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Deal with your boyfriends female friend

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HTC XBO 06, is it a genuine phone?

I want to confirm if it is a genuine phone.

If we look for such HTC models anywhere on the Internet, it appears that HTC does not have that model at all. It seems that X-BO or XBO might be a Chinese brand that makes clones (XBO might be making copies of various other smartphones too).

However, if that model has slipped our attention and there is really HTC XBO 06 (or v6), then:

  • the best method of checking it is going to your local HTC support Web page. Here is one from the UK: http://www.htc.com/uk/support/. Either call HTC up (click "CALL") or use the live chat function (click "LIVE ONLINE CHAT"). Then, provide the HTC support team with your serial number, model number, and IMEI. All of those can be found under the battery of your device or on the box. The least trustworthy method of displaying IMEI, model number, and serial number is to go to the home screen of your HTC. Then, to "Apps" > "Settings" > "About" > "Phone identity";
  • enter the IMEI number into the HTC IMEI Checker. This Web site is created by third-party tools, so it may not display all of the information all of the time.

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Deal with your boyfriends female friend

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