Heal a Broken Heart

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As the famous song goes "Breaking up is hard to do...", and undeniably, it's true! Of course they say time can heal all the wounds of a broken heart. But really, the "meantime" can actually be a "mean" time.

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Breakups can be a real bummer. However, there are some things you can do to recover from a breakup. It is important that you do not deny yourself a good cry. But after you do, learn to move on and get over it. People respond to pain differently. While some people take a lot of time moving beyond a broken relationship, others just smile through the pain and immediately get over it. For the most part, a break up can really be a painful experience. So below are some practical things that can help you make the situation lighter.

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How to Heal a Broken Heart

  1. 1
    Drink Tea. At some point, a break up can take a toll on your body. Drinking tea can help you heal your spirit, body and mind. When you are crying for too long after a painful break up, intense emotions can emit powerful chemicals to your brain, and this is physically exhausting. Worse, breakups can initiate a flight response to the body that often reacts with anger, sadness or depression. Tea can help return your brain to its natural state and eventually, help you calm your anxiety.
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    Eat Dark Chocolate. Everybody loves chocolate. While still in the process of coping with the pain of a tumultuous breakup, eating dark chocolate in moderation can actually provide you with positive energy and give you a sense of well being and better cognitive health. Dark chocolates contain phenylethylamine, the very same chemical that your brain emits when you are in love. PEA encourages your brain to release endorphins, thus giving you a feeling of happiness. Why dark chocolates? Because they contain less fat and calories than the traditional richer and lighter chocolates.
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    Show your Smile. No matter who decided on the separation, chances are, your ex may still be following you in different social networking sites. Let your ex know that you are not sitting around and feeling so sorry for yourself. Go out, take photos of you laughing and having a good time, loving life while you are out with your girlfriends. Exude the sexy and fun you and never show any hint of desperation and pain.
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    Give Yourself Some Love. After enduring a painful breakup, people sometimes tend to forget that they too are lovable. Try to take care of yourself by living a healthy life. People who are grieving over a painful separation often end up sick and depressed. They tend to drink and eat too much with the thought that these things can actually numb the pain. They wallow in self-pity and even gorge and bury and isolate themselves with bags of potato chips. As much as you can, continue doing your normal self-maintenance routine. Eat right, go to the gym, have your nails done, or buy yourself pieces of sexy lingerie. The best thing to do after a break up is to love and take care of yourself.
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    Cry like a baby. This is an idiom referring to someone who is asked to cry a lot until the pain subsides. You have to cry and let ALL your feelings out, or else, you cannot get over the pain you have been through. If you keep hiding the pain within yourself, you will keep thinking about him or her over and over, and the pain you are struggling may hunt you down again and again. You should ask your friend to come over your place, and let your feelings out by crying and complaining or blaming, if you have to. Your friend will listen to you and comfort you. This will make you feel OK after spending your day crying.
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    Hang out with your friends. If you are brokenhearted, it does not mean you have to lock yourself up in your room the whole week or even a month just to forget the person. This is not advisable, and it will just make the condition worse. You have to hang out with your friends, even if you are not feeling good. You have to enjoy and have fun. It is certain that you will forget the person and the pain you are feeling will subside. You can also find some persons whom you can enjoy having a conversation with.
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    Find someone new. You may be not feeling OK after being brokenhearted, but you would be assured of forgetting the bad memories from your past, if you find someone new. That is why you have to hang out with your friends, have some fun, meet other people, and find someone whom you think is the right person for you. You will forget the past once there is a person who will help you forget what you have gone through.
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    Open your heart to someone. Yes, you have to open your heart and welcome those who are interested in you. This does not mean you have to open your heart to everyone, but find someone who deserves your love and cannot dare to hurt you. There is a reason your last relationship did not go well, because there is someone who is destined to be with you. Everything has a reason. The pain may not be easy to bear, but you will get through it once the person has come along.
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  9. 9
    Spend your time with your pet. This sounds funny, but this is true. To forget the pain you are feeling right now, you may hug your pet and spend your time playing with the pet. Whether it will be a dog or a cat, you will feel joy in your heart. Someone may be not loyal or true to you, but your pet will forever be loyal to you and love you unconditionally. They said that when you pat or even hug your pet, especially a cat and a dog, your negative emotions will subside, and you will then feel OK right after. According to the International Journal of Workplace Health Management, dogs can relieve stress, and those who have dogs are a lot happier than those who do not have.
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  10. 10
    Do not lose hope. Why lose hope after being brokenhearted? You were not born to love only one person in your life. You are here to experience what life is. Life is a combination of happiness and sadness. If you have not experienced being hurt and brokenhearted, then you are not a human after all. This is life and you have to accept it. Do not lose hope, because you are just starting to feel what life is.
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    Think that being single is happy. Some people have struggled in their current relationship, because of different problems they are facing. They sometimes wish that they had never gotten into a relationship, because they realize that being single is a lot happier. You do not have to be hurt nor spend money on someone whom you are not sure of that he or she is the right person. If you feel brokenhearted, then think that being single is a lot happier. And, you are free from problems! Being single is oftentimes better than being in a relationship.
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