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Find out if you have a warrant for your arrest

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Received a warrant in the mail regarding protection order?

Ex-girlfriend got a protection order on me and I did not appeal it because I did not take it seriously. I have been arrested once for violation as she came to one of my dance events (I do dance) and I talked to her. I was released after 1 day; and it has been two weeks and I got a warrant in the mail. I called the station and they said it is another violation. I did not violate anything but I am unsure about what to do regarding this situation at this point.

Never shrug off a protection order as not a serious issue. This type of order can prohibit future employers from hiring you. It can also complicate further legal allegations. You need to turn yourself in and clear up what the possible violation could be about. Also, perhaps you should be considering retaining an attorney. Especially if your ex is causing a retaliation instead of actual allegations.

I appeared to my first original Court date which I plead NOT GUILTY on, but actually missing the second one by only a day? Please help me with the details?

Hi, I appeared to my first Court date that was set. And I also had a public defender at my side who set a random date without my consent. Did not mention it during my case discussion! Anyway

Public Defenders are overwhelmed with their case load. You need to be more on top of them regarding your case if you need to know necessary details. Write a letter to the courts and your attorney that you were unaware of the changes in date until it was too late but wish to correct the situation.

Wanton endangerment 1st degree?

A friend of mine recently got into a dispute with another person that subsequently led him to been charged with wanton endangerment, how long does he have until the police come knocking on his door. This took place in Kentucky.

In the state of Kentucky, Wanton Endangerment can have a penalty of up to 5 years incarceration. Your friend should get an attorney to represent them immediately. If they do not have an attorney then they need to present themselves, get booked/charged and then request an attorney. This charge is not something that you want to wait around for law enforcement to arrest you on the charges. He will want to get ahead of this immediately or risk serving the maximum sentence. If an offender shows that they are willing to cooperate with the charges, a plea deal often issues to avoid court process of a trial. The plea will be based on prior offenses/criminal record and the harm done in the Wanton Endangerment charge.

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Find out if you have a warrant for your arrest

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