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There are many ways to increase traffic to a wiki. This wiki will teach you techniques to promote your wiki effectively.

How to effectively increase traffic

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    If the wiki is quality and helps the reader find what they want you will earn their trust. In return we have found they will add comments at the bottom of the wiki. These comments are noticed by the search engines and they will promote your wiki's rankings.
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    Depth of Knowledge
    If you use the trending tool to find what people want that is not already covered well, and use that info to add to or improve the wiki, then the wiki will rank better for that search term and for others too.
    1. If the title you want to add to the wiki would fit best as section you can add it like this: ==This is my new section==
    2. If you are adding a section but the wiki is already getting to complex, add the new title as a question in the "Question and Answer" section
    3. If the title you would like to add is a little bit off from the main topic of the wiki, add it in the question and answer section.
    4. If the title you would like to add is too far off topic OR if it would require it requires a lot of info to best address it, then create a sub-wiki and link to it from this wiki.
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How to effectively destroy traffic

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    Copy and reword points from another article on the internet sentence by sentence
    You can do research, but at the end of the day the search engines reward you for unique content. Do not be fooled. With LSI and other more advanced tools, even if copied content passes copyscape, it will still be flagged by the search engines, and will kill your traffic to your pages.
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    Add backlinks from low quality sites
    This is the easiest way to destroy traffic. With Google's new penguin update, links from low quality or bad neighborhood sites will transfer a penalty to your page sinking it. If we catch anyone doing this, they will forfeit their prize money and their employment. No questions asked. All link building MUST be approved by Robbi FIRST.
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    If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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