Hack Your ROMs for better experience and gameplay on PC

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We all know you can turn your home PC into a game arcade with the use of emulators and ROMs. Here are some tips on how you can hack the ROM for better game play and user experience.

Hacking a ROM

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Sure, you can use emulators to play non-native games on your PC, but did you know you can go beyond that? Hacking a game's ROM allows you to fiddle with all sorts of settings, including graphics and music, levels of the game, and all the little calculations that go into balancing characters. Those all require very different alterations from each other, but picking up the basics isn't as complicated as you might think. That said, it's helpful to figure out what you want to do before getting into modding territory.

Editing character stats

Editing character stats is something pretty easily accomplished in a HEX editor. With most popular HEX Editors Like:

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Hacking the graphic sprites

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If you want to learn all about hacking your game ROMs

You can visit the Links below

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