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33 Sure Signs Your Husband Is Cheating

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My sister's husband was working abroad and now a women wrote her that he had an affair with her and he denied?

How could she know that her husband is telling the truth ?. I have tried: Nothing, just heard it. I think it was caused by: I can't think of anything now

That woman who wrote your sister was telling the truth. There would be no reason for some random woman to write your sister unless to tell her the truth. This was probably written out of anger and spite but that does not change the fact that your sister's husband was unfaithful. As her sister, offer her emotional support and possibly some financial support if she wants to leave her husband. You can't force her to leave though and be careful of what you say about her husband in the event that she tries to work it out with her husband. You can voice your opinions but do not force or pressure her to do anything. This is ultimately her decision as to what she should do next to save or leave her marriage.

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I started the relationship with my partner whilst he was still married. Now, I feel as though he is having an affair whilst living with me. But I have no evidence and it's difficult to track down?

I am completely lost - he has gone so cold in the last year. it's true that my 20 years old son has not simplified anything as he is lazy and socially awkward. I know that Carl felt betrayed by me as I was defending my son against what seem overreacting on his side - especially as he's not very good at doing chores himself.. Many of the 33 signs are correct when it comes to Carl but does it really mean 100% that he's having an affair. Can it just be because he's depressed, stressed by his high pressure job and some debts we accumulated with the mortgage on our house? Does it really have to be a proof of cheating?

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If you are disagreeing in how to treat your adult son then this is probably the issue in your marriage and not that he is cheating. You also mentioned that you have some financial stress currently in the marriage too. These are major red flags of impending disaster in your marriage. Blended families often have differences in how to parent their spouse's children. You can say "Thanks for your input" but the decision is ultimately up to you and your son's biological father. Drawing a clear and distinct line will be key for your marriage to survive.

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Am I being too jealous about my husband just talking when I as am aware what can transpire?

I am my husband's 4th wife. We've been married for almost 19 months. At first, I didn't notice him privately message other girls on Facebook, then I got upset when I wasn't included in the message about them meeting up to let the dogs play. I then found him messaging her calling her beautiful and asking if she was working. I was so mad I threw the phone. About 3 months later I see a message him asking her if she wants to play naughty plumber. Hell broke loose. I made him block her. Then he talks to a woman out of state they chat while I was sitting on the couch with him, the next day from the screen shots she sent me was their conversation along with pics. One that concerned me was his conversation saying he would have motive! He tried to cut her off saying he was done because he was in love with me but she thought different and sent me everything. I am on pins and needles every time he's on Facebook I'm nervous he will do it again. .

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The reality is, he is going to do this behavior on Facebook again. This is a habitual pattern for him which is why you are wife number 4. He is not going to change his habits and behavior and in fact, may have some form of sexual addiction. You have had numerous instances of catching him in the act of trying to cheat on you. Clearly he knows that you are aware and still won't stop doing this. It would be interesting to speak with his former wives because I would wager money on the fact that he did this with all of them too. So this is not about you but rather he has serious issues with being faithful and either confronts and gets help or there is no point for you to stay married to him.

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I have a feeling that my husband is having an affair, we fought out of nothing, we hardly have intimate, even when I touch him he refuses, as if he has lost interest in our marriage, he often sleeps before I do and refuses to awake, then I do so. We don't talk as usual!

Marriage problems, kindly advice

This sounds more like depression or andropause. Andropause is a male hormonal disorder that begins around the same time menopause does for a woman. Males will present with lack of energy or interest and no sexual desire. You are also mentioning signs of depression. The best thing you can do is encourage your husband to speak with his doctor about therapy or a mental health/hormonal check.

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33 Sure Signs Your Husband Is Cheating
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If you found a strand of hair that is NOT yours in your own house. What is the sign?

I tried to confront my separated hubby with a strand of hair that is NOT belongs to me since I've got a chemo treatment last December so I don't have a strand of long hair but he kept denying and so Defensive and argues a lot then left the house without an explanation. (we don't live in the same house but he comes and goes from time to time for our son). He also announced that he won't comes for the Thanksgiving Dinner that he was supposed to be with our son that day). Even though I don't have any feeling for him anymore but I don't want him to bring an DNA from others into my home. But is it one of the signs that he's already have an affair with someone since last December when he doesn't comes around to help me to take care of our kid while I was on the treatment? He picks a fight a lot with little things while my health limited me to do the usual chores. Does a cheating partner feels guilty as charge while feeling Defensive about strand of long & dark hair that is NOT mine?

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If it was just one hair, that could be "transfer DNA". You or your son could have somehow come in contact with the strand and then it brushed off your clothing and landed on the floor. You are no longer together as a couple but if you do not want strangers in your home without your consent, you can change the locks on the doors and request that he respect your wishes to keep strangers out of your home. It is sad that you separated during your chemo treatment. That is when you need those that love you around you the most. His guilt could be from deserting you in your greatest time of need. Either way, draw clear boundaries about who is allowed in your home. Explain to him that your health is still compromised and you wish to restrict the access of new germs in your home. It is also a good idea to explain to him that this home is now yours exclusively and it is your rules that dictate who comes and goes. As for holidays, he may have other plans for Thanksgiving but either way, you need to think about your child and making the holiday about them and not your feelings regarding their father. Take this as an opportunity to gain new memories for your son.

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I am a cheater is studying this article guarantee me from my situations?

I am having two adorable wives one legally and one illegally but all with love!

Eventually no matter what you do, one of these women is going to find out about the other. You are risking losing one or both of them. It is best that you make a decision about who to be with be with because you owe one person your complete attention in order to be in a good relationship. This is not about love even though you tell yourself that to feel better about what you are doing. The only person you love is yourself.

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I feel suspicious about my husband he was angry extremely didn't allow me to speak a word during the accusation?

I feel suspicious he got a text are you still naughty as used to be

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I used to know my husband password but he changed the password?

I think he is cheating on me because these days he doesn't leave his phone behind

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Has my husband thought about cheating on me. and now I'm doubting that he has cheated on me do I yell him how I feel?

Watching a programme together last night sand one of the characters had cheated on his wife with 3 other women. So my my husband said its bad enough cheating on your wife but with 3 other women. So I asked have you thought about cheating on me. He replied I don't have time to cheat on you so I said no listen to the question what did I ask you he then tried to avoid the question then answered no your my wife. So now I'm thinking he's thought about it or has he

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Hey d you think this USA sign of my husband cheating?

Hey my husband is a very good looking man n no doubt he gets offers but I hav had a terrible gutvflg for over a year now n l just can't shake it or prove anything bt it's gt me on a bit of a self destructive mode not looking after myself drinking just really giving up n l should b the opposite he carries aftershave in his Jeep n a nose beard n Pubic hair shaver. He also carries an emptu botgtle of paracetamol around which is full off blue viagra, please can I given sum advce

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