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How can I reply to an email invitation to attend an event?

Hi, I need your help, please. I am an editor-in-chief and an office manager, and I received an email from my manager to attend an event, and he will not able to attend this event. It's an event for the Dubai Film Festival. I need your help. Thanks.

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If your manager is unable to attend the event, but you are able to, you will want to specify that when you write your letter to accept the invitation. This way, the event planners can plan around the fact that your manager won't be there. If you are both unable to attend the event, then you will need to specify that in the letter instead. Either way, make sure that the event planners know that only one of you -- or neither of you -- will be attending the event so they can plan ahead and get everything correct for those who will be attending. Keeping these things in mind, you can outline your letter like this:

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Dear event planners,

Thank you so much for inviting my manager and I to the 2014 Dubai Film Festival. It is a great honor to have received the invitation this morning, and I wanted to make sure that I sent our response as soon as possible. [In this sentence, tell the planners who will be attending the event].

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[In this paragraph, write a short explanation about why your manager can't attend or, if applicable, why neither of you can attend. This will show respect to the planners.]

Thank you very much for the invitation. I can't wait to attend this film festival. My manager [or both of us, if applicable] are very sad to decline the invitation, but we are very grateful we received one. We hope to be invited again next year when we will be able to attend.

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Thanks again, [Your name]

How to reply a mail availing yourself after being shortlisted for a job?

Just received an email from a company that I've been shortlisted for an aptitude test and orientation. How do I reply to this email? Thanks

Dear (Their Name),

Thank you for the opportunity to be considered for the position of (name of position). I will be able to participate in the aptitude test and orientation.


Your Name

If you have any questions about the orientation, position or aptitude test this would be the letter to ask those questions in.

How to reply to an invitation from an important person?

I am a volunteer to the American Corner in Kosovo and the American Ambassador is inviting me to go to the embassy.

Dear Ambassador Delawie,

I humbly accept your invitation to visit the American Embassy in Pristina. I look forward to meeting with you and discussing the humanitarian efforts that the American Corner does. It is vital that Kosovo maintain a good relationship with Kosovo and with you as Ambassador, the balance is in the best hands possible. You have an esteemed record of service and it will be wonderful to speak with you soon.

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Your Name

Ambassador Delawie is a wonderful man and you are very lucky to be meeting him at the Embassy. He has quite a stellar record in the State Department and also served in Germany. Congratulations at such an honor.

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Need to reply my joint director as she has emailed me regarding my convocation?

Can you please help me what should I write in the email regarding my confirmation

Dear (Their Name),

Thank you so much for considering me for the convocation this week. I gladly accept the invitation and will see you there.


Your Name

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How can I write a confirmation letter to somebody who will attend a conference?

I cannot find exactly what I want. Do I want to thank the guest and to tell him about some choices of his accommodation possibilities, what else? Thank You!

Dear (Their Name),

Thank you so much for your confirmation to attend our conference on (Name of Conference).

Here are accommodations recommendations for your stay:

(Mention each one, their price range and proximity to where you are holding the conference.) You may also want to list numbers and information for transportation services, restaurants and any entertainment options like theater or museum.

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Need some speech material to be addressed to XI Standard students?

I am invited as a judge for an Exhibition for Std XI(Computer Science). I will need to speak a few words to them. Kindly provide the same.

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