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Hi! You're watching VisiHow. This is a video tutorial series on how to play the trumpet. In the previous tutorial, we discussed how to gain endurance to play long notes on the trumpet. In this tutorial, we will show you how to hold the trumpet correctly. This can be achieved by a correct posture and hand and mouth formation. In this tutorial, a Bach Stradivarius Model 72 Bb trumpet will be used. We must know how to play this standard trumpet by holding and aligning it correctly with the mouth for buzzing and hands. This tutorial is for the right-handed. Exchange left and right for the left-handed posture.

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  1. 1
    Using your left hand, place the ring finger through the small ring on the trumpet
    It is located near the valves.
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  2. 2
    Next, place the small finger around the casing of the third valve at the bottom
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  3. 3
    The index and middle fingers should be placed around the casing of the same third valve next to the ring
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  4. 4
    The thumb should be placed on the slide next to the first valve
    This will form the left-hand grip.
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  5. 5
    Your right hand is responsible for pushing down the valves
    For this reason, you must fix the trumpet with your left hand to be able to press the keys with your right hand.
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  6. 6
    Using your right hand, place your small finger in the small hook next to the third valve
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  7. 7
    Slide your thumb between the first and second valves underneath the lead pipe
    This will support the trumpet.
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  8. 8
    The index, middle, and ring fingers on the right hand will be used to press down the keys
    Your fingers should be kept rounded. With straightened fingers, you will not be able to play fast passages. This will only work with good support from the other hand that will allow the wrist of the right hand to relax. This will give you maximum support and form the proper grip, which will let you focus on articulation for the trumpet. Always remember to stand correctly, form support, and breathe with the use of the diaphragm muscles while playing. Embouchure will help with generation of sound as well.
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This was a tutorial on how to hold the trumpet correctly. Please make sure to view our next tutorial on how to buzz with your lips when playing the trumpet. If you have any questions on the alignment of the body with the trumpet or comments, please leave them in the space below. Thank you for watching VisiHow!

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I'm having this problem of moving my bell to the right side and it is really making me slant my mouthpiece to one side of the mouth?

Posture of mouthpiece and bell. I have tried: Trying to play and look at the mirror. I think it was caused by: I think I am pushing the trumpet to my face and that is why the bell is not straight

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