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Make Your Things Waterproof

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How do I clean/disinfect something I have waterproofed without degrading the waterproofing?

I have a few questions as it is my first time trying any of this and I am trying to reuse things as much as I can while also trying to reduce my pollution. I am planning on waterproofing some homemade reusable bags made out of old T-shirts with the soybean/turpentine oil method and was wondering should I just dip the bag into the mixture so that it gets coated inside and out or brush it on then flip the bag inside out and brush the other side with it? What would be the best way to wash the bag if necessary? Say if I was carrying milk in it, accidentally dropped the bag and the milk busted open. What would be the best way to clean it without washing away the waterproofing? If I am not able to use soap, what would be the best way to disinfect any bacteria it may acquire without risking the waterproofing. Lastly, will I have to repeat the waterproofing process after a certain time or is it permanent for fabrics like cotton and cotton blends? Thank you for all your help. I appreciate you taking the time to not only write this post but also answer questions for people like me. I am using old T-shirts and turning them into bags for grocery shopping. I will need to make sure the bags are clean and disinfected before each trip to make sure I do not contaminate my food. With the bags being waterproofed with oils, I am not sure exactly how to go about cleaning them properly and without degrading the waterproofing. I have tried: Wiping them out with water and then drying them repeatedly. I am worried if I use anything else it will degrade the waterproofing more than usual if at all. I think it was caused by: I have never waterproofed something before and am new to figuring out what works. I have looked at a lot of other sites but have yet to find any answers.

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