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33 Sure Signs Your Husband Is Cheating

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Hi Nikkie My problem is I did not know that my husband met me and his now ex wife the same year?

He was so adamant that we get married but three years later I took up a job in PE and he waited for me to go and then got married to this ex wife. He led me to believe that he only has me in his life and he got married had a child and still I knew nothing until a colleague of his told me after two years that they attended his wedding. When I approached him he denied that he ever got married and let alone have a child. Since I had proof he then admitted but he said he was under pressure from his mum.. . Apparently he was caught cheating and he divorced and he convinced me that he changed and we had a daughter and had a traditional and not legal wedding.. . From day 1 it was his ex wife that he can't keep away from although he swears he has nothing to do with her.. . Then there is text and nude pics of other woman. When approached he says his friends were joking and sent pics. He never lets his phone out of sight.. . His family leaves invite open to him inviting me to family functions but he only invites his ex.. . I do everything in terms of his upkeep. washing cleaning cooking paying the bills and he don't even spend any monies on school fees or assist me in any way.. . He always complain he don't have money. He is all the time on his phone and in secret until yesterday he went and locked the door and I heard him whispering obviously it was a female when I approached him he cut the call and redialed and said he was talking to his mum.. . What do I do. We are not intimate at all . He does not care as I was booked for spinal surgery and he never once asked me anything about my medical condition nor cared.

He says he is at home on off days but he is communicating with all his hoers. He says I am mad or hallucinating when he caught.

He makes arrangements for people to pick him up but he will calling them on their cell and as soon as they near the gate he closes the gate and meet them few meters from the house.He shows the person pocking him that either he is boarding and not to see me.

He never goes anywhere with me but if my best friend picks me he starts to throw a tantrum and abuses her and we only go out once a while to the movies. Only he is allowed to go placed and associates with his friends. I have tried: When I confronted him he always say I am imagining things and I leave it and ignore it until I see messages from his ex and other females. all very sexually heated texts and pics. Told him to go away as he can do whatever he wants . He becomes abusive. I think it was caused by: Me ignoring the situation giving him the benefit of the doubt and when he leaves he will come drunk and cause big scenes and accuse me of having affairs when I am all the time at home if not at work

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