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Identify a Genuine/Original Versus a Fake/Cloned Samsung Galaxy Phone

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How can I tell if a Samsung Galaxy S5 I am buying is original?

I'm not sure where to buy the S5, and I don't know how to see if it is original or not.

Anytime you're having trouble deciding on where to purchase a new Samsung Galaxy, or more importantly, whether the phone you'll buy is original, there are a number of ways you can check to see if it's authentic. Below, we've covered all of the common places you might shop for a new GS5, and what you should be careful of when shopping. Additionally, we've provided detailed tips in the next section that will help you tell if the Samsung phone you decide to buy is original.

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    Amazon: An online retailer with global reach, Amazon is the best place you can purchase a phone online, as they'll have great prices, and security process in place to protect you in the event of a fraudulent sale. However, you still need to make sure that you are confirming with the seller that the phone is an authentic Samsung Galaxy S5, and not a clone or a copy. If you do this, and still end up with a fake phone, Amazon will refund your purchase. This is the best independent location to buy from online.
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    Craigslist: This is an online site that globally advertises things for sale, among other services. If you shop here for any mobile phone, you should be extremely careful, as there are no refunds and no ways to protect yourself from a fraudulent seller. You should be extremely careful when you don't personally know the seller, such as purchasing from an online reselling site like Craigslist, or when your cousin's friend's brother has a phone for sale.
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    eBay: The largest online auction site in the world, eBay can be a great place to find good deals on new and used Samsung phones. However, there are times where a seller will advertise an authentic phone that's actually fake. One of the easiest ways to tell this is when the price is 75% or less of what it should otherwise be. Another way to spot a fake seller is if it's going to take weeks to deliver a phone, which indicates it's probably being shipped from China or another clone market, rather than from a warehouse or location near the seller (or you).
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    Retail Stores: There are a number of stores where you can buy a new Samsung Galaxy. These locations include the Samsung Store, any major phone carrier, such as AT&T, T-Mobile, or Verizon. Likewise, certain electronics stores or individual phone retailers may also offer Samsung models. Just keep in mind that while the Samsung store or a major phone carrier will always be selling original devices, some independent sellers might be passing off clones as originals. In cases like this, you'll need to follow some of the steps we've listed below to spot a fake S5.
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How to tell if a Samsung Galaxy S5 is fake:

There are a number of ways to see if any phone is fake, but with the Samsung S5 models, you can look for specific features and specifications that will let you tell. You can also use the Samsung Kies software to check with Samsung to see if a phone is authentic. Here are some things you should look for:

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    Check the distance between the edge of the phone and the screen. Original Samsung phones use a very high-quality glass that is resistant to damage, and unlikely to break easily. Because of this, the screen can be placed very close to the edge of the phone. Fake Galaxy phones use lower quality components, and will often have a greater distance between the edge of the device and the screen.
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    Screen brightness is not very good. Low-quality displays aren't as bright as the higher quality components Samsung uses, which means that a clone screen will look dull and flat. This is especially easy to see if you're able to compare the phone to an original, such as one a friend may have that you could use to compare.
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    Button distance, gaps, and sensor placements aren't the same as an original. Many times there will be gaps in fake Samsung devices, sensors will be missing or in the wrong locations, and there will be different distances between buttons and the edge of the phone. An excellent way to check for this is to visit a Samsung store and get a copy of the sales brochure for the Galaxy S5. Then, take that with you and compare it to what you are considering purchasing to see if they match up.
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Code and IMEI or Serial Number methods to tell if a phone is genuine.

If you can touch and use a new or used Samsung Galaxy S5 that you are planning to buy, you can enter any of the following codes into the phone's dial pad. Each of these codes is relevant to a device component, as in the case of a modem. If the test does not work properly, it is likely that the component is not original. Please use the following codes:

  • Software Version, PDA, CSC, and Modem - *#1234#
  • Software and Hardware Info - *#12580369#
  • Test mode - *#0*#
  • Service Mode - *#197328640#
  • ADC Reading - *#0228#
  • Bluetooth Test Mode - *#232331#
  • Bluetooth Address - *#232337#
  • Samsung Ciphering Information - *#32489#

You can also contact Samsung directly with the IMEI and Serial of any phone to ask for customer support. If you have a fake code, they will not provide support. Alternatively, you can also download and install Samsung Kies, and plug the phone into your computer to see if it is a genuine Samsung Galaxy S5. Fake phones won't be able to be authenticated by the Samsung system.

For additional ways to see if your Galaxy phone is real or fake, please reference the main guide, which is linked at the bottom of the article summary provided below.

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I bought a Samsung Galaxy S5 but it has a 4G written on the back cover?

I bought a Samsung Galaxy S5 but it has a 4G written on the back cover so I want to know if it is original or fake


Phones from Verizon have the 4G on the back so other carriers may also be doing that. The only way to really know it to run some of the Samsung Codes and see if your phone responds properly.

My phone can't update Google play station. It is called Galaxy S5. Took the phone to the workshop, he formatted the phone at a cost and gave me an email, and said don't change the memory card, the settings are in the memory card, I presume. Now again the problem came back. Always forever insufficient space. Can you help me?

Google play services can't b updated because of insufficient space. EVEN AFTER BEING FORMATTED. PLEASE HELP

You need to use Kies and transfer over data that you are not using like images and videos. You will also want to determine which apps you can dump and not miss. Use an app like CCleaner and Cache Defrag to clear up the useless cache.

It was faked by the shopkeeper in NY that the S5 is unlocked. But it is a locked phone. Can I unlock it?

Is there a way I can unlock my S5. I am currently in India. And I purchased it for 0.

Try this; it is how I unlocked my husband's S5:

  1. 1
    Insert the SIM card you want to use into your Samsung Galaxy S5.
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    Perform a Restart on the S5.
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    Once the phone boots up, type in (*#197328640#).
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    Then select
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  • UMTS
  • Debug Screen
  • Phone Control
  • Network Lock
  • Options
  • Perso SHA256 OFF.
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    After 30 seconds, tap the back button to go into the main menu.
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    Look in the main menu for a "Network Lock" and select NW Lock NV Data INITIALIZE out of the options.
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I bought a fake S5 and I am worried on how long it will keep work?

I bought a fake S5 but I would love to know if there are any differences in the way it works compared to the original

There are lots of changes. Air Command, the heart rate sensor, and the camera quality are just three of the many differences. Clones are getting better at spoofing the originals but there will always be differences in quality when it comes to graphics and special features like the air gesture.

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