Glary Utilities, a tour of an Excellent Cleanup Utility for PC/Laptop maintenance

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I have explored recently another Utility application which is handy, versatile and light on your device too. It is called "Glary Utilities" and comes in a Free version or a Pro version, which you can upgrade to at any time.

Explore main features

  1. 1
    You may download the Free version from
    Run the download and once installed, you will see the main window of the application.
    1- Main Window.png
    As you can see from the picture, you have your Device Booting Time listed, and you can directly go to "Startup Manager" to improve your booting time by eliminating boots of un-needed items (described below in details). Two of the most used options are in here:
    1. Turn ON the automatic maintenance
    2. Erase your tracks every time you shutdown your Windows.
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  2. 2
    The most used Tab of the program would be "1-Click Maintenance",
    2- One Click Maintenance.png
    In there you can, as indicated by its name to run a maintenance routine with one click
    Among those items are, "Registry Cleaner", "Shortcuts Fixer", "Spyware Remover", "Disk Repair", "Tracks Eraser", "Temporary Files Cleaner", "Startup Manager". If your device has detected issues or problems you will find it listed, clicking on the next "Show Details" button [Marked in RED] will show you details of the problems. Clicking on the "Repair Problems"[Marked in Blue] will run the repair routine, and fix the problems detected.
    8- After Repair Problems.png
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  3. 3
    On the "1-Click Maintenance"
    Clicking on the "Options" button, will give you the power to change in-depth the options of the "1-Click Maintenance".
    3- Options on One Click Maintenance.png
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  4. 4
    For those of you interested in cleaning and hiding their tracks while using their PC/Laptop, you can find among the "Options", what you need to use and set according to your need, it is called "Tracks Eraser" [Marked in ORANGE]
    Just tick the option for the tracks you would like to clear, such as: "Windows Recent Documents", "Start Menu Search", "My Network Places" ...etc.
    10- Tracks Eraser.png
    You can also set to clean your tracks for any "Plug-ins", like "Windows Media Player", MS Paint", ..etc.
    11- Plug-ins.png
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Explore Main Window bottom Buttons

  1. 1
    Startup Manager
    Sometimes, you find yourself with a long startup time, that happens after installing so many programs and applications. Some of those applications have a small startup utility that consumes and add-up your PC/Laptop booting time. You can browse those and prevent those that you do not need to start with every booting. Simply un-tick the startup item to prevent it from starting every boot.
    12-1 Startup Manager.png
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  2. 2
    Registry Repair
    It is where you can include or not include the registry items to scan and repair. If you are not familiar with those options, leave the default included option intact. Click on "Scan registry for problems" [Marked in ORANGE] to start scanning and once finished, you can commence "Repair" by clicking on the "Repair" button.
    12-2 Registery Repair.png
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  3. 3
    Disk CleanUP
    In here you can clean any temp or leftover files being dumped by applications and programs, also the Cashes for your internet browsers plus your recycle pin, and many other items.
    12-3 Disk CleanUp.png
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  4. 4
    Context Menu Manager
    Lots of applications that we use add an item to the (Mouse Right Click). If you have some of those that you don't use or rarely use, having them appearing in the "Context Menu" is a bit confusing. Using this option can give you the power to hide those that you don't need or rarely use, and only keep those that you use mostly. You can Un-tick the item to simply hide it for the menu.
    12-4 Context Menu Manager.png
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  5. 5
    Disk Space Analyzer
    In here you can sort, organize and manage your hard disk partitions. A while after using your PC/Laptop, lots of saving, deleting and folder creating...etc. Your Hard Drive needs occasional cleaning and organizing. This utility will help you sort and analyze your hard disk drive. Click and focus on a folder then clicking "Explorer" button will open your Windows explorer for you to handle and mange that folder, Old un-needed folders and files you can be backup or delete to save space.
    12-5 Disk Space Analyzer.png
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  6. 6
    Process Manager
    It is like all process managers, where you can kill or end process of any active process
    12-6 Process Manager.png
    . The new feature that I liked is the "Google it". Just focus on any process you need to know more about, and click on "Google it" button, and you will be directed to a detailed page explaining that process and what it is for.
    12-6 Process Manager-1.png
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  7. 7
    Uninstall Manager
    It is like all Uninstall Managers, yet the feature I liked is the sorting feature [Marked in BLUE], where you can sort your installed programs to Recently installed, Large programs, Rarely used, and Windows updates.
    12-7 Uninstall Manager.png
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  8. 8
    Software Update
    This option will scan your already installed programs and cross reference their versions with latest one available,
    12-8 Software Update Scanning.png
    , then it will direct you to a Web page showing you a list of your possible updates.
    12-8 Software Update Webpage.png
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  9. 9
    Dock Bar Customization
    This is the last one of the default buttons in the Dock Bar buttons, in which you can add or remove any of the buttons according to your need. Like you can add the "Memory Optimizer" ... or any other one, but you have to remove a button to add one instead of it
    12-9 Dock Bar customization.png
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Tips Tricks & Warnings

  • For all the Changes you do, a backup will be created as a precaution, you can undo any changes made by the program by going to the "Restore Center"
    5- Restore Center.png
  • To Undo, simply click on the undo icon, [Marked in Red Arrow] top right corner. Your recent changes will be listed and you can undo any one of them.
    6- Undo Changes at Restore Center.png
  • If you click on the "Options" button within the Restore Center", you can see the Backup Options, where you can set to delete the backups automatically every ... period, like After 2 weeks.
    7- Options on Restore Center.png

Questions and Answers

Undo section doesn't work. It does not restore the deleted temporary files?

I click on the undo section for the day I want my computer to be restored before a 1-click cleaning and it just says that the restoration was complete but I try to find the deleted files and they do not appear. What can I do to restore a temporary file that was deleted?

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