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Restore Lost Brightness Control app in ASUS Laptops After Updating

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Hi,, my brightness and volume keys aren't working on my new ASUS f555la ab31 laptop?

I just got a new ASUS f555la ab31 laptop with Windows 10. The top row of the keyboard which includes the brightness and volume keys isn't working. When I click on them it does the task which should be done if I was holding shift while pressing the key. How do I fix this? Thanks!

Go to the ASUS website and re install the drivers for display and audio. Then restart your computer and see if the keys work properly. If they still are failing, install the drivers for ATKACPI driver and hotkey-related utilities. They are under the Utility section in the available drive list for download. If all else fails, format your computer or return it if it is under warranty.

When I try to adjust the brightness via Fn and F5 or F6 to raise and lower brightness, nothing happens. I've also tried to do it by going to the power settings as well and manually changing it but it is still dark?

Using Fn and F5 or F6 doesn't work, neither does manually changing it in the power settings

Please refer to the steps in the article to rectify that issue Restore Lost Brightness Control app in ASUS Laptops After Updating, follow the steps and you will be able to do so. We have also updated a Windows 10 procedure.

My ASUS laptop display irritates my eyes?

I can adjust the brightness on my laptop but the screen display does not look right. Even at no brightness the whites and light colors on my screen hurt my eyes as they are too intense. I normally have to change brightness levels because looking at the same intense white begins to hurts my eyes. I suspect there is something wrong with the contrast or temperature of the colors perhaps? It is a fairly new laptop and I've always had this problem since day 1. I did not think much of it until I started using Photoshop and just couldn't make out the colors on my photos properly.. I have tried: I've tried to change the brightness settings and the contrast but they could only find brightness settings and not contrast settings. I think it was caused by: Perhaps a fault in the unit of the laptop I bought

Install the ATK package from the ASUS website for your specific model. This should help with your brightness control. Go to your Power Management settings and turn off Adaptive Display before you begin to reconfigure your brightness again. There are apps like Dimmer that help with the brightness levels and work with Windows 10.

ASUS keyboard back-light adjusting?

When I press Fn + F3, F4 the back-light of the keyboard doesn't turn on

Restart the computer. If this does not do the trick then go to the ASUS website and install the ATK package for your PC model. This is what controls the backlight and other features. Updating it usually brings the keyboard backlight up again.

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Restore Lost Brightness Control app in ASUS Laptops After Updating
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I updated from Win 8 to 10, and now I can't adjust brightness control?

Buttons for controlling brightness are not working

Update your Display drivers for your specific PC make and model. When you update to a new Windows OS, the OS drivers override your actual ones. Updating them will restore lost functions, and you will have better control of your display levels.

ASUS Q200E contrast suddenly switched to very high at startup. Please tell me LCD is not bad?

Brightness seems to adjust just fine. Contrast stays very high regardless

Update your drivers. If you are still having an issue then consider using a program like Dimmer which is free and allows you to control the brightness.

Hi, I wish the best for you, I have a problem with adjusting the setting of Intel video graphic?

It is 2GB GeForce, but I do not know why I have a problem with colors in 720p films?

Check your monitor output mode? Is it set to HDMI? Then try changing the size of the 720p film on the screen. If you have a great graphics card yet the wrong monitor cable connection or setting, the 720 will be distorted in color or quality.

How do I manually change computer's color temperature?

I somehow managed to change my computer's color temperature last night without knowing how I did it. I was wondering if there is a pretty universal way to do this, just with the keyboard, I don't think I opened any menus up for it. My screen was pretty usual average and I somehow hit the right combination to turn it a dull orange color. I have an ASUS ROG laptop.. I have tried: I re-calibrated the color through the menus, which worked but it wasn't the way it was, it seems.. I think it was caused by: I mis-pressed a few keys on my keyboard and it changed the screen's color.

It is likely that you hit the shortcut key for ASUS Splendid Video Enhancement. Search for the program in Windows. You can uninstall it or revert it back to factory settings. This will get the tints correct for the display again.

Calibration not making any changes?

Hi, The white balance or contrast calibration on my monitor needs to be adjusted. Photos appear darker than they do on a number of different devices. So, I need to lighten the white balance. I went through the calibration number of times and the adjustment/change occurs for a flash then returns to the way it was before. This is during me fiddling with the calibration bar, AND when I 'test it out' and press 'current' vs. 'previous' calibration before finishing up the process.

If you have reinstalled all graphics and display drivers from your PC manufacturer, control your color callibration through Windows:

  1. 1
    Go to the Windows Control Panel.
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  2. 2
    Type in Color Management.
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  3. 3
    Choose the Advanced Tab.
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  4. 4
    Select Use Windows Display Calibration.
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  5. 5
    Now close the panel box.
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I just bought a vivobook 14" E403S and I find the colors dull. I was hoping to make them more saturated?

Vivobook - I am typing more words because I can't figure out anything further to ask - it is a 14" E403S

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When I leave one page to go to another page, the one I left is still visible beneath the other page and so on, is there an adjustment for that?

Pages seem to bleed through and don't go away

This is more a setting to be controlled in the browser that you use. Close down all applications and restart your computer. Then go into your browser and adjust the page view from within the Settings. For instance, you can restore Google Chrome to default rather easily.

See more questions like this: Is there an easy step to getting my RCA Tablet back to the pg. where the apps where

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