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Identify a Genuine/Original Versus a Fake/Cloned Samsung Galaxy Phone

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How do I check if my Samsung Galaxy grand prime is original Samsung or fake or local brand made which was labeled by Samsung?

I have a Samsung Galaxy grand prime, and my friend recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy grand prime. My friend said my phone is not original because he entered these codes *#0808# and *#2663# in my phone but my phone is not working on these codes how to check if my phone is original?

Not all the Samsung codes work on the phones. The *#0808# is a Qualcomm USB code for instance. *#*#2663#*#* is the Touch Screen Version. Use the Phone Info app if you are still concerned, but if you and your friend use different carriers, then some of the codes may not work on both phones.

There is no brand name on the front part where the brand name is supposed to be?

Apart from that all other specifications seem to match. It's a dual SIM phone. I have tried: The IMEI code. I think it was caused by: A black sticker that can't be removed or scratched is present at where the brand name is supposed to be

This is possible to be covered by a sticker. On the front of the phone, it is a smooth graphic as opposed to the back. Most clones though emulate as close as they can the back Samsung logo. If your IMEI checks out then there is no cause for concern.

Why my vibrate does not work as usual?

My phone's vibrate does not function as usual

Use an app like Vibrate Tester to see if it is your audio settings or your vibration motor is broken. This is very common on S5 and Grand Prime phones to stop working a few months after having the phone. Especially if you are not careful with your phone or encase it in a drop proof case. It is a motor part so imagine how small it is and actually delicate sitting inside your thin phone encasement. Hopefully, it is just your audio or haptic settings that have caused it to not work properly.

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Identify a Genuine/Original Versus a Fake/Cloned Samsung Galaxy Phone

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