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Grow a Beard

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Please provide me with a RECIPE TO grow full BEARD Am 25, and still can't grow a proper beard?

Hi am 25 years old, I can only grow some chin hairs on my jaws and a light mustache. My father has a thick beard, and also my mother's bloodline every male has thick beards, then what is the problem with me. I think it may be because I got little pimples on my face. Please give me a RECIPE to apply on my face with directions. I will be very thankful to you sir. I am mentioning about the problem; pimples on faces may be the reason or not, and also asking for a RECIPE to be applied. I have tried: I have tried an online product "beard oil". It didn't work out. Later on, I tried to drink "safi syrup" to purify my blood. But didn't experience much difference. I think it was caused by: My be heat in my body. Or maybe I eat junk foods. I don't understand what may be the reason behind because my father has a thick beard.

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I was the same person like you, and I found a solution for it. The method is the Best solution to grow a beard naturally. The answer is sweat. Sweat as much as you possibly can, especially outside while facing the sun. I suggest you play outdoor games, walking or any other physical activity. It will not only help improve your beard size, but it's also helpful for controlling acne. Another thing is to get as much sleep (deep sleep) as possible, avoid stress, and don't shave for several months. Most importantly, have patience.

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Unavailability of hair growth on face (chin and beard)?

I am around 26 years old, but still, no hair growing on my face (Chin and Mustache). I have been consulting with an Endocrine specialist. His name is Dr. Mathew John, and he injected SUSTANON 250 for 3 months, and every month I used one dosage of this medicine, but unfortunately no improvement. I was also advised me to consult with a dermatologist. In this situation, what must I do to grow hair on my face? Kindly advise please

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It takes longer than 3 months for your testosterone levels to even out and allow hair growth to start. You should ask Dr. Mathew John if you can continue the injections or look into Androgel as a possibility. The other specialists he has recommended would be worth visiting if you desire a full beard. Some men just never reach the beard potential they always wanted, but it is not the end of the world for them. You can also consider hair transplants to your face if you are still not satisfied with other medical treatments. Biotin and avoiding foods with DHT can also help you. Stop Hair Loss by Eating These 18 DHT Blocking Foods lists foods that you should avoid.

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Is it possible to grow a beard, even if it's not in my genes?

Growing beard for me is too hard. What should I do?

Depending on your genes, it can be difficult or impossible to grow a beard. If you are under the age of 30 don't assume it is bad genes. Many men are late bloomers for substantial facial hair. Some men find they can induce thicker beard growth through regular shaving even if at first you don't have the hair to shave. You can also try the creams, and vitamin regimens discussed in the main article(below), but for certain ethnicity, it is not possible to grow a beard. Remember your age may be the limiting factor. Many people find that it is difficult to grow a beard until well into their 20s, and some even later in age.

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Factors that may be delaying your beard growth:

  1. 1
    Microwaving in plastic containers, even if they are microwave safe or drinking bottled water exposed to sunlight
    Drinking water from water bottles exposed to the sun or repeatedly heated. Water bottles, when exposed to the sun, release BPA, which scientists think may mimic estrogen which are female hormones. Your body may be reacting to an unnaturally high level of BPA thinking they are female hormones.
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    Eating significant portions of Tofu or other soy-based products like soy milk
    Although plant-based proteins are thought to be cleaner and healthier than animal-based protein, they are often based on soy protein, which releases isoflavones in your body, which mimics estrogen in our bodies.
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Please, mention the name of a medicine which can help me grow a beard without any side effects & in a very short time?

I need to grow a beard. I am 24 years old, and I have a little beard on my face. Which medicine should I take?

In addition to the natural remedies listed on this page and in the VisiHow article, try boosting your testosterone with this VisiHow article titled Boost Your Testosterone Level with Garlic. You can also start taking a Biotin or Silica supplement and eat foods like bananas that are high in biotin naturally.

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Hello I am from Pakistan, my age is 30, all of my brothers have a full thick beard, but I have very thin hair. Also, they are not uninformed. I don't know if it is patchy, please help?

Hello I am from Pakistan, my age is 30, all of my brothers have a full thick beard, but I have very thin hair. Also, they are not uninformed. I

don't know if it is patchy, please help

Thin beard hair needs to grow and over time will the beard will become thicker. Use Hibiscus flowers and leaves and make a poultice to apply to your facial hair several times a week. Castor Oil can be applied to the areas to encourage more hair growth. Invest in a beard grooming kit to brush out your beard daily and exfoliate your face twice a week.

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How to initiate a beard in a 20-year-old man?

I am a 20-year-old man, and don't have hair on my face, please suggest any medicine that will help

Start taking Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Biotin, and Flax Seed oil. Change your diet and avoid processed foods. Eat foods, vibrant in color like oranges, bananas, red peppers, tomatoes and lean meats. Drink half your body weight in water daily and get 8 hours minimum of sleep each night. The best medicine is nutrition to encourage hair growth.

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I don't have a proper beard please suggest a solution for this?

I am 23, and I still don't have a proper beard, I feel ashamed of it, please suggest a solution for this

Unfortunately, there is no real solution for males who cannot grow a proper beard because the ability to grow hair on the face is mostly determined due heredity. However, you are still young, and many men do not reach their optimum facial hair growth capacity until they are approaching their thirties, so be patient - it could still happen. However, your ability to grow hair has everything to do with how your body reacts to the testosterone it produces and many men have physiologies that are not provoked to grow hair no matter how much of the testosterone your body actually produces.

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At what age will my beard come in? Or is it different for everyone?

I can only grow some chin hairs and a light mustache

The full beard comes at the age of 17-21, but the thickness, texture, and the age can be individual (that means, that it may appear even at 15, 24, and so on, depending on the genetics and diet).

My son is 26 and still does not have a beard, is something wrong, I am concerned as a medical worker?

Is this a medical problem and will affect his ability to masculinity etc. I have tried: Nothing except normal vitamin

There could be a few reasons medically as to why he has not grown his beard yet. You should have him tested for hormonal functions to see if he is low on testosterone or has a thyroid disorder if he has very little facial hair. Some men do not ever get full facial hair though until they are closer to 35. Since you are worried, you can get his hormones tested and create a plan to treat him when you get the results.

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How can I deal with a patchy beard and thicken it?

My beard is a bit patchy, and it is not full grown, I am 20 and is there still hope of growing more facial hair?

You still have hope for a fuller beard. To encourage your beard growth, try these Make Ayurvedic Hair Oil at Home methods. They are safe to use on your face and you can try each method and see what works best for you. Wait at least 30 days before switching to another method.

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How to get my beard to connect?

Hello, I'm 18 and trying to grow a beard, and I can't get my mustache to connect to my chin and side hair, any solution?

You still have some time before you reach your beard maturity. For now, you can allow the beard hair to grow with no trimming and then cover the patches with the long hair and set it with facial hair wax. The patches you are experiencing are normal for your age, so there is no need to worry. Try some of the remedies and suggestions in the VisiHow article on this page to encourage better hair growth.

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Hi, I am 22 years old. Due to genetics, I am struggling to get barely any facial hair. Is there anything I can do to fight genetics?

My mother's and father's bloodline have both struggled to grow facial hair. Is there any way I can fight genetics and is it worth it or will I still not get any results? Cheers. I have tried: I have tried not shaving and shaving regularly. I have also got a very high protein diet. I think it was caused by: Genetics

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Do you consume soy food products regularly? If so, avoid those foods and foods fried in soybean oil. Instead, begin using Avocado Oil in the place of all other cooking oils. You should also add more avocados to your diet and garlic as well. Consume fish and lean meats because those are beneficial to hair growth.

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I am 24 now, and I have very few facial hairs?

Please help me, how can I naturally grow facial hairs?

How to Stop and Reverse Hair Loss is a VisiHow article that has remedies for you to try. Although they state to apply to the scalp, you can apply to your face for the results. Using face masks with banana, honey, and coconut oil can help you as well. It is a gooey and sticky face mask, but it will help condition your face while encouraging hair growth.

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