Make Ahead Mashed Potatoes is a freezer friendly mashed potato recipe. Use it to top other casseroles like a Shepherd's Pie or make a large batch to divide and freeze for side dishes. Taste of Home's Potato Egg Bake is a lightened up version that you can use already cooked and cooled potatoes. Serve for brunch or do what we do in our house and use is as a weeknight dinner option.
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    • Soups. Instead of cooking the potatoes in the soup base, cook ahead like you would a baked potato and add to the soups at the very end to heat up. You also can make potato based soups and freeze them for easy meals. I regularly make large soups and then allow them to cool. The soups usually thicken and I divide them into medium size freezer bags. Add one carton of broth once you thaw per freezer bag and the soup is ready to go.
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    • Sweet Treats. Fried Sweet Potato Balls by Her Frozen Wings are spectacular and we dust ours with cinnamon and sugar. Taste of Home's Super Spud Brownies uses leftover mashed potatoes and takes them to a whole new level. Potato Fudge by Winnie Marshal is a Christmas favorite in my house for the past few years.
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    Recent studies have shown that cooking and cooling rice for 12 hours in the refrigerator can cut the calories by 50%. Add one teaspoon of Coconut Oil to per one cup rice for anther boost of 10% Resistant Starch. This is a great way to feel satiated and manage your caloric intake at the same time. Rice has always been a cheap alternative when added to a meal.
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    • Rice Meals. Before Pay Day Fried Rice is a great base to use leftover meats and your Resistant Starch rice. Beef and Rice Stuffed Peppers is a delicious way to use the rice and create a meal. Jessica's Planned Leftover Burritos are another regular meal my family loves and you can make this using the rice and any meats or go vegetarian. I always add black beans to ours but you can use other beans as well. Remember those black beans are also a Resistant Starch. Rice Breakfast Burritos are filling and a zesty way to start your day with Resistant Starch. Rice Cutlets are a choice we make for meatless meals and is a great vegan option. We generally have them with either a vegetable soup or salad for a complete meal. The are also a good lunch alternative for school or work.I fry mine in coconut or avocado oil but any oil will work that is able to be used at high temp.
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    • Rice Snacks. Rice Gluten Free Crackers is a great way to get that resistant starch into your diet while snacking. Strawberry Rice Cakes are one my-my children's favorite snacks in their lunch. I customize them with all sorts of flavors including savory ones with rosemary and romano cheese to keep them interesting. Crispy Rice Balls can also be customized and our family loves them as a Sunday Movie Night Snack.
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    • Desserts. Using Resistant Starch rice cuts the cooking time in traditional rice dessert recipes. Taste of Home's Leftover Rice Pudding is delicious, simple and comforting. You can substitute with vanilla almond milk for even less calories and keep the taste value. Tania Cusak's Gluten Free Leftover Rice Chocolate Cake is a favorite in my house and her blog is fabulous! Flourless Rice Cookies by Ranch Girl's Sweets N Treats uses leftover rice and you can add all sorts of items to this. The trick is to bake the cookies then leave then in the oven to set.
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