Have Success in Finding a Job

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You can have success in finding the right job! It may be a difficult ordeal but is definitely possible. Nothing comes easy especially in a very competitive world. It takes great amount of effort, determination, and consistency to land your dream job. If we tend to go find employment whenever we feel like it and fill out a few applications then just go home to sit and wait, then we will never find a job that way. Draw inspiration from the colony of ants. These insects are known for its rock-solid persistence and determination. Have you ever put your foot in their pathway? You can observe then that the ant will never turn back or get dissuaded by any obstacles but will try to get through in one way or another and will even try to climb over your foot. Even a small ant will not give up amidst difficulty, in the same way that people should never get disheartened and give up on finding a decent job. What are some other things we can do?

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Think about a company or organization in your area you would be interested in working for. Do extensive research on the company and find out what is required of the position. Do you have the qualifications needed to meet the position? Are you a diligent worker and will do what it takes to get the job done? If you decide to apply for the position, the employer will be impressed by your knowledge of how the company works and your job capabilities and skills that fit the position. Because you were well-prepared, you will feel confident and good about yourself! Employers are drawn to people who are self-assured and driven to get the job done. Where are some places we can look for jobs? It actually depends on the skills you have and what industry you cater to.

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You can check out and browse newspaper job advertisements. Do some extensive networking around the neighborhood or from trusted sources you know such as from colleagues, private and government employment agencies, and friends who already got a job are other sources you can tap into. Search online for myriad of job openings. Job fairs are a good idea too!

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Tips For Success

  1. 1
    Manage your Portfolio.
    Virtual.marian resume.jpg
    In order to get the job that you want, you must be able to sell and advertise yourself - literally and figuratively; that is
    Hiring the total package and a complete fit to the job specification is important to any Human Resource Manager or employer. Fact is, there are lots of competition out there and in order to be singled out and handpicked from a pool of job applicants, then you must know how to draw the spotlight on your skills and experiences. When job hunting, even the smallest details make a huge difference and can provide you the mileage you need to bag that dream job. First off, you must know yourself both on a personal and professional domain. How will you be able to effectively sell or endorse yourself to an employer if you do not know what you are capable of? Build up your resume or curriculum vitae (CV). If you already have one crafted then you must review and make the necessary revisions to make it as up-to-date as possible. Pay extra attention to the email addresses and phone numbers enlisted to make sure that you have the most recent data encoded. Follow a standard or desired format for your resume to make it as neat, crisp, concise, and comprehensive as possible. You must also take time to sort out and compile the list of your work experiences, training program certifications, awards, recommendations, and other documents that can beef up your credentials. If you have acquired additional skills which may or may not be related to your industry then include those as such could also provide an extra boost to your portfolio. Mapping out your resume and compiling vital documents can also help you review and assess your skill set and educational as well as career background which can help you ace the interview. A complete knowledge and understanding of your competency, personality, and skills will enable you to sell yourself to any employer. This will help you to think ahead and be spontaneous especially during the interview or selection process. Nobody would want to hire someone utterly clueless, disorganized, and incapable of explaining or discussing his own capabilities and background. One important thing to note is that as much as your skills and track record is important to getting hired, there are other vital factors that many employers take into consideration such as your personality, social or communication skills, attitude, and work ethics. Get everything you need compiled in your portfolio as this will be your primary tool in getting the job that you want. This will also come in handy as a reference whenever you need to discuss or elaborate on some past projects you have worked on or related expertise that your potential employer might need from you.
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    Diversify your Job Leads
    Virtual.marian online job search.jpg
    You can take advantage of different avenues when looking for a job such as combining both conventional and modern ways of procuring job advertisements that fit your skills and level of expertise. You can get job leads from traditional routes such as newspapers, magazines, and billboards from varied government and private offices which still works effectively even in a very fast-paced and online-based generation. As they say, nothing beats face-to-face encounters especially when dealing with recruitment and training. More people though are now widely tapping into varied online job websites that allow employers and jobseekers to meet and exchange vital information on a virtual plane. Today, many individuals do relatively prefer online job applications for its convenient, speedy, and cost-effective benefits and results for both freelancers and employers online. In fact, a large number of businesses have become purely virtual-based which employs hundreds to thousands of people online. There are lots of ways to communicate and exchange huge amount of data online for free which is why more businesses are finding the internet as a more lucrative means to upgrade and maximize their business potential. Almost every small, medium, or large-sized corporations have created a virtual presence through websites, blogs, or variety of social media and networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram; to name some. A lot of business applications are also now used to gain more prominence in the web and mobile market platforms. The marked visibility and extensive variability of options that jobseekers get from job advertisement sites over the internet make it the best option for landing the job you want today. Many people get instantly hired within the day or in a matter of days which is considerably faster and more efficient than traveling to and fro and waiting desperately in line when going personally to the companies you wished to be employed into. However, combining both means to get hired is coined to be most effective as extensive traditional advertising combined with the versatility and wide reach of the internet has become an effective ally and tool for every entrepreneur and jobseeker from all points of the world.
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    Networking and Research
    Virtual.marian social media.jpg
    If you already have an employer or company in mind, then you must take time to know the basics about that company. Doing background checks on the company you wish to work with is highly important to make sure that you are going for a stable, legitimate, and dominant structure in your given industry. Traditional mediums can be used such as browsing on company fliers or brochures, newspaper clippings, and other materials that you can source out to gather information about the company. However, research is now made faster, detailed, accurate, and more relevant with the use of the internet. This comes with the fact that most businesses today are visible in social media or networking websites which they use to gain brand prominence and awareness, engage users, as well as for advertisement or promotional purposes over the web. As a jobseeker or freelancer, you can easily take advantage of these websites and blogs in order to acquire up-to-date information and relevant facts or events about the desired company. Follow and like them on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Linkedln, and other similar social media circles that they could have. This will allow you to directly interact with your potential employers or industry experts online. More so, actively engaging in social media sites will accelerate your networking potential not just for getting in contact with varied companies around your niche but also in getting more referrals through your established personal and business connections online. Joining groups of the same industry and expanding your network to cover expert resource people from in and out of your industry can get you the job you want and truckloads of referrals and information you need to get ahead of the pack.
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    Ace the Interview.
    Virtual.marian interview handshake.jpg
    It is important to make a good first impression when doing interviews
    Always aim to dress for success. You must wear an attire that is tailor-fit depending on the industry that you are in. A basic suit for the males and corporate attire or dress for the females are deemed appropriate for any industry. Be sure to pay attention to the minute details such as the color and pattern of your attire which should stick to basic colors and prints such as black, blue, or brown; to name some. Employers have varied tastes and while some can be very open and agreeable to fads and fashion, there are others who still stick to the plain and conservative attire for corporate wear. You can have a knack of what specific attire is an acceptable norm in a company by checking out the office attire of the employer and employees. Pay attention to the accessories that you wear. Make sure that these jewelries or embellishments are not chunky or dramatic to avoid coming on too strong or making a negative impression. Wear simple and elegant accessories such as a stylish watch for men and tasteful jewelries for women. Your stiletto or shoes should also be well polished. Do keep in mind that your choice of accessories can make or break your chances of getting the right attention and good first impression from your employer. Arrive early or at least 30 minutes before the appointed time to give you some extra minutes to catch your breath, relax, and get a feel of the work environment in the office. A good book, newspaper, or your Tablet can help you appear engaged or busy while waiting for your turn. You can also take this time to look around or even talk to other employees and fellow applicants about random things that can add up to your know-how about the company and the interviewer. Smile and be courteous to everyone around. Exude energy and positivity the moment you are called in for the interview. Walk with vitality and poise. Remember to smile and make a good eye contact. Extend a firm handshake and thank him or her for taking the time to have the interview. Always have a pen with you. This gives your employer the impression that you are ready for anything. Remain standing until you are asked to be seated. Keep an open posture. Lean forward and maintain a good eye contact; but be careful not too stare as this could make you appear intimidating or dubious. Make open and appropriate hand gestures when explaining or discussing details on your resume. Show genuine enthusiasm and attention to your interviewer in your conversations. Be sure to minimize any excessive gestures or mannerisms and please do not laugh hysterically or even be overtly emotional during an interview. Be professional and mindful of your body language at all times. It is also important to mirror your interviewer to convey attentiveness and rapport in your conversation. Be honest in your interview responses and be as detailed as possible when explaining things. Expound your answers and do ask intuitive questions about the job or the company when it's your turn to do so. Highlight your skills but be honest about a few weaknesses when asked to enumerate. Choose to mention a particular minimal weakness that will not give your employer a disfigured picture of how you work in a team. You can mention a weakness yet downplay it by quickly relating to a particular asset or strength to make him realize that behind some imperfections you can definitely be a key player in the team. End the interview with a firm handshake, genuine eye contact, and a smile of gratitude for the time allotted for the interview.
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    Send an Email or Token of Gratitude
    Virtual.marian thank you email.jpg
    It is customary to send a mail or an email to thank the employer or interviewer for the time given on the interview. You can send it at the very same day you were interviewed or the next day. A phone call or message through his or her secretary would also be appropriate. If ever you have the employer's phone number or email address then you can directly send the message to him or her. You can also opt to send a token of gratitude like a pen or an office table decor with a message that will allow you to reiterate that you appreciate the opportunity that was opened for you.
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