How to Interview for a Job Over the Telephone

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Occasionally, you may be in a situation where your interview will be conducted by telephone. This sometimes happens when there is not enough time to wait to interview in person or when travel expenses are too costly to bring the interviewer and interviewee together in the same place. Although most job candidates are not hired after having a telephone interview only, this type of interview often precedes or follows and in-person interview.

While making a positive first impression in person is sometimes challenging, it is even more challenging to make a positive first impression through a telephone interview because in this case the employer does not have the benefit of observing your physical appearance of your body language, both of which play a major role in creating someone's impression of you.

How to Make Your Telephone Interview Successful

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    Voice Quality
    When speaking on the telephone, be sure to project your voice, speak slowly, enunciate clearly, and sound enthusiastic.
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    Try to be where you know you will be uninterrupted during your telephone interview. It would be helpful if you had access to a fax machine in the room or in a nearby room because you may be asked to fax another copy of your resume, a letter of reference, or another document pertinent to your interview. You should have two copies of your resume with you, one handy for the fax machine and one for you to refer to as you describe your skills, experiences, and employment dates over the phone. You should also prepare some notes of keywords or key points about yourself that you want to be sure to interject during the interview. Also prepare a list of questions you will want to ask the employer and have it available to refer to.
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    Attention to Detail
    Because you are not in the interviewer's office, you cannot be handed copies of information or business cards that give you the correct spelling, title, address, telephone, and fax number of the interviewer. You need this information in order to send him or her a thank-you letter. It is probably best to get all of that detail after the interview from a receptionist or secretary at the company, but be prepared to take the information from your interviewer if the situation arises. As a follow-up to your telephone interview, mail or fax a thank-you letter immediately and stress your willingness to meet in person.
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Interviewing Technology

Many employers are using some new interview techniques made available through changing technology. For example, video conferencing is one form of long-distance interviewing. Just as companies can conduct meetings and make presentations through video conference, many conduct interviews this way. As a job candidate you may look out for opportunities to pursue such an interview at your school, at area job fairs, or through special job programs sometimes sponsored by area hotels equipped with video conferencing equipment.


Tips Tricks & Warnings

  • Don't forget to project your voice, speak slowly, enunciate clearly, and sound enthusiastic.
  • Don't forget to be prepared.
  • Don't forget to smile while being interviewed over the phone.

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