Housebreak your Puppy

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A great many people try to train their dogs not to go to the bathroom on the floors by yelling at them, or hitting them, and then just cleaning up the mess.

When this kind of training takes place, this makes the puppy nervous and insecure, and it doesn't correct the problem.

We have to remember, puppies can't hold their urine at times, and will have accidents. This is because they are not able to control the muscle that helps them to hold the urine back, until they are 12 weeks of age.

The main thing we want to remember when we are training, or better yet "teaching our animals" is to have PATIENCE. They will not be housebroken in a matter of a few days, it takes more time. For some dogs 2 weeks, some a month, it depends. Let's look at the proper way to train your puppy now:

How to House Break

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    Take your puppy out at regular intervals throughout the day
    At least every two hours you'll want to take the puppy outdoors.
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    Take the puppy outside when it has eaten or drunk any amount of food or water
    Usually about ten minutes after finishing eating or drinking the puppy will need to go outdoors.
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    When you notice your puppy has an accident, go over and say firmly, "No!" (Do not hit the puppy, because it does not know better until you teach It.) #Take the puppy outside where you want the puppy to go to the bathroom
    Always bring your puppy to this same area since consistency will prevent confusion. Even though the puppy has already gone to the bathroom, this will help him get used to the idea that this is where he needs to go.
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    You will do this each time the puppy has an accident
    But, you must be consistent. If you let the puppy go to the bathroom where he shouldn't, then clean it up and sit back down, the puppy will not learn properly, and he will be confused.
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    The trick here is to catch the puppy in the act before he goes on the floor
    You can usually tell that he is about to go when he "walks or turns in a circle". Quickly say, "No" before he goes, then take him outside to his designated area. #Be diligent in this because he will learn. You may get tired of doing it, but in the end, it will be worth it! You will be so happy, and your carpets will too!
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    Always have your puppy sleep in a kennel
    Most dogs will not urinate where they sleep unless they are not given the opportunity to go outside frequently enough.
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Important Housebreaking Tips

  • When you get up early in the morning, take the puppy out right away to go to the bathroom. Remember, they can't hold their urine for long.
  • After each meal, puppies need to go out too. Before bedtime is also a must.

Questions and Answers

At what age are puppies able to succeed at housebreaking?

The average age for most dogs to be successfully housebroken will be between six and eight months of age. This is only an average and should be compared with the age of all dogs in general, since some dogs pick up training faster than other breeds of dogs.

Follow these guidelines for your puppy, and you will succeed in housebreaking him! Most of all, praise your puppy, and love him for the good job he has done!

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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