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Can you check on a cheating spouse

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What websites are used to check on a guy?

Hi, I want to look up myself to see what's out there, or what is maliciously out there against me. I've had a few women back out of relationships where I didn't see or say anything. I just want to see what sites/tools could be used to check-out myself, to see what dirt is out on the net. Thanks.

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    Google your name.
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    Check if your social media profiles are set to public.
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    Reverse image search your dating profile photo.
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    Search Don't Date Him Girl.com to see if you are listed there.
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If you are not listed online as a "bad boyfriend" then have an open conversation with your friends/family. Ask them to write down a list of what could be preventing you from having a long relationship. Tell them to be brutally honest with you. Here are the most common issues that cause someone to break up with you:

  • Lack of Ambition.
  • Dishonesty.
  • Selfishness.
  • Too much time with friends/gaming/partying.
  • Not serious enough when it matters.
  • No signals that you want to commit.
  • Too much flirting outside of the relationship.
  • Dwelling appears juvenile.
  • Too secretive about personal life.
  • Disheveled personal appearance.
  • Career focused with no time for a relationship.

Is it possible to see their deleted WhatsApp and Facebook conversations?

My boyfriend cheated on me with a girl in his school. He has deleted all the messages and conversations they ever had. I feel like he is lying about what he said really happened between them. I want to know EVERYTHING. Is it possible? Thank you.

If your boyfriend has the automatic backup of WhatsApp, then the file may be on his phone. WhatsApp FAQ has provided the details of how to restore previously deleted chat history. You really do not need to see these, though. The fact that he deleted them tells you everything you need to know. Instead of trying to find the proof, break up with him on the merit that he does not respect you or your relationship. Save yourself the time and effort of trying to see the proof. You have all you need with the fact that he deleted the conversations.

My Girlfriend of 4+Years is playing me I believe?

Hello, I have an issue, every hacker seems to charge, and I can't afford much.

I'm asking people for help and do a good deed, but no one wants to. I have been with my Girlfriend for 4+ years, and we have currently been up and down. I believe she is playing me, I have seen evidence on social network showing interest in other guys, we haven't spoken for a week, she says she's going through a lot. I just need evidence if she is playing me so that I can move on. Please Help!

She is already checking out of the relationship. You have stated that there have been ups and downs and it seems like she is done with the relationship rollercoaster. Instead of paying for a spy app, tell your girlfriend that you no longer what to be a part of a relationship up and down cycle. Perhaps if you do not want to lose her, you should also make a big commitment towards her to let her know that you want her in your permanent life.

She told you that she is going through a lot. Have you tried to be the emotional support that she desperately needs right now? Accusing her of liking other guys' photos on social media is not what she needs right now. Show her that you want to be there for her through everything. Ask her how you can help her during this rough time.

Wanted 2 find out what dating sites my boyfriend uses by using his Gmail or tel num is it possible. Thanks?

Can I find out free what dating sites my boyfriend uses by using his Gmail or tel num. Wondering how to find out free what dating sites boyfriend uses

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Is there a real free site to check up on my boyfriend's web activity and see if he is on any social sites?

My boyfriend was sending pics and dirty messages to other people on the internet then he gave them his phone number so they could call him and send the pics and stuff rather then having to go through Gmail. Well I don't know how it's different but he was sending messages to men and women mainly men though

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