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Get a Busy Boyfriend's Attention

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My boyfriend ends up hurting me?

My boyfriend ends up hurting me every time.. He knows I'm sensitive by nature yet he expects me to start fresh after every fight.

First of all, exclude the possibility of your boyfriend hating you (the article applies to both husbands and boyfriends). If this is not the case, then find out whether he is bored, being indifferent to you, does not value you, or just does not understand how you feel. Find out the reasons that he initiates the quarrels and write them down. Analyze the paper after several episodes and find out ways how to eradicate that. See if the reasons reoccur even with your eliminating the causes. If he expects you to start fresh in the morning, then he may just have emotional outbursts that have to be kept in check by changing the situations that cause the stress (for example, his work is very stressful; and he is being bullied at work: as a result, his nervous system fails at home). If there is no apparent reason, then get a relationship advice as soon as possible to keep your relationship going and not burn out emotionally. It is important that relationship is built on understanding, trust, and love.

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I can't understand my boyfriend true feelings, what does he want from me?

Me and my boyfriend were childhood friends then at the age of 16 /17 we got separated, his family moved. Now after 14 years he came looking for me, in this time he got married and have 3 kids, and I am still single. When we got together he told me he has always loved him, I was his love of life. After sometime now, I also fell in love with him. For a year he was so in love with me, gave me time, made long phone calls, texted me a lot. He told me, he wants to marry me, and looking for the right time, but now after a year and a half, he is a changed man, he never have time to call or text, never makes any plans and he even said that he loves me a lot he can't leave me, but he will not marry me. When I asked why is he with me, where do I stand in his life, he says I behave like a child. Whenever I say I am missing you, come and meet me, he never comes to meet me. Thing always happen his way. If he does not want something he will not do it no matter how much I ask for it. Please tell me what am I to him, what should I do? I love him a lot even he says he loves me and respect me a lot. HELP. I have tried: I have tried talking to him in every way but all the time he calls me drama queen, immature or child like. I think it was caused by: I have no idea, its like he is not the same guy anymore. He says he has not changed, this is how he is .

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Emotionally unavailable workaholic boyfriend?

I have been with my boyfriend for 6-months. When we first met, his work was very slow and we had plenty of time together. He did warn me that his work would get crazy, but he wanted to be in a relationship with me. We are both single parents raising teenagers. We live about 50-miles from each other. Surprisingly, we have been able to blend our families without any issues. Few months ago his work moved him to the night shift and he works 12 hours/day. I know he loves me, but he will rarely say it. We talk everyday and text, but I will go for weeks at a time without seeing him. We both agreed we are committed to making this work. But how can a relationship grow if we rarely spend time together? We have had a few conversations that we need to make it a priority to see each other at least once a week but it never works out with his schedule. I try not to add more stress to the situation by not saying anything - but I'm starting to feel distant when we have been so close before, I feel like he's not willing or able to make me or our relationship a priority and fearful this will tear us apart. Please - I need some advise on how we can make this work.. I have tried: We've talked about scheduling time together each week. But he works 10PM - 10AM most day and I work 8-5. He also works most weekends. Seriously there is no time!. I think it was caused by: His work.

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When my boyfriend is busy I feel so much impatient?

It really hurts when he does not pick up my calls or replies to my texts (May be he is really busy) despite knowing that I am so impatient at those times. I want to know how can I make him care about me so much regarding this? My situation is a bit different because I am going through a hardship in my relationship which is affecting my entire life. And the main problem with my problem is he is not very direct and straightforward about his problems as I am with him. He is kind of inner minded type. Despite knowing that I am not well now, he goes to work and does not pick up my call (may be he is really unable) but then he should at least say that when I call him? I have tried: Well about trying, I made him understand that quitting or avoiding is never a solution, real victory people are those who try to manage everything simultaneously. Feeling ashamed to say, that I even begged and pleaded for his attention sometimes, ignoring my self-prestige. I think it was caused by: What he says, is like this; There was an exam some days ago which was important to him and he was looking towards it for over a year, and prepared for it a lot, but somehow the exam didn't go well for him, so he entered into a state of frustration and trauma after that. And that's the reason why he is so upset, and cannot give enough time to our relationship, because that initial charm of relationship is not coming due to mental absence.

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