Have Success in Your Life Living by Bible Principles

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Many people are so stressed in the world we are living in today. Why is that? They have to push and work so hard for a living because of the economy. Many are poor and don't have enough food to feed their families. Hatred and violence fill the earth too. People are beaten, murdered and robbed everyday. Many have bad health problems that they are struggling with that eventually leads to death.

The President runs the United States hoping to bring peace and better conditions here on the earth. He promises us better health options, and work for all. But he cannot do away with sickness and death can he? And all the things that are promised by most of these men are never fulfilled. Where can people turn to for help to get out of the troubles we now experience, and have the peace and happiness we all want? Is it not God, our Grand Creator, our Father in the heavens who gives us his Holy word the bible? (2 Timothy 3:16) It is like a letter from not just Almighty God, but by a father who truly loves and cares about his children. He teaches us from his word that if we try our best to obey him we can truly live a meaningful and successful life. At Isaiah chapter 48 verse 17-18, he pleads with us to follow his commandments. Have you ever been near a body of water and noticed how calm looking it was? And how about the waves that come in? One right after the other? Isn't this how God wants our righteousness to be?

Does God just sit back and let us live our lives and do nothing to help humankind?

There are people who feel bitter toward God, thinking that he isn't doing anything to help them in their lives, or get rid of the problems that humans face. But isn't it true that humans make problems for themselves too? Do we blame our Creator that was motivated by love to create mankind in the first place, and put them in a beautiful paradise earth, with plenty of food, the warmth of the sunlight, and a great variety of animals to enjoy? Does this sound like someone that does not care? Is it fair to blame someone for things that go wrong in life if you don't know all the facts?

Suppose someone said or thought something about you that was not true. They spread it around to every person they talked to? How would you feel? We know it does not make us feel good when people accuse us of something that we truly know we didn't do. How can we truly know how God feels, and what he requires of us, and the wonderful things he has in store for us if we don't even pay attention to his word?

Can you imagine if someone invited you into their home to stay, and made you as comfortable as you could be, serving you deliciously prepared foods everyday to eat, buying even your clothes that you need. Inviting you to even perhaps take a tour of their beautiful gardens near their home. Now you did enjoy all of these things that were given to you, but you enjoyed them BY YOURSELF. You totally ignored the other person. Do you think the person that took you in, and did all these things for you, would feel good about it? No, they would be hurt.

So the point is, if God gives us everything we need, isn't it right to get to know him and love him, and thank him for all he has done, and find out all the more wonderful things he has in store for us?

So how do we get out of the problems we experience in the world today?

God gives us principles, or laws, or rules, in the bible he only hopes we will follow. They are not strict rigid rules that will weigh us down or burden us, but they are there to help guide us and protect us in life from what can harm us. He only hopes that we will follow them, just as we hope our children will listen and obey us in life. He does not force us to follow these bible principles because he gives everyone free will to choose how they will live their lives. He only hopes as a loving Father that we will follow them for our best welfare and protection.

For example, when we have problems within the family, and say the husband or wife has a bad temper and treats their spouse unkindly by abusive words or actions, what bible principle can help the husband or wife to work on treating their mate kindly? Ephesians 5:28-31 talks about husbands loving their wives as their own bodies. It says he who loves his wife also loves himself, for no man ever loathed his own body, but he feeds and takes care of it. Also it tells us in 1 Corinthians 13 verses 4, 5, and 8 that love is long suffering and kind, and love does not boast or behave indecently, does not look for its own interests. It does not keep account of the wrongs. As long as we try our best to put these things into practice, love will never fail.

We know our words and actions can truly hurt us and others. Ephesians 4:29 tells us to not let a rotten saying proceed out of our mouth, but whatever saying is good for building one another up, as the need may be.

If we meditate and think about these scriptures, it can help us. But only if we try our best to put it into action. We will fail at times because we all make mistakes. As long as we keep trying that is the important thing.

What about children?

What counsel in the bible can help them? Many children do not listen to their parents, and want to do things their own way. How does God view this? What counsel in the bible does he have for young children? In Ephesians 6:1-2 he instructs children to be obey and honor their parents. We want to teach our children the bible also.

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Is there counsel in the bible to help us if we need to fight temptations or human weaknesses? Yes, God tells us he is that he is the hearer of prayer. He is concerned with everything that is going on with our lives and wants to help us! He invites us to keep asking him for help in prayer, and he will help us. Luke 11:9-10. He answers our prayers by giving us the strength to endure temptations. In 1 Corinthians 10:13 he tells us he will not let us be tempted beyond what we can bear, but will make the way out, so we can endure whatever we are going through.

How about the subject of crime or violence?

Do we have a reputation for bullying or beating other people up? How does God feel about that? Psalms 11:5 states that anyone loving violence God's soul certainly hates. How would he view it if we were to play violent video games, or watch violence on television? Would he be pleased?

In Isaiah 41:10 God tells us not to be afraid, he will take us by the hand, and help us. We can also pray for the fruitages of the spirit mentioned at Galatians 5:22. We would want to work on having love, joy, peace, long suffering, being kind, having goodness, and faith, and self control. It is God's holy spirit that will help us to make the needed changes in our life, along with our own efforts. We never give up. You can't fail, unless you quit. Proverbs 24:16 says that the righteous one may fall seven times, but he certainly gets up.

So what are some ways we can have success in coping with our problems in life?

  1. 1
    Get to Know Your Heavenly Father.
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  2. 2
    Read and Meditate On His Word the Bible.
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  3. 3
    Pray For Help to Understand the Bible.
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  4. 4
    Apply What you Learn.
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    Teach Your Children.
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Questions and Answers

How does God view success?

God view success if we obediently followed the teachings of the Holy Scripture. Some of these teachings are:

  • Doing Good Deeds. No matter what your religion is, doing good deeds is always written in their Holy Scriptures. God wants us to do good deeds to others no matter what the consequences are. Helping the less unfortunate people, offering our hands to those who are struck by calamities, doing free humanitarian services once in a few months (if you are a professional like doctor, engineer, nurse, etc.), and many more. God measured a person's worth by his good deeds.
  • Your Good Moral Character. This is also one of the factors how God view success. Attitudes such as being meek, humble, respectful and helpful are just a few examples of having a good moral character. God wants us to know all these qualities in order for us to live in peace and in harmony with others. When a person truly acquires these attitudes, then God considers that person a success even if the person doesn't have enough material wealth. What God considers as treasures are not those material wealth that we acquired physically, but those moral values that we live in.
  • Your Spiritual Relationship to God. This is the most important factor for us to be successful in the eyes of our God. A person that doesn't believe in God make him less successful, while a person who believes firmly to God makes that person more successful in the eyes of God. The Holy Scripture's main commandment is to make God the center of our life and to always praise Him above all else. By following this commandment, we are building a strong relationship to God making us a successful person to His eyes.

God view success in regards to the Holy Bible when we properly obey His commandments especially the bible verses Mark 12:30-31 which states that the greatest two commandments of GOD are for us to love God with all our hearts and with all our strengths and for us to truly love our neighbors as we love ourselves.

It means that when we start to truly love God with all our hearts and mind and we start to truly love our neighbors, transformations within ourselves begins. These transformations changes us to become more morally and spiritually compliant to all the commandments of GOD which makes us more desirable to His eyes.

When we begin to accept, love and believe in GOD with all our hearts, GOD will make us His children as stated in the Holy Bible book of John 1:12-13.

Another important verse in the Holy Bible noteworthy to mention is James 1:2 which states that the trials in our life are just simply blessings in disguises and God uses these trials to strengthen and to make our inner self more stronger.

By following the above mentioned bible verses, we are making ourselves successful and worthy in the eyes of GOD.

What does God Say About Leading a Life by Rigid Rules?

  • Living by rigid rules, as we define it, is the strict knowledge of laws and rules set forth by the governing body to which we belong. An individual who follows and lives life through this manner knows exactly when he is about to break the law or if he is coming close to the opportunity to break one. The problem with this is that it oftentimes makes a person feel bounded and not free to do what he wants - losing what real freedom essentially is.
  • God made us with self-will. This means that we are not forced by God to live under rule because we are not bound by it in the first place. As the Bible says, "We are under Grace, not by Law". However, if one truly is a believer and has faithfully received Jesus as their Lord and personal savior, it follows that he should lovingly and faithfully follow the word of God to the letter. This doesn't necessarily mean that he cannot do any wrong things or sin, because as long as we are in this world, so will be sin and sinning. The difference is that we are not any more accountable for that, as long as we ask forgiveness, because Jesus has already paid the price for any sin we may commit through his death and blood on Calvary.
  • Leading a life with personal rigid rules and/or self motivation is not in line with God's plan for us. The Bible says that "We should conform to the image of His son Jesus". People try to live their lives through sheer willpower, embracing rules and following them dogmatically, but despite this, many fail to understand what life is all about. Our God is not someone who binds us to His own will, or makes robots out of us. Instead He welcomes us into his fellowship, and makes us His sons through Jesus Christ. In return, this frees us from worldly bondage or anything that has forced us to live the life of misery and pain. Take note that this doesn't mean that we are exempt from following rules and regulations; instead we learn that we are not bound, and we are free to follow the will of God through the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

God understands that we all are not perfect so he is not looking or that in a person being that it would be impossible. As long as we continue to try to do right by God and others we will be OK in the end.

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Bible Tips

  • Make Time for Daily Bible Reading.
  • Share with Others What YOU Learn.

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