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Show Hidden Files Using attrib Command

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How to learn writing java script tasks?

Wanted to write codes in java script for user management tasks. Could you please explain? Your reply is much appreciated!

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Can I ask a question to you sir?

Hi can I ask a question from you sir? please reply I really need your help.ewweffefwefwefwqefwqefqwefwqefwfqefqwef

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Why is this like this?ggfjhgfjhgf?

It says that my USB is not a recognized internal or external command. What should I do

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How to continue step no. 2, because I'm encountering such difficulties during typing?

I am feeling it is difficult to follow step 2 because F is not recognized as an internal or external operable program or batch file in the command prompt.

You have to add a colon after the drive letter too, as in


Also, your flash disk drive can be using any letter other than "F:" too. You can press the Windows and "E" keys and expand "This PC" by clicking it. Then, just insert your flash drive and notice which letter appears after your flash drive label. For example, "My Flash Drive (G:)". That means that you have to type "G:" in the Command Prompt.

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Show Hidden Files Using Command Prompt
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My hard disk crashed last month and I tried all I could to no avail?

I have a lot in my drive and it got crashed last month. What do I do.

Crashing the disk drive can be caused mostly by three factors:

  • artificial firmware locking that prevents data on the hard disk from being deleted: that means that disk drive blocked access to it completely only to save your data;
  • failing disk-drive parts (a broken head, overheated parts, a short circuit, etc.);
  • a firmware failure.

Firmware locking or failure is device-specific and requires intricate operations to reprogram the on-board circuitry and can be performed at the nearest computer service center. Basically, a terminal needs to reprogram your hard drive via its RS-232 port.

Failing disk-drive parts may pose a serious problem in recovery even for service centers. Therefore, specialized hard-drive recovery centers can help you more effectively in restoring your data. Just open a search engine like https://DuckDuckGo.com and search for "hard-drive data recovery" and add your area. Click any appropriate result to see the invoice and offered services in recovery.

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