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Know if Someone Is Spying on My Phone

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Hi there I've had a lot of problems with my 12 month old iPhone 6..All the usual suspect happening, I'm reading we are told may mean your phone is hacked (my email, Facebook, Facebook Messenger) to name few. Crash logs are continuous?

The most unexplained thing happening to me is that friend (ex v close friend who did have access) seems to know everything I'm doing, have done, emailed others about etc.? Logically I cannot attribute malware to such a personal and freaky thing.? Been going on I think for past 12 months but near constant now every day. Feel awful.? I've accused him outright but I don't want to lose this person if somehow I'm barking up the wrong tree, although I fail to see how such a close contact could know what he does without something happening ....he lives about 3000km away or 2 large Australian states away!. Can you help me unravel this mess?. Cheers

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I have a Note4, and I've been told someone is using a couple of trackers on me?

My ex sent me a couple of text with dates and the day and year was underlined. I didn't tap on it, but it seems that he was still able to get into my stuff. How? I have tried: I have deleted the text and uninstalled go SMS pro. Scanned with antispy mobile free. I've uninstalled everything I could think of. I think it was caused by: Obsessed ex-boyfriend

It is possible to spy upon your device if it is rooted and has hidden spyware installed. Both might be very hard to detect. As you may have already removed the spying software, there may be no point of pressing charges against unlawful actions of spying; therefore, you either may wish to wait until you have proof that you have been spied upon once more or just get rid of spying completely. As a side note, dates and years are usually underlined automatically by your device to add them to your personal planner; and it is not a virus.

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    For your Note4, the first thing that you need is to hard-reset it
    Use this tutorial exactly to hard-reset your device. When your Note4 reboots, do not set up the Google account yet. Skip setting up Google account and Samsung accounts. You will have no data on your device.
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    This is very important to use your computer to change your Google and Samsung passwords, as they might have been compromised
    First, navigate to https://myaccount.google.com/, log in with your Note4 Google account and click "Signing in to Google" in "Sign-in & security". Click "Password". Enter your new password and the old one. Click "Change Password".
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    Then, navigate to http://www.samsung.com/us/support/account/ Enter your e-mail and password
    Click "SUBMIT". Click "My Account Info". Click "Change Password?" Enter your current and new passwords. Reenter your new password to confirm it. Click "SUBMIT".
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    The next step is waiting 24 hours before you can use the Google account (this is a Google security measure)
    You can still use your smartphone. However, try to perform the next steps anyway, as the 24-hour security measure may not be relevant to your device.
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    Set up the old Google account with the new password as shown in this tutorial.
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    Set up your Samsung account the same way (by tapping "Samsung account" instead of "Google" at step 6.
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    Your data will be back to your Note4
    You can use your spy- and virus-free Note4 now!
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My phone is hacked. I have done hard reset a few times. Yet some applications keep coming back even before I open an account on Google Play Store after the hard reset?

About some 15 days ago, I felt the battery in my phone keeps draining and all of a sudden, there would be too many pop ups. Eventually, I realized that my prepaid balance too would be sent off to some third party sites that I have never even opened. And there will be apps like - Clean master, Cleanmaster monitoring app view, 9apps and a few more would be automatically installed. I uninstall them all, but they all come back. I did factory reset in my phone. I also did hard reset in my phone for about 8 times. But every time I connect my phone with the WiFi, it automatically downloads the apps and uses my data as well as balance. Please help.

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