Give Someone a Hand and Arm Massage at Home

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A hand and arm massage can often be a part of a spa treatment, but getting a great hand and arm massage at home is just as efficient if done properly. The following guide will help to you deliver a wonderful hand and arm massage.

Read on for steps on how to properly perform this massage technique, and don't forget to watch the video at the end of the article for more information.

About giving a hand and arm massage

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Arm and hand massages at home can provide a relaxing spa like experienced without time limitations and the same benefits.

Benefits of Hand and Arm Massage:

  • can help relieve carpal tunnel pain
  • relaxes the muscles and tension in the arms and hands
  • relaxes the individual
  • Reduces stress.
  • Invigorates tired, aching hands and arms.

Things You'll Need:

  • A mattress or massage table
  • A pillow for the individual receiving the massage
  • Skin safe oil (optional)

Steps to Perform a Hand and Arm Massage

  1. 1
    Ask questions
    Start by asking the individual about any problem areas or chronic conditions like arthritis or carpal tunnel. You will want to avoid these areas during the massage process.
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  2. 2
    Decompress the joints in the hand
    You may want to start by gently decompressing the joints in the hand and fingers. This is done by slowly and gently pulling them with your hands. Take the wrist in both hands and use one hand to rub from the wrist down each finger as you pull it slightly. Sometimes a popping sound may be heard while other times the joint won't audibly pop. Both are fine.
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  3. 3
    Gently massage the wrist and hand with both thumbs
    Use the thumbs to apply a light pressure and move them in small circular motions while massaging the entire hand.
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  4. 4
    Turn the hand over
    Palm facing up and begin to open up the wrist area. This is done by placing both thumbs in the center of where the wrist meets the palm parallel to the fingers of the individual and then moving the thumbs outward towards the side of the hand. Repeat 2-3 times. This massage is important to do if the person has carpal tunnel syndrome as sometimes the carpal bones can become compressed and this step can help to loosen and relieve pain associated with it.
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  5. 5
    Rub along the palm starting at the base of each finger
    Starting at the base of a finger apply gentle pressure with your thumb and rub toward the wrist.
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  6. 6
    Roll the hand
    This is done by placing the individual's hand in your own and will both hands complete a movement similar to rolling a ball in between your hands. This will help to mobilize the joints.
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  7. 7
    Interlock fingers
    Interlock the individual's fingers with your own and place your elbow on their inner elbow. This will help to stabilize the forearm while you are massaging and decompressing the wrist.
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  8. 8
    Begin decompression of the wrist
    Do this by holding the wrist with your free hand and with your thumb rub in an upward motion toward the fingertips. Repeat the length of the wrist. Then rotate the individual's arm so you can do the same motion with firm pressure on the inner side of the wrist.
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  9. 9
    Lay the arm back down once you've decompressed the wrist
    This should be done slowly and gently so as to keep the person you are massaging relaxed and comfortable.
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  10. 10
    Begin massaging the forearm
    Hold one of the hands for stability and with the other massage the forearm then with a firm upward push, of the knuckles, open palm, or thumb, massage up to the start of the elbow. You want to do this move on all sides of the forearm. This is because there are different muscles you will want to massage like the brachioradialis, flexor digitorum profundus, and flexor pollicis longus to name a few.
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  11. 11
    Massage the upper arm
    To massage the upper arm you are going to use much the same movements. Starting on the inside of the elbow push upwards until you reach the shoulder, then you are going to open your hand and begin bringing it back to the elbow by running your fingers along the underside of the arm while your thumb applies gentle pressure to the inner side of the arm. Repeat 2-3 times.
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  12. 12
    Open up the shoulder
    To do this you want to hold the individual's hand with the hand that is closest to their body, depending on the side you started on, and use the one farthest away to give the massage Place the palm of that hand onto the outside of their shoulder and point your thumb towards the clavicle or the collarbone. Using gentle pressure, you want to knead this area, especially focus on the area where the arm connects to the body and push the arm gently in order to slightly open the joint.
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Additional Tips and Suggestions

  • You can do a dry massage first and then follow up with a quick wet massage with oil to further relax the muscles of the arm and hand.
  • Warm up any oil used first by pouring some into the palm of your hand and rubbing your hands together. Often oil will be cold to the touch and may cause the individual to tense up their muscles if used straight away.
  • Work around any arthritic conditions in the hands and joints.
  • Pulling on arthritic joints may cause pain.

Questions and Answers

What is the names of hand massage?

Because I need these tomorrow.

As the article suggests, it can be a relaxing hand massage (generally, given at spa centers and after manicure), a medical hand massage (generally, given by doctors), and an invigorating hand massage (athletes can benefit from it a lot), etc. However, a masseur or masseuse can be proficient in several types of massage. That means that it may be possible for you to get a professional medical hand massage at a spa center.

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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