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Legally Monitor your Children's Text Messages and Emails from a Cellphone. Works for your Girlfriend or Boyfriend with Permission.

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Hi, my husband cheated on me by sending messages to his girlfriend, now he spoiled his mobile. How can I get his call history and chat history?

My husband sending messages to her girlfriend.I caught them and he spoiled the mobile and SIM. How can I get the details of his call history

Well, you already caught him in the act. There is no more proof needed and the fact that he destroyed his cell and SIM card intentionally speaks volumes on his guilt. You need to determine whether your marriage can survive at this point and if you will ever be able to trust him again. Here are some VisiHow articles that can help you:

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How to spy on my mother's number, who is she calling and messages at all the times?

I have to know about this because it is my responsibility to investigate this case to get an info about that person who's always contacting my mother. Hope I can get help from you.

If you are worried that she is in a phishing scam or something else that could harm her emotionally, financially or physically you should use one of the reputable apps. If you can gain access to her phone, you will have more options but otherwise, you can use a program like Auto Forward where you put her phone number into the system and get the intel you need. Another option would be to also use Auto Forward on a person you suspect to see what the real story is with them. Once again if you can access her phone to retrieve that number, that would be the best because you would see what they were up to as well as any communication with your mother.

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How can I know someone's text history? Is it possible if I only have her phone number?

I already caught her sending some messages having endearments in it but I wanted to know with whom she is currently texting. She's my mother and it hurts so bad. Can I receive your response directly to my Facebook account because I'm using our family laptop and I don't want her to know about it? Please, I need some answers. I'm hoping. Thank you very much.

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Sadly you would have to purchase a spy app and put it on your mother's phone. You could purchase a prepaid credit card like Visa or MasterCard shopping cards located in malls and gas stations but you would have to put at least on the card. This is a very adult situation you are dealing with. It is possible that you are misinterpreting what she is messaging or perhaps your parents have an arrangement where they can see other people but are staying together for you. The best advice would be to speak with a trusted adult. It does not have to be your father but could be a grandparent, aunt or uncle. They may be able to help you resolve your doubts or speak to your father with you for moral support.

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The biggest thing you have to remember is that just because your mother may be having an affair it is in no way because of you. Unfortunately, marriages fall apart if the couple can no longer communicate properly or make their spouse happy, affairs happen. Do not contain the hurt you are feeling inside for too long. Speak to a trusted adult or even a school guidance counselor.

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Tell Your Dad You Know He's Cheating on Your Mom is a VisiHow article about a father cheating but the information is still relevant for your situation.

I think my boyfriend is cheating and would like to see every text message and call he receives?

How to get his messages and calls?

Here are the favorite features of a cheaper option called Boyfriend Tracker:

  • Records calls. You can listen to calls or conversations made or initiated and received from your boyfriend's device.
  • Logs call details. This app can track and record call histories and conversations.
  • Logs SMS. You can read SMS or text messages sent and received in your boyfriend's mobile phone.
  • Make restrictions with incoming calls. You can easily restrict specific mobile phone numbers for incoming calls.
  • Track GPS location. It is very easy to monitor and track the exact location on your boyfriend with the use of GPS tracking on his mobile phone.
  • Spy on emails. You can easily read his sent and received emails.
  • Check on Instant Messages. Instant messaging services like Skype or Viber can be easily spied on with this app.
  • Spy on web history. You can easily check on your boyfriend's web history such as bookmarks or browsing history.
  • Control the device remotely. You can control the apps of your target device and even lock the phone or wipe out all data from the phone if you want to with the use of the Boyfriend Tracker. Be warned because this app is free to low cost...it may not work the way you want it to. If you want reliability it is best to choose a reputable pay app like ones listed above.
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Spy On Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Children's Text Messages and Emails from a Cellphone
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How can I see who he has called earlier today?

I think he is cheating, so I was wondering if there was a way that I could see the numbers he has called and who has called him.

If you install a spy app you will see his call logs. If he has saved the name in the contacts then that will be displayed in the phone data you receive.

Hi, I know my fiancee is cheating on me these days, I want to know his SMS details and WhatsApp details?

Please give me an idea, I am not able to install any application in his mobile so give me a relevant idea.

If you can't physically access the phone you can use Auto Forward. All you do is purchase the software and input his phone number into the control panel and you will have his phone information details including any WhatsApp messages.

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My wife is secretly using a cellphone which is bought by another man, and I have gotten the number. Can you please help me to spy, such as if there is any bill to be paid. She doesn't know I have acquired info like that. THANK YOU?

My wife is secretly using a cellphone which is bought by another man, and I have gotten the number. Can you please help me to spy, if there is any bill to be paid, but she doesn't know I have gotten information like that.THANK YOU?. I have tried: I have patiently gone to the service provider, and they told me to come with my wife. But I don't want her to know what I am about to do or knowing the truth because I still love her. It will make her aware and careful of human or man.. I think it was caused by: I provide everything for the family, But I don't know the reason, and it has written in the book of Psalms 116:11 Man are liars

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Use an app like Auto Forward because all you need to monitor the phone is the cell number. Possibly someone else could be using your wife's credit and name to get a cell phone, so you really should speak with her. Unless you have seen that particular phone the possibility that someone else is using her credit is possible and if that is the case you will want to protect her credit immediately. Regardless an app like Auto Forward will show everything on the phone including location activity.

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I tried finding any information about him. We have dating awhile, I have not met a single friend of his, family members, that sounds odd. I'm beginning to look online and there is nothing.I suspect he is hiding something from me?

I tried finding any information about him online and there was nothing about his name, where he lives, etc. We have been dating awhile now, and I haven't met any of his friends or family members. I think he's hiding something.

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There are three red flags that jump out in your details: 1. You do not know where he lives. 2. You have not met anyone of importance in his life. 3. There is nothing online with his name.

He legitimately could just be clueless about what to do in a relationship. Many guys need to be steered towards social introductions of their friends and family because they innocently do not even think about it until a girl asks them. However, if his name is nowhere to be found online it is most likely a fake name. He also has never taken you to where he lives. These are major signs that he has another girlfriend or his hiding a very big secret. Here are some more VisiHow articles pertaining to your situation:

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My boyfriend Ex girlfriend answered his phone, he lives in Chicago, and I live in Vegas what should I do?

I moved to Las Vegas 5 months ago, my boyfriend lives in Chicago. He came to visit me and his baby, but every time I turn around his Ex knows everything that's going on what should I do.

Get the app Auto Forward. You will be able to monitor him from Las Vegas using this app. There could be a very simple explanation for his ex answering his phone but still, it is a reason to question his integrity. He and his ex could just be very good friends but if you monitor and see nothing you should still speak to him asking him to back away from her for a time because you are feeling uncomfortable about their friendship since you are so far away. Know Your Boyfriend Is Not over His Ex Yet is a VisiHow article you should read.

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I want to know how to prevent my ex going into my WhatsApp conversations on his phone?

I and my ex broke up, he has been reading my personal messages on WhatsApp, how do I prevent him to stop getting into that without chaining my phone number. please help

He has a spy app monitoring you. To stop him from doing this you can install anti-spyware like malwarebytes onto your phone. If you still do not feel safe, hard reset your phone which will renew the phone to factory settings. Only the apps pre-installed on the phone will be saved. You also should contact your local authorities. Many law enforcement departments now have a Cyber Crimes division and what your ex is doing classifies as a stalking crime. If you find the spy app, do not delete it until you can show a detective what is happening. Any trail you can use such as text messages that clearly show he can see your phone data also should be saved to show the investigator.

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Please help me, sir... I think my lover is cheating me?

I think my lover is cheating me. My friends also warned me and said the same to me.

I want to check whether she is faithful towards me or not. I want to the call records of her number, incoming and outgoing calls & messages of her number. By doing this I can come to know is her love with me true love or fake love. Please help me please please.......

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You will have to use a spy app to monitor her phone secretly. First, you should confront her and mention that your friends are saying that she is seeing someone else. Give her the opportunity to allow you to let her check your phone for proof that they are wrong if she is denying any cheating. Friends can get jealous and try to break up relationships either because they do not like the person you are dating or because they are jealous of the time you are devoting to that person.

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