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Get your girlfriend to forgive

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How do I get my girlfriends mom to forgive me?

You can get your girlfriend's mom to forgive you by sincerely asking for it by words and deeds. You should talk to her to explain how sincerely sorry you are for what you have done and that you did not intend to cause her pain in any way. Let her know that you love and respect her like your own mom as much as you love her daughter. You can bring her flowers or surprise her by cooking her favorite dishes. It may be difficult to win her trust and confidence again but give her as much time as she needs. In due time, when she is ready, she will realize that you really want to make the relationship work and you did not give up on her. She will forgive you if she feels and sees that you are genuinely sorry and sincere in your intentions to make up for the wrong that you have done.

What should I do after my girlfriend comes back and tells me she wants to break up and then we break up. Now I'm just focused on school, am I doing the right thing?

Just need some good hit up words so I can talk to girls and be more in there

Focusing on school is the right thing. After you finish school and start a career, then you will have time to date. Your career is the foundation of your future and much like building a home, you do not build a house structure first and then a basement.

It have been for so long that I did not talk to my girlfriend cause she did not have a mobile number and we live very far from each other, but now she doesn't want to understand me?

I was or I am in love with a girl but we don't stay at the same place.. a friend of her texted me and I asked how my girl was doing,, she told a friend that I should forget her and she doesn't want to see me. I have tried: I tried to call her and we talked, but she just can't forgive me, she even put my mobile number on rejection. I think it was caused by: I don't know, I can't figure it out.. I need your help

Long distance relationships are so difficult. She could not call you for a long period of time and most likely gave up on the long distance relationship. If you really do love her, contact the friend and arrange to go see your girlfriend. Ask your girlfriend while you are there in person to start making plans together to be in person everyday in the future. You will need to prove to her that just because you did not speak for a period of time, your relationship together is worth saving.

How can I explain to my girlfriend that I would stop my bad habit of not replying her messages whenever I am busy?

I am a very busy person, so I hardly reply her text messages and this sometimes makes her to ignore my messages too and leave them unread for days. For this reason the bond we share is loosening, how do I speak with her to reassure her

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Get your girlfriend to forgive
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My girlfriend just broke up with me and I need her back in my life?

My girlfriend just broke-up with me and I need her back in my life

First you need to figure out what caused the break up. Were you both drifting apart? Maybe you were not spending enough time with her or she decided to work on herself while not in a relationship. Whatever the issue was you need to ask her for forgiveness if you were involved in the issue. You also should input romance as part of your strategy to win her back. Write her an old fashioned love letter and mail it to her. Put a flower on her car. Little gestures like that can go a long way, especially when you are atoning for any wrong and hurt that you have caused her.

Jealous girlfriend for no reason, how to deal with this pain she is feeling? How to take this away?

Hi, I don't understand why she is so jealous. Recently a tenant came to live in our house. It's a woman this time. But really a woman I would not be interested in even if she would pay me, or anything just physically and mentally not attractive. Last night the woman came downstairs and asked what I want with my lasagna she wants to cook for me tomorrow. As I already felt the question should not have been asked where my girlfriend is nearby and as it turned out she got really upset. The thing is she has a low self esteem and she even thinks there is something going on. But I swear there isn't. Anyway how to deal with this? After one month to kick the tenant out is not an option.

Hey! hi, I know how it feels when girlfriend is jealous for no reason. Look, according to your situation, your girlfriend feels insecure that you might get someone else, according to the situation she feels that you might be cheating on her just because other girl that was your tenant might be more attractive according to your girlfriend. Look insecurity is the cutest part in a relationship especially when both immensely love each other. First of all, this is an indicator for you that your girlfriend immensely loves you. Secondly to deal with this, tell your girlfriend that you too immensely love her and will never want to loose her, and if she still continues the insecurity feeling, gift her something that is the mark of loyalty to her that you are always her. Like I gave my girlfriend on our first anniversary, I made tattoo of her name on my chest on left side where heart exists. then I told her that you are now forever in my heart. It is a permanent tattoo. This is sign of loyalty. Try this brother it will definitely help you if you truly love her.

My girlfriend works in a office and her senior flirts with her and I think she also like him?

I love my girlfriend very much but I think she is attracted to her senior since she is in a job because she has no interest to talk with me she sleeps on calls and I said leave me if you like someone else then she said its nothing like that, she talks to him as only an office friend ...I'm confused what can I do? I'm in depression and don't want to lose her or see her with anyone. I have tried: I tried to prove to her how much I love her and I can't live without her, I fear to lose her. I think it was caused by: My regular question, or maybe I think wrong about her but I'm sure his senior is a flirty number 1 and he provokes my girlfriend against me

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My girlfriend is really upset with me and my life is gloomy ever since?

I want to know what can I say for she is not listening and it hurts me when she does this. She has three kids "that aren't mine" but I loved them like my own and provided as much as I can. One day I got mad and she didn't calm me down, I couldn't turn off and I said somethings and walked out. She didn't stop me and now blames me. She let me pop.. Now I'm lost. Can you help me? What can I say to fix this. I'm at the end of the road, but with her it was the beginning... I have tried: Apologizing took responsibility of my actions and she didn't hear me. I'm lost without her.. I think it was caused by: I was full of emotions, very weak, said a lot of things but it was miscommunication the whole way

Communication is essential to a working relationship. Your girlfriend seems to create an emotional barrier once anything offensive occurs so this is why she is not hearing the request for forgiveness. Instead of apologizing just for your hurtful words, ask her for assistance on how to communicate more effectively with her. Since you care so much for her children, request that if you can't communicate together on your own, maybe you can see a relationship counselor to gain communication tools so that the children can have a happy household.

My girlfriend wants me to spent two nights with her on her hotel, I am busy with my job assignment and I know she will not understand?

We are not spending time together since last 2 months, I recently got a job and can't afford to spent 2 nights with her. If I write simple email I know it will bounce back with abusive language. Please help me to make her smile and understand my situation.. I have tried: Nothing I know she will react badly.. I think it was caused by: Not spending time together

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How can I make my girlfriend fall into my arms after a small fight?

Last night we had a small fight but its resolved now. I want to show her that I love her so much. I want something else other than this, its good but I want something else!

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Yes Please ..My name is Raj...and I have hurt my Sweetheart..very badly..how can I ask for her forgiveness?

Hi..thanks for your help,. . Actually...we both r together from last 4 month and she is everything to me as I have my family for me. Her name is Ciara and I have hurt her accidentally y saying that I have lost a one good friend because of you but I didn't mean that. And that friend was a girl.....so She thought I was giving more priority to her so she stop talking to me and blocked me from every communication medium.. . So please help me out with that thanks. I have tried: I have tried everything I can do ...so please do what you can and I wish you'll be able to do that and I wish come with better solution.. I think it was caused by: I already mention that earlier ...misunderstanding that's all

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