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Perform a factory reset on Android Device

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How do I Factory Reset an Android Phone with a Chinese Factory Reset Menu?

I need to Factory Reset my Android Tablet, but every time I press the power and volume buttons a menu of 19 options comes up in Chinese! How do I know which option is the correct one?

The 5th or 6th option down should start with two Chinese characters, and is then followed by e MMC. The translation of this is 'wipe e MMC', which is essentially the factory data / reset button. Select this option to start your Factory Reset.

With Chinese phones, you do not need to use other options, and there is no confirmation. The wipe simply starts and completes by wiping your phone. Here is an image of the option you will want to select:


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How do I get past wipe data and Factory Reset?

Can you help me reset Alcatel One Touch? I am stuck at the Factory Reset menu, and I don't know what to do.

Once you have "Wipe data and Factory reset" highlighted, you should press the power button to select that option. You should then press the power button again with the word "Yes" highlighted. If your device stop working at any time during this process, you'll need to hold the power button to restart the device.

If none of this works, consider taking your device into your carrier for assistance in fixing your device.

Hi! I wanted to flash the recovery mode my Samsung Galaxy Tab SM-T311?

I have already downloaded the t311 tar.md5 file on my laptop, but when I open ODIN 3.9, it will say the TAR file is valid, but when I press the down button+ power+ home, I will see Chinese characters, which I can read. But when I press volume up+power+ home, I will see recovery mode, fast boot, normal boot. When I choose recovery mode, I will get another screen with green not opened stomach caution sign saying aucune command meaning in French 'no command', but when I shot it down, it starts well. The device is rooted with KingRoot app. I want to flash because when I try to play a certain game, it says no ROMs available. Please need your help.

Please refer to our tutorial on how to unroot Samsung phones by flashing official firmware. You can also download a newer version of ODIN. In step 1, please open this web page with a list of ROMs. Select exactly your country and carrier (if applicable) and download the file. It looks like, as step 7 says, you need to press the volume-up button when you see the Chinese characters, to connect your phone to ODIN (use the original Samsung cable that came with the device).

Chinese letters in the download mode may also mean that your Samsung Galaxy Tab is just a good copy of the original device. The recovery menu is also unusual. Please see our tutorial on how to spot fake Galaxy phones. If your phone is not genuine, then you might be out of luck with writing the original ROM onto the device.

Change Region Code of S5 (Can I change the code XEO to BTE?)

Hello, is it possible to change the region code of a Galaxy S5? I bought the phone in Poland. When I perform a Factory Reset, the first language shown, is Polish. I flashed the phone with the newest British version G900FXXU1ANCE. But after a Factory Reset the first language is also Polish. Kies3 also is in a Polish version. Can I change the code XEO to BTE? Thanks

It is possible by installing the OS from Samsung for the region you are in. Make sure it is the one for your actual device before you install it.

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Perform a factory reset on Android Device
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My HTC one M8 has been locked?

I have tried the hard reset option, but I always come to the same spot where I can't go any further because I can't understand the language

You can always draw the hieroglyphs on this site. Click the pen in the search bar to draw them and find the English equivalents.

However, your phone might have the standard hieroglyphs that can be found here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzXR6Yw_9BnYVHdZa2FWTEdQYUE/view?usp=sharing .

Here is the legend:

  • 1. Factory model
  • 2. Auto test
  • 3. Manual test
  • 4. Individual test
  • 5. Test result
  • 6. Debug test options
  • 7. Wipe eMMC
  • 8. Version info
  • 9. Reboot phone

You have to select the 7th option first. Afterward, the 9th.

After thorough implementation of all steps described here above I still can't pass the boot in the right way. The device continues to repeatedly starting the logo?

My problem with the Lenovo tablet which experiencing repeated starting over and over again seemingly hasn't been solved despite the factory reset done. What would I do in this situation? Thanks for in advance that for your help.

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How to reset my settings of Lenovo vibe s1? I was using net on mobile when I disconnect the WiFi. I saw my mobile setting has changed?

I was using net on mobile when I disconnect the WiFi. I saw my mobile setting has changed.. I want to reset all.. this is my problem just I don't know how explain it more and more. Allah ab our kya main details don I don't know how to explain it more I thing you can't do anything

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Why is my tablet not resetting?? I had forgotten my password for my Android tablet and was attempting to follow the instructions on the website when my tablet froze up and is now unresponsive to any actions I am trying to perform?

I was in the middle of doing a factory reset on my tablet that is also in Chinese at the moment, but in the middle of doing a factory reset it kicked me to a screen that has 5 Chinese letters followed by eMMC data with an arrow pointing up. The next line down there is 1 more Chinese character followed by three periods. Now the tablet is not responding to the power button or the volume button and I want to know if there is another way that I can complete this process. Please help! Thank you

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I have a HTC M10 plus. How do stop it from returning to the welcome screen?

When I turn the phone on it seems to boot in normally, but then after a minute it goes back to the welcome screen and freezes. I have tried to do a factory reset and this has not solved the problem. The advice that is given relates to doing a factory reset and what to do if the device does not boot passed the welcome screen. Mine boots passed it but then goes back to it. I have tried: Removing the battery, the SIM card and the SD card. Letting the battery run flat and also a factory reset. None of which have worked. I think it was caused by: It all started when I rebooted the phone because it was not picking up the local WiFi router

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How to do hard reset Lenovo a399 in Chinese language?

How can I reset my Lenovo phone a399 in a way of hard reset in Chinese language because I don't understand it , I just understand that it has AT mode and pcba , and the rest of them just in Chinese language , it just have 5 option only , please guide me on how to do it. Well it have only 5 option , I already checked on Google how to do it but it different than my phone. I have tried: I tried pcba , AT mode , and all the option that have been show but it doesn't work. I think it was caused by: Well , maybe because it an old model so I search the Google , they all showed now model so I guess that is the problem

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Is there any way else I can get around the privacy protection password screen on my Galaxy S10 plus?

Just a few hours after activating my phone getting everything set up it showed up as soon as you turn it on I have tried hard resetting it back to factory and when I try to use the find my phone it shows it being active on my account but it will not connect to it and I cannot access anything from it. the only thing the phone does is I can receive phone calls from it and that is it the only thing I have is proof that it was on my phone carrier service and I have the IMEI number and my Google account is still downloaded in the phone and it shows it being active on my Google account and Samsung or anybody says they won't help me because I don't have a receipt. Since I can receive phone cards it shouldn't be a SIM lock and I didn't set any Google locks that I'm aware of I haven't had this account set up for 6 months so my carrier won't provide me with a PUK to try. I can only access the factory reset menu through the Chinese illustrated option so I don't think it needs the FRP code what can I do

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