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Politely Decline a Letter of Request Formally

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How do I deny a customer's request for a hotel room charge?

The customer I am dealing with has smoked in a non-smoking room at our hotel. He has sent me a letter requesting that the charge to be removed. I am unable to do this as our hotel has strict policies against smoking in non-smoking rooms. How do I respond without offending him?. I have tried: Nothing yet. I think it was caused by: Perhaps he misunderstood the smoking guidelines, though they are clearly stated throughout the hotel room.

The person is has broken an explicit and implicit (there are no ashtrays or smoke smell in the hotel corridor) rule; so, you have to stand your ground while remaining polite.

Dear [name]:

Thank you for your written request on removing charges. We have received it this morning, and we are sorry that we caused you discomfort with our strict rules concerning smoking within the rooms. We have reviewed your explanation, and we realize that it might have been your misunderstanding. However, besides apprising every visitor of vacant rooms for smokers and nonsmokers, we have visual guidelines that unambiguously state that the area in which the incident has happened is smoke-free.

Please understand that this is an indispensable area for people who cannot tolerate smoke even in slightest amounts, people with asthma, and other people who find their comfort in areas free of smoke. Along with guidelines, we have not placed any ashtrays in the rooms and used warning signs.

Our policy states that the charge is ineluctable, and we ought to decline your request in canceling the charge.

As a solution, we would be able to help you by offering you a room in a smoking area [alternatively, "a hotel with a friendly policy towards smokers"].

Yours sincerely,


[hotel name]

[full signature]

An e-commerce fashion portal Lyntra recently held a massive online sale. A customer named Guru bought a shirt from Lyntra during the sale. Lyntra clearly explains on their website that, in order to return any item, the price tag on the item should be left intact. However, Guru removes the price tag from the shirt and gifts it to his friend. But the shirt doesn't fit his friend and the friend wants a change of size. So, Guru writes to Lyntra to replace the shirt. You are the executive who should answer the customer. Write an email where you deny the replacement request, yet keep the customer interested in Lyntra?

Customer service denying the customer's requesting keeping hi interest in company

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How to write an e-mail and a negative letter to the staff denying the request of several employees to include non-employees on Weyerman's intramural sports teams?

In this case, taken me as director of Human resources at Weyerman Paper company I have to write a negative letter on denying staff members to include non-employees as I received an unusual request. Several employees asked that their spouse or friends be allowed to participate in the Weyerman intramural sports team. If non-employees were to participate, my fear if that employee's interaction would be limited, although I am not sure if all employees would enjoy it. I am not interested in turning intramural into a date night. furthermore, the company would have to create many additional teams if many non-employees joined, and I don't want any administrative and equipment cost of more teams. adding teams also would require changes to team rosters and game schedule. this could create a problem for some employees. I do understand the importance of social time with families and friends, but guests are welcome as spectators at all intramural games. Also, the company already sponsors a family holiday party and an annual company picnic. so in this I just want a negative letter denying their request but in a very good manner including these points so they don't feel bad about it and understand what I want to convey. Thanks, Simran

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How can I refuse a request of one of the Consultants to visit our office?

One of the consultants/sales people requested me to visit our operation for explaining their products. We had already purchased those items from another supplier and our manager have no interest in the visit of that person

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Politely Decline a Letter of Request Formally
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