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Legally Monitor your Children's Text Messages and Emails from a Cellphone. Works for your Girlfriend or Boyfriend with Permission.

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Hi, my husband left the PC open so I read all his messages about me to various women. We married 25 years ago, he swears at me a lot and even sleeps with his phone on him, I would like you to see what he says about me and to whom.

Hi, my husband left the PC open so I read all his messages about me to various women. We married 25 years ago, he swears at me a lot and even sleeps with his phone on him, I would like you to see what he says about me and to whom. He is seeing his ex girlfriend, please help me.

Instead of a spy app, you should be consulting with a divorce attorney. He has treated you like trash for some time now and is messaging disparaging things about you to other women. You can get software like Auto Forward but take that and put it towards the retainer of a good divorce attorney. If you still feel that you need more proof then use Auto Forward but, either way, the relationship is seriously damaged.

Can I read the messages I retrieve from my wife phone i6 apple?

Wife is sending and receiving 50 to 60 texts from one phone number. Can I retrieve the number and the messages on the text?

You could install a spy app on her device but it will only show what is on the device after the installation. You could contact your cellphone service provider and request a hard copy of your call/texts if you are the Owner on a shared plan. It will not show the content of the SMS but will show the recipient contact details.

What email program can I use that will secretly download software for me to monitor texts/pics messages?

Suspected that wife is cheating

That would not be an email program but instead a spy app. You can install and one of the spy apps mentioned in this VisiHow article like Spyera or Highster Mobile to monitor the text messages and pics taken or received from her phone. All of the reputable apps have a control panel which you can log into from their website to see the data from the target device.

I suspect my wife might be cheating on me is there a way I can trace her cellphone without adding any apps? I do not have access to her phone?

I have a problem with my wife is there anyway to trace her phone without adding an app?

You'll need to install an app on her phone to track her. Try having a conversation with her and tell her why you're feeling insecure in your marriage. If she's no longer interested in being in a relationship, it's better for the two of you to end it.

If that doesn't appeal to you and you can't install an app to her phone, consider investing in a GPS tracking unit and placing it on her car. You'll be able to get an idea of where she's going whenever she goes out.

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Spy On Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Children's Text Messages and Emails from a Cellphone
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Wife has an iPhone 6 and always changes her pass-lock code?

I have seen her messaging on Facebook messenger to random guys and I'm suspicious that more is going on. Can I see her messages or access her pass-code by installing remotely on her phone without her knowing?

First of all, you cannot install programs remotely onto someone's phone. Passcodes are quite secure on iPhones, and, even if you have her phone in your hands, you will need her passcode to install any applications and control them remotely. There are tricks to bypass the PIN code even in iOS 9.2, but they do not give access to install programs, limiting you with editing contacts. for example. Installing a spy program without someone's consent may violate more than one law in your area too.

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Why is my wife hiding her phone at nights and always keeps it in her hand at all times?

She texts a lot and always hides her phone

This should be a big warning signal for you. Although, you should confront the issue before making any big assumptions. People have different privacy boundaries, and you don't want to step on them. So by asking her how come she seems to be hiding her phone from you, it gives her the chance to explain herself. However, by explaining that, this causes you to be insecure, it should be an eye opener for her. If this is a relationship that you both are dedicated to you must both have trust in one another. If you can't trust what she is doing on her phone, it is good to communicate this issue with her.

Hi, I was wondering if I could find a person name when I read her messages?

Hi, I am having some issues with a kind of friend, I need to take her to a civil court because she has my belongings. She is denying having them, and I do not know her real name. The only thing I know is her mobile phone. So all I want is to find her name, ready to try anything that can help me get my belongings. This is how I ended up here

OK unless her name was stored as a contact in the phone you are monitoring you will not see her name. You can ask the court to serve her civil papers with just the phone number. If you do target her phone with spy software like Auto Forward, you would just need her number, and there is a chance that her name may be mentioned in a text or an email that you will be able to read. The app will also give you location so you can play detective and see if her recent locations have a way of giving her name to you such as mailboxes or buzzer buttons in an apartment building.

Can I spy on my gal without even letting her know?

Hi, I know that my gal is cheating on me but she continuously lies about it. It's been 5 years we are together and I still can not get her to tell me the truth... please help.

Your relationship has lasted 5 years longer than many relationships. If you feel that she is lying you can install a spy app but don't be shocked if it shows you that she is not cheating or anything like that. If you have spoken with her several times and each time she has denied your accusations, she may be telling the truth. Be prepared to accept the outcome either way and if she is telling the truth, working on your insecurities is advised so that you can have a healthy relationship with her.

Not sure if I should, but suspicions keep getting worse?

She has an iPhone,and is texting and receiving texts often, is it possible for me to intercept those texts without physically touching her phone?

Auto Forward can intercept the texts, but just because she is messaging a lot does not mean that she is cheating. We can have a lot to talk about with our friends and if she has a friend that also has an iPhone she may be using the iMessages more that she did before. Before you target her phone with a spy app why don't you mention your insecurities with her. It does not cost money to have a conversation with her about how you are worried that you may lose her to another person. It actually may make your relationship stronger.

Can you explain about 'msgcatch' in details? how to use?

Do I need to have the phone that I want to spy? is this incurred cost?

According to other users on VisiHow How I instal msgcatch in my PC and How can I download msgcatch.com, the app is a scam and should be avoided. If you really need to monitor a phone you should pay for a reputable app that you can trust the data they send you about the phone.

Do app allowing a third party to access the microphone, camera and to listen to the phone calls someone makes on their iPhone exist? I appreciate if you can name few reputable apps companies/websites Thank you, please see below?

I would like to know if you can assist me with details about iPhone app allowing a third party to remotely access the microphone, camera and to listen to the phone calls someone makes on their iPhone exist, without jailbreak application. Also I am not sure if you can achieve this by cloning a sim/phone, which I am still a bit confused about it . I appreciate if you can name few reputable apps companies/websites. . Thank you

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