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Recover Android Device in case of Forgot password/pattern unlock an Android device

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Good evening. I am in Kenya. I purchased an Android phone Tecno P3 2 weeks ago. Yesterday evening I charged it but this morning its asking for a password protection code yet I hadn't even set one. I'm unable to use my phone now, what can I do?

My phone is asking for a protection password. I didn't set one and I am unable to use the phone..

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"Forget password" option is not appearing on my phone's screen?

Forget password option is not appearing on my phone's screen. I mean I couldn't see any "forget password" option to select. What should I do now?!


This could be because you haven't reached the maximum limit of entering an incorrect password. On most Android phones, this limit is set to five attempts, but sometimes it doesn't work, and you need to Factory Reset. If you don't have this option, try to enter the wrong password twenty times (that's the max it could be by default), and then follow the steps below to unlock it:

  1. 1
    Tap on the 'Forgot password?' option.
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  2. 2
    Enter your Gmail address and password, which you use on your phone.
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    Follow the steps provided by Google.
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    Once you finish those steps, you can enter a new password for your Android phone, and unlock it.
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    Your phone should be now unlocked.
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Alternatively, you can learn more about other methods of unlocking an Android device by reading our main article. You can click on the title of this page or the link below the article summary to reach this page.

Android Phone (named with ZTE) is locked?

My Android Phone is locked an it is asking to sign in with my Google account , But I didn't have Google account to sign in? So how could I unlock my Android Phone?

You can in fact unlock your device by using the Hard Reset button combination on your device so that you can successfully regain entry back to your device. Simply follow the steps that I will lay out below so that you will be able to gain access back to your device.

Here are the steps, along with a video after them, on performing the steps to Hard Reset your device:

1. Power off your device

2. Hold volume up + power button

3. Upon holding these buttons you will be taken to a boot menu

4. Release the buttons

5. Use the volume key to highlight Factory Reset/data wipe

6. Press the power button to make the selection

7. Now your device will begin to Hard Reset itself

Here is a video on how to Hard Reset your specific devices brand of ZTE Android phones:



How do I unlock my Android when I've forgotten my unlock pattern without erasing all my contacts?

I've had to change it several times before and I can't remember the pattern I set last night. And the email I'm entering for my Google account isn't working so I'm guessing it's different from my Gmail.

I've also encountered that problem before. I forgot which account I was using on my device and I ended up having to do a Hard Reset in order to get access to it again. Unfortunately, when you Hard Reset you lose all data and you will still have to locate your email in order to login after that, but hard resetting your device will get you past your problem with not remembering the pattern.

So, Locate which email address you used before performing the reset for you are going to lose all of your contacts and then do this to perform a Hard Reset:

-Power off device

-Hold power + volume up key

-Release on boot menu

-Use the volume keys to highlight Factory Reset/wipe data

-Press the power button to make the selection

-After the reset occurs use your volume keys to highlight reboot device

-Press the power button to reboot your device with the new settings

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Recover Android Device in case of Forgot password/pattern unlock an Android device
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Will data /factory reset erase my text messages and media on my ZTE cellphone, I go to system recovery?

How to keep my media and text messages.

All of the text messages will be erased from the one once you factory-reset it. You will only be able to keep the media that is stored on the microSD card.

  • To back up your data, press the home button, tap on "Apps", and launch Backup & Restore, which is shipped with ZTE smartphones. Now, you can back up everything, including contacts, SMS messages, call history, settings, clock, wallpapers, WLAN settings, MMS messages, calendar events, and blacklist and whitelist, to your microSD card by tapping "Back up data" under "Local". Then, check everything that you need and back up your data.
  • Alternatively, you can use SMS Backup +. To back up messages, install and launch the application, tap on "Connect", tap on "Grant access" to Gmail, and tap on "Backup". This will copy your text messages to the Gmail account.
  • To back up all of the audio, pictures, and video, connect the phone to your computer with the original USB cable. Tap on "Media device (MTP)" on the phone. On the computer, open the internal memory of the phone and copy the desired folders such as "DCIM", "Music", "Videos", etc., to you disk drive. Paste the items into the desired location on your computer. Then, you can disconnect the phone from the computer.
  • Hard-reset your phone and restore your data with Backup & Restore (tap on "Restore data" in the "Local" tab), SMS Backup + (tap on "Restore"), and move or copy back the media files from your computer to your internal memory or microSD card.

My GS3 has a broken unresponsive black screen, won't power on now?

I need to log into the boost account to swap phones, but the lady locked my phone out by inputting the wrong password then hit reset pin. So I need to somehow figure out if it will let me log in after a few hours with my pin, or is it stuck with a new reset pin?

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