Have Fun with the Best "After Dinner" Games

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It's time to get the party going after that delicious meal! After dinner sometimes spells the end of a any get together because people naturally get drowsy after being full from eating. To get the party rolling and avoid wasting your precious time together with your family, friends, colleagues or neighbors, here are some after dinner games that will surely raise everyone's energy and get the party rolling once again.

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Killer Game Deluxe

This game is absolutely fun and will not require too much body movement, which is helpful because everybody just ate, right? There is no minimum number of people who can play, and it requires little to no mess. Have a go at it! Instructions:

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  1. 1
    Instruct everyone to sit in a perfect circle, with about five inches of distance between each person.
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  2. 2
    Now put a punishment cup on the center of the circle, fill a bowl with baby powder, or better yet, put it on the kitchen flour!
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  3. 3
    Choose a killer
    Anyone will do, or volunteer yourself.
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  4. 4
    Now remember these words
    "Chill! Chill! Bang! Waah!"
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  5. 5
    The killer should point an extended arm and a finger to anyone in the circle that he wants to kill
    That's the first chill. The person who was chilled is now the killer. He then proceeds to "chill" another player in the circle, that's the second "chill". Now the person who was chilled for the second time can now "bang" a third player. The person who got shot at is now "dead" so he or she isn't allowed to react but the persons on either side of him must scream "waah"!
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  6. 6
    If the person who got shot (banged at) reacts in any way, she loses
    If a person or people on either side of him or her don't react, he or she loses. If a player shouts bang after the first chill, he loses. In short, all errors in the system committed by any player are considered losing factors.
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  7. 7
    It's possible to have multiple losses on a single round
    Everyone who got through must put a fingerful of flour/powder to the faces of the losers.
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  8. 8
    Although it may sound technical, this game is actually easy if you get the hang of it
    The fun comes from speedy delivery of "chills", "bangs" and "waahs", which can get everyone confused.
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Kiss Cutie Revamped

This game is sure to be a surprise for those who haven't played it (yet).

Kiss cutie.jpg

Anyway you will need a large teddy bear for this game. Stand everyone in the circle and introduce the bear's name as Cutie. Pass the teddy bear "Cutie" around and ask everyone to kiss her wherever they like (giggles). Once all the guests have their turn smooching Cutie, you can now announce the second round, wherein they will have to kiss their fellow guests where they just kissed Cutie. Very funny! Beware: This is a game for younger generation and people who are game for anything. Some loosened guests sometimes do kiss Cutie very suggestively.

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Why Indeed?

Give everyone a scratch paper along with a pen.


Each person has to write a question about one fellow guest, such as "Why does Earl smell spicy?" or "Why didn't Michael remove his sandals?" Now gather up the questions and randomly redistribute the pieces. Without reading the question these people now hold, everyone must write an answer to the question they asked around the back of the strip. Now when all of the strips are gathered again, everyone picks out one randomly and reads the question aloud plus the answer on their paper. You obtain amusing insights like "Why does Earl smell spicy", "He thinks some girl in the party might notice," or "Why didn't Michael remove his sandals?","He thought he was back in Korea!" Take note: Remind everyone that this is just a game and whatever is written on the paper should not be taken seriously - that could be a problem at times.

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Taking Selfies

You will need a camera with a flash as well as a self-timer - try not to use only a digital camera and not a DSLR.


Set the self-timer and pass the camera towards the person on your left. Each player must hold the camera at arm's point and let it stay in front of their faces for a while, then proceed to pass it one to the next person. Panic sets in since the timer will run down and someone will be left for the final count. Extra fun: You can also upload the pictures you took to networking website and tag everyone in the group.

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Empty a pack of peanuts in a deep bowl and supply each guest with a bottle of water as well as a drinking straw.


Set a timer and provide everyone a minute to obtain as many peanuts in their mug as they can, using just the straw they were given. The guest with the most peanuts in his bottle is the winner! Beware: Some guest might have a peanut allergy. Also prepare a glass of water, as someone might choke while playing.

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