How Not to have a Bad Breath

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Bad breath is an issue that most people have yet they do not understand why this is happening to them in the first place.

Bad breath may also be exacerbated by the type of food that you eat or other lifestyle choices such as smoking. Bad breath can also be worsened by the kinds of food a person eats along with other unhealthy lifestyle exercises.

Following the below steps and advice will help prevent yourself from having bad breath and other dental related health problems.

Morning Routine

In the morning you should have a basic routine when brushing your teeth. Most people simply brush certain areas, but miss a lot of other areas that require attention to clean your mouth and freshen your breath. Bacteria is produced in the mouth daily and overnight. You will get morning breath (bad breath) if you don't brush your teeth the night before. Below are steps that you will need to take when brushing your teeth in the morning to relieve bad breath.

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    Brush your tongue first when brushing to get all the bacteria off before brushing your teeth
    Most toothbrushes sold today carry tongue scrapers on their back so that you'll be able to scrape off bacteria on your tongue more efficiently.
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    Brush your cheek with the tongue scraper to successfully remove bacteria that has accumulated in it, most people do not realize that this area can have germs and bacteria as well
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    Brush your teeth thoroughly from top, bottom, inside and out in order to get all of the bacteria and food from your teeth successfully
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    Gargle with water or mouth wash to remove excess bacteria in your mouth.
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Eating Habit

After brushing your teeth you should refrain from eating anything for at least 30 minutes to an hour to let the toothpaste fight bad breath in the mouth successfully. When you eat right after brushing you are shortening the chances of the toothpaste to fully cleanse your mouth.

Foods to avoid

Bad breath doesn't just come from poor dental hygiene but also from the foods we eat. Certain foods will cause you to develop bad breath. Below are list of food that contributes to bad breath:

  • Garlic is the number one cause for bad breath as it can instantly make your mouth smell worse after consuming it.
  • Onions are another food that can cause you to experience bad breath or even bring tears to someone eyes if you are speaking close enough.
  • Sugar in foods will also cause your breath to be bad during the day.
  • Certain meats will cause your breath to go bad especially if the meat is cooked medium rare due to uncooked blood.

What to eat to battle bad breath

There are certain foods that will help in order to improve breath for a person suffering from bad breath.

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    Fruits will help cleanse the mouth and freshen breath.
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    Vegetables (not onions) will also help to freshen breath
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    Peppermints are a candy that contain sugar but can help to freshen breath with its smell.
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    Spearmint can be chewed in order to help freshen a persons breath.
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    Basil is also a breath freshener.
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  • Gargle after meal

    After you eat anything you can quickly cleanse out your mouth by immediately rinsing out with water. Regardless of what you have eaten you can gargle to rinse out all the bad smells that food has caused. While gargling water you need to rub your tongue across your teeth in order to help rub off some of the excess bacteria that had been produced in your mouth.

    The Myth Of Mouthwash

    A lot of people believe that mouthwash will cure your bad breath by simply gargling everyday. Mouthwash will in fact give your breath a temporary fresh smell but is not tackling the root of your bad breath. You need to brush correctly or else the mouthwash will not help. The mouthwash will wear off after a certain period time anyways.


    Eating bread or any other food of its texture will allow you to clean your throat upon eating as bread acts like a brush which scrapes off any bacteria in your throat upon swallowing. This will help to rid bacteria in your throat. You need to do this along with other techniques stated above in order to fully freshen your breath and keep it fresh.


    If all else fails and your other attempts do not help then you need to visit your dentist to get help on what you can do to get rid of bad breath. All the steps above can be completed with just one sit at you dentist. Visit your dentist twice a year in order to check your situation and fight bad breath more effectively.

    Tips, Tricks and Warning

    • Always clean the top your tongue by brushing it.
    • In case you are wearing retainers or dentures, clean them regularly.
    • Avoid bad breath causing food such as spicy foods, cheese, alcoholic drinks, onions or foods with a lot of garlic. If you have eaten one of these, make sure that you brush your teeth afterward or use mouthwash. Make sure that you drink plenty of water.
    • Visit your dentist at least once every six months for regular cleaning.
    • Avoid smoking since it really cause bad breath and teeth problems.

    If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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