Hang Christmas Tree Lights

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Hanging Christmas tree lights can be tricky. If done well they add luster and beauty to your decorations. Not hanging the Christmas tree lights correctly could cause your tree to look rushed and unkempt.

Hang Christmas Lights on Your Tree


  1. 1
    Unravel the Christmas lights
    Be careful as damaging only one Christmas light may cause the other lights not to function.
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    Test the lights to make sure they work
    Plug them in and make sure they light up and function as they are suppose to.
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    Choose whether you want to start decorating from the top or the bottom.
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    Start walking around the Christmas tree while placing the Christmas lights onto the tree
    Wrapping the Christmas lights around the Christmas tree horizontally is the easiest way to decorate an indoor tree. If outdoors, a vertical method is usually used.
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To Remove Christmas Tree Lights

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    Remove the lights from the last place you decorated and work backwards.
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    Wrapping the Christmas tree lights around a piece of cardboard while removing them from the tree may help to keep them tangle free and in working order until next year.
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Additional Tips and Suggestions

  • Be sure that you have a good starting point and enough Christmas lights.
  • Carefully put away your Christmas tree lights so they won't become damaged.
  • When there is an excess of the Christmas lights needing to be added onto the tree, you can use it to decorate the center of the Christmas tree or follow the pattern back to where you started from.
  • Use the cardboard from a paper towel roll to store your lights. Wrap the lights around the tube body and store the ends inside the tube itself.


  • To avoid accidents, unplug the Christmas lights while decorating your Christmas tree.

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