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Prevent vocal cord damage and protect your singing voice by drinking the right liquids

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How can I perfect my voice to be clear and beautiful?

What would I do to make my voice clear and beautiful

First of all, you have to learn to sing like yourself. For this, address our tutorial on how to sing like yourself. This will include your own definition of beautiful singing. Every singer is beautiful to one audience or another. There is no ultimate "beautiful voice".

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As for clarity, control your vibrato first. Vibrato may take away the feeling of clarity of voice if sang too fast; therefore, ensure to slow it down or hit the note without resorting to vibrato. Adhere to the rules in the article by hydrating your vocal cords. Eat healthily and do not have any bad habits. Avoid shouting or yelling when singing and always improve the color of your voice.

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It is a good idea to work on articulation by singing vowels properly by not closing your jaw when singing all of them (a good measure is an inch or two between your teeth at most times) and also make sure that the chin is pointing slightly downwards while the head does not go up. This will allow you to use this technique or even alter it with other techniques while singing beautifully and clearly.

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Sing with the average volume of the voice unless you are going for a specific genre of music. The average volume has the best control.

Is there any medication to stop saliva when singing?

I accumulate too much saliva in the mouth when singing so I have to break unprofessionally to swallow. How can this be stopped?. I have tried: I haven't tried anything. I think it was caused by: Sometimes I feel maybe I get nervous. I really hate this

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Prevent vocal cord damage and protect your singing voice by drinking the right liquids

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